Traits of a Leo Boss

Published September 26, 2018
Boss talking to workers

A boss with a Leo sun is a born leader who can be magnanimous or tyrannical, but in either case, you'll definitely know they are the boss. Generally, a Leo boss will be fair and impartial, as long as you work hard to impress them, praise them, and never question their authority.

A Leo Boss

A Leo is a dramatic, self-confident, dominant, authoritative, and visionary boss who takes a "firm but fair" direct approach that can mobilize those who work for them to achieve. They give clear directions, provide motivation, give feedback on what's being done, but will seldom get their hands dirty.

A Leo drives those who work for them hard, delegates responsibilities, and has an innate sense of people that ensures everyone gets to work on whatever they do best. Leo's authoritative style of leadership commands respect and can unite those who work for them toward a shared goal.

Ultimate Competitor

A Leo's inner spirit is the embodiment of the ultimate competitor, whose attitude can make them the type of leader that is easy to follow and who is capable of bringing out the best in those who work for them. Like a football quarterback, a Leo boss inspires their team and makes tough decisions under pressure, but seldom runs with the ball. They call the plays and execute the first move but once the ball is out of their hands, they back off and trust the team to score the touchdown.

At Their Best

A Leo boss' greatest strengths are enthusiasm, long-term direction, and a healthy sense of humor that can make collaboration easy. At their best, they have a sunny can-do attitude and are generous. Do a good job, achieve the desired results, and a Leo boss will reward you handsomely. Once you win their trust and they know they can count on you to get the job done, they're also willing to look past an indiscretion or two.

At Their Worst

Their greatest weakness is that they can be overbearing and egotistic. At their worst, a Leo boss can be a self-serving authoritarian bully with a vile temper who'll selfishly take full credit for everything that is achieved and blames others when something goes wrong.

To Make a Leo Boss Happy

Leo's regal and expansive "see me, love me, obey me" nature influences all aspects of their lives including professional relationships. Below are a few pointers on how to make a Leo boss happy.

Be Obedient

A Leo boss expects unquestioning obedience, and it's not in their nature to tolerate public opposition from someone who works for them. However, they do make mistakes and if you entertain any doubts about what they are telling you to do you should seek clarification in private.

Be Enthusiastic

A Leo boss is a gregarious, enthusiastic "whistle while you work" boss who won't tolerate "Debbie Downer" subordinates. They want those who work for them to be smiling, happy, and positive. The best way to please your Leo boss is to work hard and be enthusiastic about what you're doing.

Be Complimentary

Indulging in some dramatic and public flattery of your Leo boss will go a long way in keeping them happy and on your side. They have an insatiable appetite for praise, admiration, and special recognition. Once they are made to feel important and special, you can unlock the best very best in a Leo boss.

Gender Makes a Difference

There's a gender, nature/nurture, and cultural aspect to natal astrology. Due to a man's physiology (testosterone) and the difference in how boys and girls are nurtured, there are differences between a male and a female Leo boss. If your Leo boss is a man, he's apt to be more assertive, action-oriented, self-centered, and to express more of the darker Leo traits than a female, who's generally more composed, self-assured, and confident, as well as more collaborative with those who work for her.

The Leo Sun

Every Leo boss is different, but all will have the traits mentioned above to a greater or lesser degree. The sun is Leo's planetary ruler, and those ruled by the sun place great importance on being the bright and shinning center of their universe. A Leo boss is bestowed with warmth, intensity, passion, and great vitality on the one hand and on the other can be led to false confidence and arrogance.

Traits of a Leo Boss