List of Best and Worst Aquarius Career Choices

Published May 22, 2020
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Aquarians are the social entrepreneurs of the zodiac. The very best careers or jobs for an Aquarian allow them to use their mind and offer them the chance to join with others and do something that helps society move forward. The worst jobs for and Aquarian are those that are too emotional, conventional, or mindless.

The Eight Best Careers for Aquarians

Aquarius is the universal Fixed Air sign of the zodiac. Those born with an Aquarius Sun are intelligent, innovative, creative, entrepreneurial, humanitarian, and social. The best career path for an Aquarian is one that allows them to use their entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking, and altruistic leanings.

1. Mediator

Mediators are entrepreneurs who help reconcile differences between parties before litigation is required to settle the dispute. An Aquarian wants to help others and is a social individual who has experience dealing with all sorts of people under all kinds of circumstances. They are also objective, self-controlled, and understanding but not swayed by the emotions of a dispute. Aquarians have all the skills a mediator needs.

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2. Social Worker

Aquarians are humanitarian, and social work can offer Aquarians a way to help people in need. A social worker protects children and vulnerable adults. It requires objectivity, self-control, problem-solving, and the ability to not get bogged down in emotions. It's a tough and sometimes thankless job that requires an Aquarian to use their innate stubbornness and perseverance.

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3. Engineer

Engineering is likely to be an appealing career for Aquarians. There are many engineering fields, and each requires a technical mindset, but they also require an individual with interpersonal skills that can adapt to different kinds of people, problems, and situations.

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4. Information Technology

IT is a challenging career path with a constant need for new ideas and innovation. Aquarians are born techies. They love technology and are fascinated by every new development in the field. An Aquarian would never get bored working as a computer engineer, programmer, or software developer.

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5. Project Manager

Aquarians enjoy planning for the future and coming up with new ideas. They also have the ability to influence others and organize a team that shares a common goal and can come up with interesting and workable ideas that will bring the project to fruition. All of this makes an Aquarian ideally suited for a career in project management.

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6. University Professor

Aquarians are intellectuals who can have a fulfilling career in academia. Aquarians enjoy professing their vast array of knowledge, and as a university professor, they can self-confidently and enthusiastically profess their futuristic and utopian ideas daily to their students. This is also a profession that allows time for research, writing, and mentoring students.

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7. Astrologer

Like meteorology and economics, astrology is based on an extensive and comprehensive body of knowledge and that knowledge, correctly applied, provides insight into all manner of things. Aquarians are out-of-this-world thinkers who are interested in the mechanics of the universe and of life. You're not likely to find an Aquarian who has not delved a bit into astrology. This is a career where an Aquarian can use their intellect and intuition in a unique scientific way.

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8. Social Enterprise Professional

A social enterprise professional works to make a social impact within the context of non-profit, government, and business sectors by applying their management and social skills to achieve the most significant social impact. This is a field that offers and Aquarian a chance to work with others towards large-scale social change.

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Worst Career Choices for Aquarians

The worst career choices for an Aquarian are those that are not intellectually challenging and provide little group social interaction. Some examples:

  • Psychologist
  • Butcher
  • Embalmer
  • Park ranger
  • Night watchman
  • Toll booth operator
  • Box packer

An Aquarian's Passion

In truth, an Aquarian can do any job they put their mind to. However, an Aquarian will be the most fulfilled when doing work that benefits humanity. Aquarians are not only the social entrepreneurs of the zodiac; they are also the social activists, and if their career does not tap into their altruistic nature, they will have an avocation that does. Creating social change is an Aquarian's "true" passion and interest.

List of Best and Worst Aquarius Career Choices