Pisces Career Choices Perfect for Your Personality

Published May 25, 2020
girl caring for depressed friend

Pisces are gentle, caring individuals who are imaginative, observant, highly empathetic, and have the ability to connect with others. They are also happy to forfeit a high salary for a job that's fulfilling and soul satisfying. But, they hate to being tied down to a nine-to-five same old, same old work environment and tend to thrive in careers that have an unstructured serene environment.

10 Perfect Professions for a Pisces

Watery mutable Pisces is the sign of universal love and tender compassion. Pisces are soft-hearted, have rich imaginations, and deep yearnings. Individuals with a Pisces Sun are creative, and artistic souls who are sensitive to others' needs. A Pisces Sun shines the brightest in careers that involve expressing their aesthetic sensibilities or meeting others' needs.

1. Freelance Photographer

A Pisces has an eye for beauty and form and can focus entirely on capturing a scene in the best possible way. A freelance photographer creates their own hours, works in different locations, and with different subjects. Photography allows a Pisces the freedom to follow their artistic leanings.

Photographer working in a studio

2. Freelance Artist

Many Pisces are talented painters, sculptors, or writers. They can also handle all the creative joys and painful failures that go along with a career in art. The life of a struggling artist can be appealing to a shy Pisces who relishes time alone and bringing form to their heavenly inspired visions.

Artist working on big painting

3. Music

A career in music is a natural for Pisces. Pisces dance to music others can't hear. So, whether it's songwriting, singing, playing a musical instrument, leading an orchestra, or being a DJ, music provides Pisces the opportunity to communicate the music they hear to others.

male playing guitar and keyboard

4. Bartender

Pisces are sociable, easy-going individuals, who are non-judgmental listeners. These assets are a huge positive for a career as a bartender. Working evening and night hours, bar tending also allows plenty of day time hours for a Pisces to pursue other more artistic passions and interests.

Barmaid serving male

5. Psychic

Pisces are often naturally gifted for a career as a psychic. A Pisces is deeply connected to the ethereal world and so empathetic to the feelings of others that can feel their pain and see their past or future. A Pisces can transcend beyond want can be perceived with the physical senses.

Abstract design of female portrait

6. Actor or Actress

Pisces can be wonderful actors or actresses. They love the make-believe world of movies and theater. They can also submerge themselves in a role, even a bit part, better than anyone. The illusion of the moment is their greatest fascination.

woman rehearsing on stage

7. Visual Merchandiser

Aesthetic ambiance is what a Pisces longs for in life. They have an eye for beauty and form, and their intuitive nature can imagine and produce the most creative in-store displays that encourage people to shop and buy.

Lady looking at mannequin

8. Human Resources

Pisces have the listening skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence required to work in human resources. A peace-loving and diplomatic Pisces can find a comfortable niche as a HR professional, who often must provide a listening ear for disgruntled or confused employees.

Businesswomen interviewing

9. Holistic Nurse

Pisces are nurturing caring individuals who could have a rewarding career as a holistic nurse. A holistic nurse is a registered nurse that uses alternative forms of healing alongside traditional western medicine. Pisces are spiritual individuals and intuitive healers who can innately employ a holistic nurse's mind- body-spirit-emotional approach to nursing.

healthcare workers meditation

10. Veterinarian

Pisces are well suited for any healing profession, and that extends to animal patients. Pisces are animal lovers, and caring for all living things is one of their virtues. A Pisces will love caring for animals and helping them feel better.

Bulldog nuzzling veterinarian

Other Pisces Professions

Pisces is the sign of charity. Those with a Pisces Sun can also be self-sacrificing. A Pisces is ideally suited for and is often found working in facilities where various groups of people are "stored" out of view or with those marginalized by society. These are places of forced or voluntary confinement, such as nursing homes, jails, mental institutions, convents, monasteries, and orphanages.

Guard Tower on Prison Walls

Pisces and Career Options

Of course, Pisces work in many fields and much depends upon their entire birth chart. Still, whatever job or profession they are drawn to, Pisces feels their work is not just a job, it's a high calling. Pisces aren't interested in money, fame, or being a leader. They're more comfortable working in the background, making the world a more beautiful, serene, and caring place.

Pisces Career Choices Perfect for Your Personality