The Leo Man’s Traits and Personality Type

Published May 5, 2020
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If a Leo man is in a crowd, you'll know it. It really doesn't matter what he's doing, a Leo man has a commanding presence that grabs everyone's attention. A Leo male is born with specific personality traits that lead to particular tastes, preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Male Leo Personality Traits

At his best, a Leo man has personality plus. He's a man's man and a lady's man, as well. He's charming, passionate, creative, uninhibited, and always on stage. He's also a good-humored guy who has a busy and playful social life and is gifted with charisma and sexual magnetism. However, he's also a competitive guy who's driven by a need to be and have the best of everything life has to offer.

Leo Man's Personality Strengths

A male Leo is ambitious, has great plans for his life, and courageously goes after what he wants in a self-confident and determined manner. He's usually successful. He's a natural leader who's good-natured, generous, loyal, big-hearted, and well-liked by everyone. His greatest strength is probably his unrelenting optimism.

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Leo Man's Personality Weaknesses

Of course, there can be a dark side to a Leo man's personality. He can be possessive, territorial, demanding, horribly stubborn, and have an ugly temper. He can also be more than a bit cocky and vain. However, his greatest weakness is probably his unrelenting need for attention, flattery, and compliments.

A Leo Man's Personal Style

A Leo male's personality traits lead to a specific personal style.

Taste in Clothing

Looking good is essential to a Leo man. A Leo man wants to project an image of who he is and his clothes projects that image. He loves to shop for himself and dress fashionably. He buys eye-catching quality clothing, follows the latest trend, and is not afraid of bright colors. Even if a Leo man wears a conservative business suit, he's likely to add a flamboyant touch with a colorful shirt, tie, or pocket-handkerchief.

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A Leo Man's Hair

Just like a Leo woman, a Leo male considers his hair his crowning glory and a mirror his best friend, especially where his hair is concerned. Whether it's long or short, fashion-forward, or conservative, he'll wear it in a style that says something about him, and he'll maintain his look with regular visits to his stylist and isn't opposed to hairpieces or hair color. A Leo man spends a great deal of time on grooming.

Want a Leo Man Likes

A Leo man's personality traits also lead to specific likes.

  • Helping others
  • Protecting his loved ones
  • Being in charge
  • Hosting parties and meetings
  • Being pampered and taken care of
  • Being flattered and complimented

What a Leo Man Dislikes

A male Leo's personality traits also lead to certain dislikes.

  • Boredom
  • Doing what's not necessary
  • Taking orders
  • Being ignored
  • Pettiness
  • Being dependent on others

A Leo Man's Taste in Women

A Leo man's taste in woman runs toward feminine and eye-catching. If she's also strong, confident, and has personal dreams and aspirations, she's even more attractive to a Leo man. In short, a Leo man has a taste for beautiful women who are not needy and have a life of their own.

A Leo Man's Traits and Relationships

A Leo man is a romantic idealist when it comes to dating, love, and marriage. He'll wine and dine his date, make them smile, and buy them gifts. He'll them to events, concerts, and parties. And he's just as fun, generous and uninhibited as a life partner. A Leo man is a loyal mate who's romantic, passionate, and tends to keep the flames of love burning bright. A Leo man makes a wonderful husband and father.

The Leo Sun

Every Leo man is different, related to their entire birth chart, but they are all ruled by their Leo Sun. The Sun is particularly strong in Leo, and these passionate, happy, and creative men strive to be the bright and shining center of their universe.

The Leo Man’s Traits and Personality Type