How to Attract a Taurus Woman

Updated December 2, 2018
Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman is well known for her love of the "good" life. She may have a successful career and wealth of her own making, because growth and climbing up the ladder, both monetarily and socially, are significant to her. However, a comfortable, quiet life is often more appealing than her personal ambitions, and when she finds a man who can provide her with a life of ease, she's perfectly willing to enjoy the fruits of her partner's labors.

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Attracting a Taurus Woman

If a man is brash, loud, or verbose, he's not likely to get far with a Taurus woman unless he is also romantic, good-looking, and wealthy, or she believes he has that potential. The most important characteristics a Taurus woman seeks in a partner have to do with stability, security, and romance. So what does a Taurus woman find irresistible?


Success plays an essential role in a Taurus woman's attraction to a partner. She has expensive tastes and is attracted to men who can provide her the best, or at the very least, those who are successful enough to provide her with the security of a stable home and income.

Confidence and Strength

Confidence and Strength

A man who is confident and exudes a quiet strength is immensely appealing to a Taurus woman. A Taurus woman is a receptive and feminine woman who is drawn to men who have the confidence and strength to take the lead in the relationship.

Good Looks

A Taurus woman's sense of beauty is so well developed that her choice of a partner often depends on how a man looks. She's attracted to a man who is health conscious, always impeccably groomed, and appropriately dressed for any occasion.

Epicurean Tastes

A Taurus woman is a romantic woman who likes to indulge in sensual pleasures. This means she's attracted to a man who is touchy-feely and very generous. If a man is prepared to spend money and woo her with beautiful sweet-smelling flowers, decadent chocolates, high-end gifts, fine wines, and leisurely dining at gourmet restaurants, she'll find him irresistible.

Town and Country

 Town and Country

A Taurus woman is a town and country lady. She loves the city culture, but she's environmentally conscious, enjoys spending time in nature, and has a longing for a peaceful, quiet, and comfortable country life. So, if you're an outdoors guy and have your eye on a Taurus woman, don't think she's too delicate and feminine to take camping or hiking. If you're successful enough to own a farm or a mountain retreat, all the better.


A Taurus woman is attracted to a man who has similar interests. Whether it's a shared interest in the arts, the environment, the epicurean life, or something else, she looks for a man with whom she can have a friendly, stress-free, and harmonious relationship.

Gallant and Patient

A Taurus woman is attracted to a person who is charming, attentive, and chivalrous. When a man courts her, he needs to be gallant and have great patience. She's not a woman who can be hurried, and a man who is gently persistent, affectionate, patient, and doesn't rush things is immensely appealing to her.

What to Say to a Taurus Woman

Superficially pleasantries can help build the foundation for more in-depth conversations with a Taurus woman.

Introducing Yourself

How you look matters a lot to a Taurus woman so check yourself out in a mirror and make sure you're impeccably groomed and dressed appropriately, then be relaxed, confident and straightforward, walk up to her, gently touch her arm to get her attention and tell her your name. After introducing yourself give her a sincere compliment and ask simple questions like, "How are You?' or "Are you enjoying the party?"

Questions to Ask

Open-ended questions can deepen your conversation with a Taurus woman, but keep the questions simple, and never, never pry into her personal life.

  • Ask where she's from, followed up by "What is your hometown like? How is it different than here?"
  • Ask what she does, followed up by "How did you get involved in the profession?" "What interested you about that type of work?"
  • Ask if she's attended events organized by this group before, followed up by "What did you think of today's presentation?"

Then listen and show genuine interest in what she says.

Topics of Conversation

A Taurus woman prefers straight talk, sticks to the facts, and makes useful comments, but communication is not one of her considerable skills. She's a woman who avoids conversations when she can. The best way to get a discussion flowing with a Taurus woman is to find out what she's interested in (perhaps it's environmental issues, haute cuisine, wine, cinema, fashion, music or art) then ask her about it. This will help her to relax and begin conversing with you.

What to Say in a Text

A Taurus woman likes face-to-face conversations best so she can watch your body language. She will text, but she keeps her messages short and is not always quick to respond. So, if you're going to text her keep yours short, to the point, light, creative, helpful, and interesting, and don't bombard her with messages.

  • Text her pictures of what you're doing, just to give her a glimpse into your life.
  • Ask want she's doing, but not what she's thinking
  • Send her a little compliment.
  • Send a random fact of the day.

How to Get a Taurus Woman to Open Up

A Taurus woman is very private, and it takes time and patience to earn her trust. She wants to gauge what kind of person you are, inside and out before she reveals anything personal. It's best if you start small, then be gentle, warm, generous, sensitive, understanding, and tactfully honest, so she'll feel safe and comfortable talking to you. A Taurus woman won't be rushed, and the more she feels you have an agenda, are prying, or are attempting to make her do or say something, the more she'll clam up.

A Taurus Woman

All Taurus Sun sign woman are different, related to the rest of their horoscope, but all are feminine and alluring with an earthy sensuality. They are all also practical, patient, and stubborn women who are looking for a commitment, won't be swept off their feet, and are not hesitant to wait until the right man comes along.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman