Marrying a Leo

Published September 19, 2018
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You're in love and engaged to be married to a Leo. What can you expect in the marriage? Well, that probably depends upon both you and the Leo you're marrying, but Leos usually make wonderful life partners and parents. They're romantic, passionate, and will make married life an adventure. So, if you're marrying Leo, be ready for a grand and glorious ride!

The Wedding

Marriages start with weddings. Leos are all about the grandeur of love, are always happy to be in the spotlight, and their wedding is a chance to shine. A female Leo will probably have her wedding day planned before she even meets "the" man. However, both female and male Leos want an extravagant and showy wedding and reception followed by a fantastic, never-to-be-forgotten romantic honeymoon.

A Trophy Mate

Leos have larger than life personalities and big hearts, and both sexes can be the ultimate trophy mate. They are charming and exciting with a sunny disposition. At their best, they are loving, loyal, and supportive of their spouse and are ready and willing to put a great deal of effort into making the marriage fun, happy, and fulfilling.

In Love With Love

Leos are idealistic when it comes to love, romance, and marriage. As a mate, they tend to make every effort to keep the flames of love burning bright. They'll be romantic, passionate, and just as generous and uninhibited with their love and lovemaking as they were before the marriage.

Protective and Supportive

Leos, both female and male, have a protective instinct, and this instinct is especially strong when it comes to their family. They'll work hard to make sure the family is financially secure. They'll protect and defend their mate when someone criticizes them. Plus, they'll also be emotionally supportive, positive, and make sure their partner feels good about who they are and will also encourage them to follow their dreams and ambitions to the fullest.

Fun and Entertaining

A Leo mate will ensure the marriage has an active social life and things never get boring or stale. They love to play and do things that are different and exciting. There will be parties, nights out with friends, romantic candlelight dinners, and fun vacations. Not only are they fun and entertaining mates, but they are also loving, playful, and involved parents.

At Their Worst

Of course, Leos do have a few darker traits that a spouse may need to be tolerant of.

As a mate Leo can:

  • Be authoritarian and bossy
  • Be controlling and possessive
  • Throw boisterous tantrums over the smallest thing
  • Spend money in extravagant and irresponsible ways
  • Have a fragile ego that's easily hurt
  • Sullenly sulk and dramatize to get attention

Tips for Making the Marriage Work

Happy couple sitting on stoop embracing

If you marry a Leo, you'll never be starved for love, romance, and fun if you follow these tips.

  • Do your part in keeping the marriage fun, exciting, passionate, and romantic.
  • Be openly affectionate and show everyone you love, appreciate, and adore them.
  • Praise, compliment, and flatter them.
  • Avoid criticizing or embarrassing them.
  • Let them be the center of attention and never try to top them.

Probably most important; take care of your appearance. A Leo mate needs to feel pride in their life partner in every situation.

Good Marriage Prospects for a Leo

Traditional astrological wisdom holds that Leos are most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius, and least compatible Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. However, that doesn't always hold true. Often a successful astrological match involves resolution of incompatibilities, and challenges can make love even stronger and each partner a better person.

The Atypical Leo

Astrology is complex, and there's more to consider than just a Leo sun sign. Aspects and planetary placements, particularly the moon and rising sign (ascendant), are also important. For example, a Leo with Aquarius rising will be more open-minded and need less attention than a typical Leo. A Virgo ascendant can make a Leo less physically demonstrative and more cautious with money. Many websites offer free charts to determine all of this. An individual Leo's entire horoscope can provide a more comprehensive take on what it might be like being married to them.

Marrying a Leo