Leo's Ruling Planet and Its Dynamic

Published March 2, 2020
Leo Zodiac Sign

The ruling planet for Leo is the sun. It's the most important planet that signifies your will. It is also the planet that bestows energy and vigor.

The Sun's Dynamic Influence on Leo Personality

The sun's influence can cause Leo to be an explosive person. This erupts as a dramatic reaction to situations and life. It can be a sudden burst of joy and happiness as well as anger and other negative emotions that cross the entire emotional spectrum. The sun and moon are not planets, but in astrology both are treated as planets since they have distinct influential energies. The powerful energy of the sun is therefore readily seen in Leo who has a powerful personality. Leo commands any room where this lion enters. Leo is gregarious and respectful of others. Like a true king or queen, Leo is concerned about the welfare of those in their kingdom.

Fierce Warrior

Leo is a natural-born leader. The lion is a fierce warrior and defender. No one walks over the lion. Leo doesn't tolerate injustices or mistreatment of others.

Strength and Power

Leos are imbued with enormous energy and a positive outlook. There is no other sign that exudes self-confidence the way Leo does. Other Leo personality traits include:

  • Leos are kings and queens of their jungles.
  • Leo is very honest, sometimes to their own detriment.
  • Leo is very brave and courageous.

Negative Influence of Sun

For Leo, the world revolves around them, much like their ruling planet that is actually a star. Leos bask in the adoration shines on them light a spotlight. It's not surprising that Leo's can be a bit much for some people to accept. The lion commands attention simply by its presence.

Determination, Overpowering Will and Self-Indulgence

Leos are determined and will stop at nothing to get what they want. This can turn into a negative trait of an overpowering will. Leo can also be rather self-indulgent, and this can become a negative characteristic if left unchecked.

Sun's Effect on Leo Child

A Leo child is highly creative and is easily bored with routine and mundane things. Education is paramount for this child. It must be designed to stimulate and challenge the Leo child or risk the lion inside becoming restless and rebelling out of boredom.

Leo Child and Emotions

A Leo child is extremely warm and affectionate. Leo sun fire element is very strong, and children don't always know how to control it. A child can have difficulty bridling the innate drive to be the center of attention, exert their will and demand what they feel is rightfully theirs as the king or queen of the zodiac!

Strong Guiding Hand for Leo Children

Temper outbursts can be common, just as sudden expressions of glee. A Leo child needs a strong parent to guide them and teach them how to control the powerful fire element and channel it into creative venues.

Leo's Lifestyle of Grace and Luxury

Leo has grace and style with a sophisticated taste. The lion's lifestyle is one of luxury and high quality. Leo is very generous and will lavish a lover and children with all the finer things life has to offer.

Leo's Career Choices Guided by the Sun

Leo is also a highly creative sign. The different careers that appeal to Leo are those in management and allow the lion to be creative. A few of those might include television, theater, or film as an actor, director or agent.

  • A sports hero is an ideal ambition for Leo.
  • Any type of sales is attractive to Leo since it allows taking center stage and being in control, especially a business manager position.
  • Other career industries include art, fashion, advertising, public relations, and marketing.
businessman giving presentation

Romance With Leo and Compatible Signs

Leo is a romantic and enjoys putting on a show, especially on a date. A night on the town will be unforgettable with entertainment, food, wine and Leo's great company. Compatible signs include Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini.

How to Use Energies Leo's Ruling

The fiery powerful energies of the sun can be used to bolster Leo's self-confidence. If the lion needs creative energy, the sun bestows a generous amount of energy that can be used to inspire artistic creations.

Knowing and Using the Sun's Power

Once Leo understands the energy behind their sign, they can grow bolder and braver. Knowing the power behind your zodiac sign gives you a leg up. When you have a whole planet or in this case a star behind you, it's easy to imitate the power to achieve what you want.

Leo's Ruling Planet and Its Dynamic Fiery Energy

You can capitalize on the dynamic energy of the fiery sun ruler. The many gifts bestowed on Leo from its ruling planet, the sun can be used to propel you into life, love and career.

Leo's Ruling Planet and Its Dynamic