How to Find Your Spirit Animal by Birthday

Updated May 4, 2022
Girl with dark hair is lying on gray-white forest wolf

Native American traditions view humanity within the context of the natural world that surrounds it. Native American Astrology also places great importance on the natural world and living in harmony with nature. In Native American astrology, your spirit animal by birthday is an ally that guides you through life.

History of the Native American Zodiac

What's become known as Native American astrology was developed in the mid-20th century by Vincent LaDuke (a.k.a. Sun Bear) of Ojibwe ancestry. Sun Bear's 1980 book, Medicine Wheel, Earth Astrology, was co-written by a white member of the Bear Tribe, a multiracial educational society. It draws on Sun Bear's own Ojibwa (Chippewa) culture and several others combined with western astrology.

A New Age Creation

Various cultures have different versions of astrology that describe human characteristics: Western astrology, Vedic astrology, Chinese astrology, Celtic astrology, Mayan astrology, and Egyptian astrology. Still, all had their beginnings in ancient times. Native American astrology is best understood as a "New Age" creation. Still, many believe this synthesis enhances what they can learn from the Western zodiac. They think it gives deeper insights into their character, purpose, and connection to the spirit world due to the addition of ideas appropriated from Native American spiritual beliefs.

Spirit Animal by Birthday

Finding your birthday spirit animal is easy, but don't let the dates confuse you. Native American zodiac dates relate to the reversal of nature's seasons that occur in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Native American Zodiac Chart

Birthday Spirit Animals

Get to know your birthday spirit animal's habitats, behavior, and basic qualities. Research myths and other tales associated with it. Let this knowledge inform you specifically and metaphorically. Make friends with your birthday spirit animal, and it will guide you to greater self-knowledge and spiritual growth.

Snow Goose

Snow Goose

Snow goose appears during the season of snow and renewal. The snow goose is a unique bird that chooses to follow the sun and spends its life on the move, surrounded by thousands of other snow geese. If the snow goose is your birthday spirit animal, you're likely wise, courageous, and incredibly protective of your loved ones. Snow goose reminds you of the wealth of love and friendship surrounding you.


River otters in zoo

Otters appear during the season of rest and purification. The otter is independent, friendly, and renowned for its playful nature. If your birthday spirit animal is an otter, you're considered social but unconventional. You have a unique problem-solving method, are independent, and tend to go your own way. Otter guides you to have fun and reminds you that everything is interesting if you look at it from the right angle.


Pack of Gray Wolves

The wolf appears during the season of rebirth. Wolf is a sensitive creature who runs in packs. If your birthday spirit animal is wolf, you're friendly, social, and highly intelligent, but timid. Your sense of family is strong and loyal, and you live carefully by defined rules and rituals. Still, you also have an appetite for freedom and a deep connection to your intuition and instincts. Wolf guides you to follow your instincts and intuitions, but use your sharp intelligence when dealing with important matters.

Red Hawk

Harris Hawk Taking Off

The red hawk appears during the season of awakening. The red hawks have excellent long-distance vision and are formidable hunters. They are observant and patient as they soar through the air in wide circles or perch in a tree and scan the ground. If your birthday totem is red hawk, you're intelligent, independent, adaptable, and spiritually aware. Red hawk guides you to enjoy your freedom and sharp eyesight, but be patient and observant.


Wild large beaver eating in river Bear Creek Lakewood Colorado

Beaver appears during the season of planting. The beaver is very industrious and is a master home builder. Beaver lives in a close-knit family and mates for life. If your spirit animal is beaver, you're family-oriented, industrious, and finish all undertakings. Beaver guides you to act on your dreams and make them a reality.


Deers at Nara park during a sunny day

Deer appear in the flowering season. Deer are gentle, peaceful creatures whose hearing is acute and whose vision is designed for clarity at a distance. If your birthday totem animal is deer, there's an innocence and freshness about you and you enjoy the enticing lure of new adventures. Deer reminds you that if you watch and listen, new adventures will open up for you.


Great Spotted Woodpecker

Woodpecker appears during the strong sun. Woodpecker is noted for probing insects in tree bark and chiseling nest holes in deadwood. They tend to be solitary or to travel in pairs. If woodpecker is your spirit animal, you have intellectual capabilities and a drive to accomplish. Woodpecker guides you to set a rhythm, dig in, and get the job done, but use discrimination.


Sockeye Salmon Jumping Up Falls

Salmon appears during the season of abundance and ripening. Salmon fight to swim upstream and spawn, and nothing deters them. If your birth totem is a salmon, you're wise, knowledgeable, and determined with powerful instincts. Salmon reminds you to not give up despite seemingly impossible odds--stay true to yourself and the path you've chosen.


Bear Eating Honey

Bear appears during the time of harvest. Bears are large cuddly looking animals who are loners except for mating season. They are adaptive to the seasons and love honey. If bear is your birth animal totem, you're a doer and a dreamer who's very adaptable. Bear guides you to taste the honey of life by going within to awaken your power, then bring it out into the open and apply it.


Raven Bird Perching On Rock

Raven appears during the season of dead leaves. Ravens are opportunistic and playful. They can mimic the calls of other species and can be taught to speak. If your birth animal totem is raven, you're idealistic, curious to a fault, talkative, and keenly perceptive. Raven reminds you that you must be a good listener and consider others when weighing situations.


Traveling Timber Rattlesnake

Snake represents the season of transformation. Snakes shed their skin throughout their lives, generally from three to six times per year. If snake is your birth animal totem, you're psychic, secretive, and live life head-on. You naturally gravitate to and have a natural affinity for mystical and spiritual matters. Snake guides you to renew yourself by shedding personal pain and holding fast when in an emotional crisis.


Portrait of little owl

Owl represents the season of hibernation. Owls are nocturnal and have incredible binocular vision. Owls are independent hunters, and birds of different species will mob up and attack an owl. Often, the owl doesn't react to the harassment. If your birth totem animal is owl, you're an independent thinker and visionary who can see and understand what seems distant to others. Owl guides you to stand up for your futuristic ideas, even if others are skeptical or attack you.

How to Honor Your Birthday Spirit Animal

Be creative in how you honor your birthday spirit animal and give thanks for its guidance. Below are a few suggestions.

  • Take time on each birthday to meditate upon and visualize yourself walking and speaking with your birthday spirit animal and ask for guidance for the coming year.
  • Find pictures, artwork, or figurines of your birthday animal totem and place them around your home.
  • Make a collage of the various depictions of your birth totem and put a picture of yourself in the center.

Spirit Animals

A spirit animal is characterized as a teacher or messenger that comes in the form of an animal. Many spirit animals may speak to you over your lifetime, but it's your birthday spirit animal that enhances your connection to your life's journey by teaching you different lessons about yourself and your environment.

How to Find Your Spirit Animal by Birthday