Cancer Ascendant and Its Effects on Your Personality

Published March 6, 2020
zodiac sign for Cancer

Your astrological signature is said to be the signs of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant or rising sign. Of these three, the rising sign is the most personal. It's based on the exact time, location, and date of your birth. It's your rising sign that differentiates you from others born on the same day. It defines the four angles and how you're likely to deal with your physical world.

Born With Cancer Rising

Your Ascendant or rising sign shows your first and most natural reaction when you meet someone new or encounter a new situtation. Cancer is a sensitive water sign that, like its animal symbol, the crab, has a hard outer shell. Because of this, some individuals with Cancer rising can give an initial impression of being crusty, distant, and aloof. On the other hand, some have a sensitive and vulnerable demeanor that makes others want to protect them. The traits of Cancer rising are modified by and the position of Cancer's ruling planet, the Moon, as well a by any planets that are in aspect to the Ascendant.

Generally, those with Cancer rising are:

  • Unassuming and shy
  • Moody
  • Flustered easily
  • Friendly but cautious and protective
  • Family-oriented
  • Motherly
  • Indirect when going after what they want

Cancer Rising and the Moon

If you have Cancer rising, the Moon is the ruler of your birth chart. The Moon's sign placement is of great importance in the shaping of the person's demeanor and identity.

looking at the full moon

Aries Moon

An Aries Moon person who has Cancer rising is more assertive and projects a "don't mess with me" vibe and can be quite self-protective.

Taurus Moon

A Taurus Moon person with Cancer rising is a peaceful individual who is self-soothing and also very comfortable providing comfort and support to others.

Gemini Moon

With a Gemini Moon, a Cancer rising individual tends to be emotionally intelligent, selfless, and use their words and writings to nurture others.

Cancer Moon

With a Cancer Moon, a Cancer rising individual Moon is doubly nostalgic, has a strong pull to the past, and is more deeply rooted in family and traditions.

Leo Moon

With a Leo Moon, a Cancer rising individual will be like a playful child who's warm and generous and takes pride in nurturing and caring for others.

Virgo Moon

With a Virgo Moon, a Cancer rising person is less emotional and has a need to serve and attend to the practical and physical needs of others.

Moon in Libra

With a Libra Moon, an individual with Cancer rising is less cautious and more social. They have a need to connect and gain rapport with others both intellectually and emotionally.

Moon in Scorpio

Cancer rising individual with a Scorpio Moon intensifies a Cancer rising emotions. These are strong-willed people who are emotionally enduring and unwilling to let go.

Moon in Sagittarius

With the Moon in Sagittarius, a Cancer rising individual is less sensitive, less nostalgic, more future-oriented, and has a greater need for freedom.

Moon Capricorn

With the Moon in Capricorn, an individual with Cancer rising has an innately serious and responsible nature, that's often projected onto their significant others.

Moon in Aquarius

With the Moon in Aquarius, those with Cancer rising are more inclined toward objectivity in their emotional responses, less nostalgic and more comfortable with words and futuristic ideas.

Moon in Pisces

With the Moon in Pisces, individuals with Cancer rising are highly sensitive and can soak up the emotional atmosphere that surrounds them like a sponge.

Celebrities With Cancer Rising

When you look at photos of celebrities with Cancer rising, it's easy to see how the sign their Moon can affect a Cancer rising's appearance and demeanor.

  • Angelina Jolie: Cancer rising, Moon in Aries
  • Steven King: Cancer rising, Moon in Sagittarius
  • Julia Roberts: Cancer rising, Moon in Leo
  • 14th Dalai Lama: Cancer rising, Moon in Virgo
  • Robert De Niro: Cancer rising, Moon in Pisces
  • Stephen Spielberg: Cancer rising, Moon in Scorpio
  • Victoria Beckham: Cancer rising, Moon in Aquarius
  • Cher: Cancer rising, Moon in Capricorn
  • Jennifer Garner: Cancer rising, Gemini Moon

Cancer Rising Appearance

The typical physical appearance of Cancer rising, a full round face, round eyes, stout body, and sparse hair can also be mitigated by the sign of their Moon. As an example, Julia Roberts has a Leo Moon, which has bequeathed with an abundance of hair. While Angelina Jolie, whose Moon is in Aries, has a more Arian appearance.

Gender and Cancer Rising

Men will have more difficulty with Cancer rising than a woman, simply because men who are raised to be strong, dominant, direct and unapologetic. Men don't want to appear soft, vulnerable and motherly. While women are raised to be sensitive, receptive and more emotionally expressive. However, in the 21st Century, that's changing.

Cancer Rising and Relationships

With Cancer rising, Capricorn, its opposite sign, will be on the cusp of the seventh house. The seventh house is the traditional house of marriage and committed relationships. This means that both men and women with Cancer rising are looking for reliable and stable partners, as well as a committed relationship with well-defined expectations and boundaries. They appreciate someone who is both romantic and serious in love and, more often than not, equate sex with commitment.

Weaving a Birth Chart Together

If you have Cancer rising, paying attention to your Moon, your chart ruler is essential, because you're guided by emotions and instinct even more than if you have a Cancer Sun. Yes, interpreting a birth chart is complicated and best done by a professional astrologer who can tell you how it all weaves together to create the unique you.

Cancer Ascendant and Its Effects on Your Personality