Integrating Inner Calm in Taurus Season

Published March 4, 2020
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Integrating the inner calm that Taurus season brings to you is easier than you may think. The Taurus season provides refreshing energies you'll find beneficial especially to busy lifestyles.

Successfully Integrating Inner Calm in Taurus Season

Taurus season begins on April 20 and lasts until May 20. Taurus offers a much-needed respite after a fiery intense Aries season. Taurus season offers you the chance to rebuild what was created during the previous season. This gives you the opportunity to create stability in all areas of your life.

Tips for Utilizing the Taurus Season's Calmness in Your Life

There are several ways you can take advantage of the inner calming energies Taurus season brings to you. With practice, you can incorporate these methods into your daily life long after the Taurus season has passed.

Tip 1: Meditation

The art of meditation is an ideal way to take advantage of inner calm and peace Taurus season trumpets into your life. Carve out at least 20 minutes the same time each day to practice meditation so you can tap into these cosmic energies.

Tip 2: Aura Bath

Your aura accumulates all kind of energy, even energies from other people. An auric bath can cleanse your aura and rid you of any negative energies. This clears your auric field so you can receive the calming energies of the Taurus season.

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Tip 3: Mantras

Another way to invite the inner calm that Taurus season bestows on you is through the repetition of mantras. You can make up your own mantra, choose an ancient one or repeat one of the following Taurus mantras but first take three deep breaths then repeat:

  • "I release chaos from my inner being and receive the inner calm of Taurus."
  • "I'm at peace and receive the inner calm of Taurus."
  • "I invite inner calmness and restive peace into my being."
  • "Calm. Peace. Happiness. Are now part of me."

Tip 4: Break Time

You can take a Taurus season break from your work schedule. Instead of going to the cafeteria, take a walk in a garden or sit in a quiet corner and listen to soothing music.

Tip 5: Home Décor

The right home décor instills an inner feeling of calmness and peace. Just walk into a messy cluttered home then a well-organized clean home. The difference in the energies is immediately evident. You can also redecorate to infuse the material aspects of quality, luxury, colors, and design into an inviting and comfortable retreat.

Tip 6: Find Work-Life Balance

If you've never established a work-life balance, Taurus season offers you the opportunity. Seize upon the bull's energy and acumen to create a better balance between your home life and work that can become a lifelong habit.

Tip 7: Pamper Yourself

Taurus season is a great time to pamper yourself. This can be a weekend at a spa or curling with a good book on a snowy Saturday afternoon. Whatever is your go to pamper mode, Taurus season offers you the right time and abundance earth energy to take some much needed time for yourself.

Planning and Executing the Plan

Once Aries season has passed, making the way clear for the things you feel are vital and important in your life, it's time to make a plan so you can pursue and enjoy each one. Taurus season provides you with the steadfast and stubborn energy of the bull and grounds you so you make practical decisions that will lead you to your goals.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

The fruits of your labor are meant to be enjoyed. The inner calming of Taurus gives you permission to indulge in the sensual pleasures that life offers. You can find comfort and peace in good food shared with your lover, family and friends, leisure weekends spent basking in their love and enjoying your lifestyle.

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Learn to Be More Productive

Taurus season has other benefits in store for you. The bull knows how to be productive and establish order to your work and life. During the Taurus season, you can discover and implement new techniques and methods to improve your work productivity and flow. You can also find similar ways to improve your home life.

How Taurus Season Affects Zodiac Signs

While Taurus zodiac signs reign supreme during the Taurus season, they can still learn new ways to improve their lives. The zodiac signs need to examine their natal charts for their moon sign and planet placements for clues of different ways to capitalize on the various energies given by Taurus, including inner calmness.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

The Taurus season will please fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn. Earth signs are all about practicality and creating a stable life. Living in a world that isn't always logical or orderly means the earth signs seek to create these properties in their homes and personal lives.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

The air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius may have a difficult time focusing on inner peace. Libra may achieve it easier with the sign's laid-back attitude. However, Gemini will find it difficult to sit still long enough to enjoy inner calmness and become bored very quickly. Aquarius may find the idea of a Taurus season fascinating, but not extremely interesting.

Shiny Feelings

If the air signs can rein in their need for movement and excitement, they can find great benefits of the energies the bull offers each of them. Adding a little practicality and stability to their lives can greatly improve the quality of their lives.

Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio

The water signs Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio find great comfort in the Taurus season. The earth element provides them with a framework of practical stabilizing attributes that give the water much needed form and structure in their lives.

Leo, Sagittarius and Aries

The fire signs Leo, Sagittarius and Aries understand the need for inner calm, but achieving it seems like a distant quest. Movement is a natural part of the fire elements' very existence. Becoming immobile to experience stability, calmness and practical lifestyle changes are too mundane for these energetic zodiac signs. They can appreciate these attributes and perhaps are a bit envious of those who achieve them, but when it comes down to who they are, these fire signs are really interested in making such changes.

Integrating and Using the Inner Calm of Taurus Season

While not all zodiac signs will integrate and use the inner calm of the Taurus season the same way, each can benefit. This time should be well spent in preparation of the highly energetic Gemini season that comes directly after the Taurus season.

Integrating Inner Calm in Taurus Season