Leo and Sagittarius Love

Happy couple

There's no relationship quite as passionate as Leo and Sagittarius. Both Leo and Sagittarius are fiery, passionate, loyal, and playful. These common characteristics can foster a strong bond between the two; however, some aspects of these two fiery and fun individuals just don't click and without consideration can cause conflict that can either flame the fires of passion or put it out.

Assessing Leo Sagittarius Compatibility

Astrological compatibility is fairly complicated in that it draws principles from both the maxims, "opposites attract" and "like attracts like." Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs, which make them attractive to one another. On the other hand, Leo is a fixed sign and is not easily moved, while Sagittarius is a mutable sign that resists being tied down.

Consider Mixing Fire With Fire

There is a reason why many astrologers ideally place fire signs with partners of the air element. Fire is an aggressive, assertive, and spontaneous force. When matched with the intellectually curious and upward energy of air, such forces tend to feed and nurture one another.

  • Two fire signs may have an easier time understanding one another, but they may also have a difficult time dealing with each other. As an example, it's hard to make dinner plans between two partners who have two distinctly different ideas and are each equally passionate about what they want.
  • Both Leo and Sagittarius can handle a fast-paced life, but sparks will fly when there is a conflict of interest. Certainly, this could be a problem for any couple, however, since fire signs Leo and Sagittarius are both passionate individuals. Two fire signs facing conflict don't tend to yield an easy or quiet resolution.

Consider How They Move or Don't

Leo is a fixed sign. This quality makes Leo prone to leadership, stability, and stubbornness. The combination of fire within a fixed quality is what fuels the infamous Leo ego. Leos love to lead, but a Leo leads to maintain control and rule. They love to tie down everything from ideas to people and need stability and time to figure things out. Any movement that threatens this stability will strike fear in the heart of a Leo.

Sagittarius possesses a mutable quality. Although this aspect of Sagittarius is more yielding than signs that are fixed, the fiery mutable nature of Sagittarius make for a somewhat complicated follower. Mutable signs are thrown into the world without a deep a sense of identity. Thus, they adore new information and view the potential for change as an opportunity to find out more about themselves.

A Leo, on the other hand, does possess a strong sense of self and has an inclination towards self-affirming introspection, while Sagittarius remains largely internally undecided and open. In short, Leos can be threatened by Sagittarius' love of exploration and need for the freedom to be, just as easily as Sagittarius may feel stifled by Leo's need to control and rule.

Making Leo Sagittarius Work

A relationship between a Sagittarius and a Leo represents a passionate and fun, but not ideal, astrological match. At its best, the shared fire element creates a spark that can keep this relationship vibrant and alive, and when placed within two complimentary natal charts, a Leo matched with a Sagittarius can yield a passionate, fun, and loving long-term relationship.

Couple Having Fun

Relationships that grow from Leo Sagittarius match are fire-hot with a tremendous depth of feeling. A Leo is warm, action-oriented, and driven by the desire to be loved and admired, and this emboldens Sagittarius. Leo's flair for the dramatic is matched by Sagittarius' bold, devil-may-care attitude. Both often draw energy from the other's love of life.

Sagittarius and Leo Dating

Dating between Leo and Sagittarius has its benefits. Leos can do a wonderful job presenting themselves well on dates. In other words, they dress and act to impress. Dating a Sagittarius can be an uplifting experience thanks to their overwhelming optimism and positivity. Sagittarius' good-humored nature can fire up Leo's playful nature, and this mutual exchange of positive energy can lead to some of the most amazing dates. More likely than not, any date between Leo and Sagittarius will be adventurous, intellectual, creative, fun, and high-energy affair.

Leo and Sagittarius in Bed

Time together in bed can be like a fun playtime for both Leo and Sagittarius. When fire meets fire passions flare. Sagittarius is funny, positive, unselfish, and even audacious in the bedroom, while Leo is fun, experimental, and intense. Both are adventurous, into roleplaying, and gladly participate in the risqué. Leo expects the best, will give the best, and won't accept anything less, and Sagittarius is more than happy to comply.

