Mercury in Scorpio Meaning & Power

Published May 5, 2020
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The meaning of Mercury in Scorpio is one of power, introspection, communication, and transformation. All areas of your life can be impacted in a dramatic, powerful way.

Combine the Power of Scorpio and the Meaning of Mercury

Scorpio is the mega power of the zodiac and when it is infused with the magnanimous energy of Mercury, you get the equivalence of an astrological apocalypse on a personal transformative level. The drive to face the difficult and find solutions is very strong.

Power of Scorpio

Scorpio is the bringer of power and passion within your natal chart. Depending on which house it resides, determines how it affects your life. It is also a sign that runs deep and forces you to face your base nature. This means the good, the bad and the ugly. That dark side runs just as deeply and the light side.

Planet of Communication

Mercury is the planet of communication. It influences you and how you connect with other people. When Mercury is in Scorpio, it makes you highly curious with a need to investigate and discover the why and how of things, including the mysteries of life. It also forces you to explore your inner nature, especially the areas you fear the most!

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Veil of Secrecy

Scorpio spreads a veil of secrecy over the magnetic Mercury, endowing you with a need to play your cards close to your vest and not disclose too much about yourself. This gives you an air of mystique that others find intriguing. It also makes you an excellent confidant.

Intensity and Power

Mercury in Scorpio brings a higher level of intensity to your personality. These two energies heighten your senses and make you overly suspicious and curious about people and situations. Your psychic senses are on steroids.

Seeing Beyond the Superficial

What others may see as neurotic or even paranoid behavior is simply you being able to see beyond the superficial world. You can zero in on a person's true motives and intentions. This ability makes other people nervous, especially if they are attempting to deceive you or hide something from you.

Driven to Discovery

The intense need to know makes you want to understand everything. You are driven to delve deeply into matters to discover the hidden truth. Besides exploring the world around you, these powerful super-sleuth abilities will eventually lead you to the ultimate adventure of self-discovery.

Time for Inner Reflection

When Mercury is in Scorpio, it heralds a time of inner perspective. You have the power of cosmic energy and its blessing to seek out your inner self. Not everything will be rosy, so be prepared for the yin and yang of your true nature. This introspection allows you to face the negative aspects of yourself.

Finding Solutions and Undergoing Transformation

Through self-examination, you can understand things about yourself. If you have conflicts in relationships or if certain areas in your life are difficult or challenging, you can begin to find solutions. This leads to dramatic changes and even personal transformation.

Intimacy and Relationships

With Mercury in Scorpio, you find it easy to have those heart-to-heart conversations with your loved one(s). This can a way to strengthen your love relationship(s) through the sharing of your emotions. This process means you can clear the way to embrace a more meaningful and powerful intimacy in your relationship(s).

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Communication Is Important

Mercury inspires you to keep the lines of communication open with loved ones and the world at large. When Mercury is in Scorpio, you're motivated to explore all facets of communication available to you. You can expect this to be a more in-depth type of communication than what most people know. Keep in mind that it's through communication that you understand the importance that others can have on your life.

Discovering What Is Hidden

Scorpio brings passion into your life while Mercury brings certain demands for understanding. You can delve deep into your circumstance and seek out anything that is hidden from you so you can bring resolution and transformation.

Mercury in Scorpio Meaning & the Power Behind It

The power behind Mercury in Scorpio can be found in the way you react to life. You can experience the meaning of this combination when you delve deep into yourself and are able to transform into the person you most desire to be.

Mercury in Scorpio Meaning & Power