Leo Ascendant and Its Relationship to Your Sign

Published February 27, 2020
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Leo ascendant brings personality traits and characteristics that determine its relationship to your sign. You may be surprised how much this rising sign can impact your personality and your sun sign.

Leo Ascendant and Its Relationship to Your Sun Sign

Leo is the showman of the zodiac and endows you with the famous bigger than life personality. This is the zodiac sign that gets center stage wherever you go. This attention isn't always intentional. Leo just can't help being that sparkling diamond that stands out in the crowd.

Leo Rising Personality Traits

As the showy one of the zodiac signs, Leo knows how to take control of situations, especially social ones. You also have a certain magnetism that attracts other people and garners you special attention.

Regal Appearance

That regal presence is evident with the way you dress and carry yourself. Just like the lion has a magnificent mane, your hair is an outstanding physical attribute.

Pride and Vanity

You have a generous dose of pride and avoid situations that could mar your reputation. Some people interpret your pride as vanity.

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Gregarious, Outgoing and Fun

Leo ascendant bestows disarming and endearing personality traits. Leo is the life of a party and has a big generous heart.

Physically Strong and Powerful

Leo rising signs have are healthy and strong. This is achieved by paying close attention to what you eat, drink and the type/amount of exercise you get each day.

Dramatic Tendencies

Leo ascendants are prone to over dramatizing life in general. Leo can make an ordinary event sound as though it were a major happening.

Careers and Jobs

It's easy to see how you may be drawn to the performing arts. Any career where Leo rising can rise to become a leader is promising. One career not often considered is education, either as a teacher, instructor or professor. This career choice allows Leo ascendants to connect with others and enjoy being in the spotlight while sharing their expertise with others.

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Love and Romance for Leo Rising

A Leo rising sign has a warm and loving heart. Leo makes a considerate and loyal lover. Raising a family with a Leo ascendant will be fun since Leo is a big kid and knows how to entertain their children while also educating them.

Leo Ascendant Compatibility

Finding the right mate can be challenging since Leo doesn't like sharing the spotlight. Any lover or spouse must be self-confident and capable of holding their own. Possible matches for Leo rising include Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra.

How Leo Rising Affects Sun Sign

The ascendant sign has a strong influence on your sun sign. You want to consider the predominant attributes of your sun sign for any potential conflicts.

Aries Sun Sign

The fellow fire element sign Leo softens some of the more aggressive edges of Aries. Aries has a powerful presence, but Leo is equally powerful with a little more finesse, sincerity and showmanship.

Taurus Sun Sign

Taurus is an earth element with a strong ambition and desire for stability. Leo knows how to gain attention and helps Taurus achieve goals and climb the social ladder.

Gemini Sun Sign

Gemini is an air element sign with excellent communication skills enhanced by Leo's powerful magnetism. Leo's charm and warmth makes Gemini more approachable.

Cancer Sun Sign

Cancer doesn't seek the limelight, but Leo rising forces you to step out of the shadows. Your emotions are often brought to a higher expression with Leo's influence and you need to find healthy ways to express them through venues, such as art or music.

Leo Sun Sign

A double Leo mean you are super charged with all the positive and negative traits of the Leo zodiac sign. Everything, such as ego, dramatic persona, elaborate tastes, and generosity are magnified.

Virgo Sun Sign

For Virgo, Leo rising forces you to be more expressive and enhances your communication/learning abilities. You find the security you crave in Leo rising through taking advantage of opportunities and knowing how to get the most out of them.

Libra Sun Sign

Libra is typically a laid-back sign focused on balance in life. Leo rising can upset that balance with an accentuated sensuality and heightened passion for life. Leo ascendant ensures you receive the admiration, appreciation and promotions you deserve in your career.

Scorpio Sun Sign

Scorpio is a complex water sign with a wide range of emotions and psychic depth. Leo rising provides a way to channel all that into a public arena. This may be as a dramatic performer/entertainer or as a psychic performer.

Sagittarius Sun Sign

Sagittarius is always seeking new information to absorb and adventures to experience. Fellow fire sign Leo enables Sagittarius to achieve all this. Leo instills the drive and desire to reach goals and new heights.

Capricorn Sun Sign

Capricorn is a pragmatic sign and under a Leo rising influence can transform these principles into a how-to book or be inspired to invent new methods or techniques. Capricorn tends to keep emotions in check. However, Leo rising gives Capricorn permission to explore passionate feelings and abandon self-imposed restrictions.

Aquarius Sun Sign

This combination of eclectic Aquarius and showy Leo creates a dramatic and powerful persona. Aquarius is unbridled with Leo rising and can excel to great heights. However, the downside is Aquarius may need to practice discretion and discipline to avoid making hasty decisions with negative repercussions.

Pisces Sun Sign

Pisces is deep water when it comes to emotions and psychic abilities. Leo rising can distract Pisces with pomp and circumstances and lead Pisces down the wrong path. However, Leo can help Pisces build up enough steam to achieve ambitions and dreams, depending on the overall natal chart.

Celebrities With Leo Rising

Some celebrities clearly show the influence of Leo rising. You may catch a glimpse of the relationship between their sun sign and Leo ascendant. These include:

  • Muhammad Ali (Capricorn sun sign)
  • Ingrid Bergman (Virgo sun sign)
  • Luciano Pavarotti (Libra sun sign)
  • Tina Turner (Sagittarius sun sign)
  • Steve Martin (Leo sun sign)
  • Lily Tomlin (Aries sun sign)

Leo Ascendant Traits and Its Relationship to Your Sign

Leo rising personality traits has various effects on your sun sign. You can compare the two signs to gain a better understanding of the ascendant's influence.

Leo Ascendant and Its Relationship to Your Sign