Leo and Sagittarius in a Serious Relationship

Sagittarius' love of life matches Leo's warm kind and helpful nature. Sagittarius' positivity complements Leo's desire to play and have fun. These two can fuel each other in their love of creative pursuits. All of this can make a long-term relationship flourish. At its best, these two can stay happily in love for years.

Potential Problems Between the Lion and the Archer

There are some problems inherent in this match. These involve Sagittarius' tendency to be hyperbolic and overly honest, which can cause problems for Leo. Leo really does hate to be embarrassed, criticized, or to disappoint others. Additionally, Leo may also be unaware of the impact their actions and words have on Sagittarius and can do or say things that will cause Sagittarius to feel they are being controlled or held back.

Beware Conflicts of Core Values

The shared fire element will help maintain energy in a Leo/Sagittarius relationship. Both parties can enjoy a lifetime of new pursuits, activity, and generally cheerfully attitudes. Such represents a Leo and Sagittarius match at its best. Still, the real challenges arise with a conflict of core values.

Recognizing Major Differences

A religious or political difference between two such passionate signs will serve to illuminate the major differences between these individuals. As Sagittarius longs to pursue whatever calls to them, Leo may cling wildly to their customs and traditions, and severe conflicts can arise. A real potential for competition lies at the heart of a Leo and Sagittarius pairing.

Understanding Differences

Understanding the basic nature and response patterns of both you and your partner is vital to successful conflict resolution. An experienced astrologer can help explore the nuances of both natal charts in order for the involved parties to comprehend their differences.

It's not the complementary aspects of two people that ultimately propel a relationship out of the safety zone. Poor conflict skills and misunderstandings can tear through even the strongest commonalities. Ultimately, it is these factors that will prove the most important in managing a Leo/Sagittarius relationship.

Long-Term Relationships Between Sagittarius and Leo

If their differences are understood and taken into consideration, Leo/Sagittarius are well suited to a long-term relationship.


Both Leo and Sagittarius thrive in committed relationships. And because both seek adventure, thrive on positivity, and have so many mutual interests and common traits, engagement often comes quickly in a Leo/Sagittarius.

Married Life

Sagittarius' honesty bodes well for a devoted and long-term marriage. Leo's need for stability, ability to commit, and desire to feel loved for what he or she does makes Leo a devoted and generous spouse.Picnic

Leo offers a depth of love that knows no bounds, and Sagittarius' undying good humor and easy going nature can fulfill Leo's thirst approval. Together, with dedication and devotion, Leo and Sagittarius can create a lasting and meaningful marriage.


Leo and Sagittarius share an energy and playfulness that makes for happy thriving children. Because of this, a family headed by Leo and Sagittarius is a healthy environment for children to learn and grow. Leo's caring nature and selfless dedication to their children makes them ideal parents. Children, especially while very young, fulfill Leo's deep need for appreciation, as well as their desire to feel needed and loved by others. Plus, Sagittarius' high-spirited sense of adventure, love of sports, and intellectual curiosity bodes very well for young imaginative minds, as well as for their need for physical activities and fun explorations.

More Than Just the Sun

Individuals with an interest in astrological sign compatibility should note the Sun is only one of several significant planets. An inherent attunement, neutrality or even hostility between two Suns does not close the door on an issue of overall astrological compatibility or incompatibility. Thus, in order to understand the fullness of a partnership, the zodiac placement of all planets, houses, and aspects must be taken into consideration within both individual's natal charts.

A Successful Relationship

A relationship between Leo and Sagittarius has the potential to blossom when nurtured and well cared for. Numerous personality traits blend well between the two, however, both signs need to make sure they are fully aware of the needs of the other. For example, Leo's tendency to withdraw emotionally when they feel scorned can be avoided through open communication. Sagittarius' feelings of being held back or limited can be countered with compromise and understanding. With a little work, communication and a lot of understanding, a relationship between Leo and Sagittarius holds a great deal of promise.

Leo and Sagittarius Love