Is a Libra Man Prone to Cheating?

Published June 12, 2020
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A Libra man isn't prone to cheating any more than other zodiac signs. However, there are specific situations that will drive a Libra man to find love outside his current relationship.

Neglect Drives a Libra Man to Cheat

A Libra man is a charmer and has many admirers, so temptation is always in front of him. If his current lover is neglectful, a Libra man knows he can find a replacement without much effort. This can create a threatening scenario for his lover. Arguments and jealousy can be quite common issues for a Libra man's relationship that isn't on solid ground.

Libra Man Loves Attention and Is Flirtatious

A Libra man is social and enjoys the attention he receives from others. He loves to flirt almost as much as Gemini. He often has flirtatious encounters that can grow and build into passionate desires. If a Libra man isn't very mature or in a happy committed relationship, then he can easily fall into a love affair.

Can You Trust a Libra Man?

You may wonder if you can trust a Libra man and the answer is yes, as long as he is truly committed to your relationship and you appreciate him. Your love affair needs to be strong and ongoing to keep him interested. Anything between you that he doesn't feel is right or balanced can become a wedge that drives him into someone else's arms.

A Libra Man Needs Balance in His Life

A Libra man is all about balanced scales. He's always weighing the pros and cons of everything in his life, especially his love relationship. He seeks an ideal relationship. If he finds the scales are no longer in balance, then he'll begin to wonder if someone else is a better mate for him.

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Signs a Libra Man Is Cheating on You

Absence is the first sign a Libra man is cheating on you. If you sudden find your man engaged in new extracurricular activities or situations that take him away from you more and more, chances are he's found a new love interest. After all, a man in love wants to be with his lover as much as possible. This is especially true for a Libra man who lives for the companionship, attention and love of his mate.

He Stops Communicating With You

If your Libra man stops sharing his day with you, discussing the issues he's usually interested in, these could be signs of his infidelity. At the least, he may be thinking about cheating, so you swiftly want to reassure him how important he is to you.

How to Get a Libra Man to Miss You

If you sense your Libra man is losing interest in you and may be contemplating straying from you, take action to revive his interest. You want to show him that you're an independent person and know how to have fun with or without him. There's a fine balance in doing this. You must let him know how much you admire him and how important he is to you, since he suffers greatly when ignored. If you keep him occupied, guessing, enchanted, and feeling loved, he most likely won't be tempted to stray.

How to Keep a Libra Man Interested

If you want to keep your Libra man interested, then you need to be interesting. If you're a good match, then he'll find you exciting, vibrant and fun. He wants to be loved and made to feel good about himself, so he may require constant reassurance and a little ego stroking won't hurt.

A Libra Man Enjoys Sensual Pleasures

Just because you landed your Libra man doesn't mean he'll remain with you. Seducing him is an art form he thoroughly enjoys. He wants to experience the same sensual pleasures when the two of you became lovers. You need to keep these nuances in practice, so he doesn't grow bored and seek a new love interest to excite him.

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Threat of Old Flames Lingering

A Libra man will have a few old flames lurking about in the shadows. He'll claim he keeps old lovers as valuable friends, but to it put it bluntly, they are spares should something go wrong with his relationship with you.

New Relationships Make Him Feel Vulnerable

Having a backup of former lovers comforts and reassures Libra since starting a new relationship makes him feel vulnerable. The unknowns in your relationship can upset the balance he strives to maintain in his life.

Will a Libra Man Cheat on You?

The answer to whether a Libra man will cheat on you is yes if he feels he's justified in doing so. Again, he uses his scales of justice to balance everything in his life.

Is a Libra Man Prone to Cheating?