Virgo Ascendant Traits and Influence

Published March 9, 2020
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If Virgo is your ascendant, you have specific personality traits influenced by this zodiac sign. It's very possible these characteristics are different from those of your sun sign.

What Are Virgo Ascendant Traits and Influence?

Two prominent traits of Virgo ascendant are perfection and being industrious. When your rising sign is in Virgo you value a person's ability to contribute. This can be on a very personal level as a partner or as a member of society.

Keeping It Bottled Up Inside

Virgo doesn't like to expose their vulnerability, especially where emotions are concerned. This sign considers any kind of vulnerability a weakness that can be exploited by an enemy.

Denial of Emotions

You don't share your feelings with others, much less allow yourself to acknowledge them. This denial causes you to turn all your emotions inside and eventually your body suffers with pain and/or illnesses.

Virgo Is Happiest When Working

If your ascendant is in Virgo, you are happiest when you're working. You find being of service very rewarding and like to be appreciated for what you do for others.

Hygiene Police

Virgo ascendants aren't actually hygiene police, but they are extremely conscientious about hygiene. Their personal hygiene is impeccable. They have immaculate homes. Their bathrooms and kitchens always sparkle.

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Analytical and Intelligent

Virgo ascendants are very intelligent and have a fine analytical mind. You are a great problem-solver and tend to enjoy physical types of work either as a career or hobby.

Critical Eye

This analytical ability makes you very observant and gives you the tendency to have a critical eye. However, this characteristic can become a two-edged sword and create discourse in your relationships when you criticize your friends and/or partner.

Desire for Perfection

You don't mean to come off as criticizing others, it's just part of your natural tendency to see flaws in your overall desire to achieve perfection. Unfortunately, that includes other people you feel your brand of criticism can help them get closer to the perfection you desire.

Tendencies to Control

In your desire for perfection in a very imperfect world, you have a need to control things and people in your life. You just don't realize not everyone sees the world through the same prism as you do.

Best Careers for Virgo Ascendant

A Virgo ascendant gives you great skills for careers in science, math, architecture, construction, and other careers requiring analytical skills. Virgo will excel in any career that requires methodical thinking, desire for perfection and requires a critical eye.

Virgo Boss

A Virgo boss will need to curb the tendency to micro-manage those who report to them. Few employees will thrive under this management style. Virgo will need to delegate responsibility and to trust others to do their jobs. Giving up this control isn't easy since it goes against Virgo's nature.

Loyal Lover and Friend

That staunch sense of personal value spills over into a feeling of loyalty you develop for a lover and/or friends. You have a genuine appreciation for those in your life and often feel it is an honor to share their lives.

How Virgo Expresses Love

When Virgo falls in love, you do so with all your passion. It takes you while to admit your feelings to your beloved, but once you make that declaration, you're in - forever! Being an earth element, your love is constant and unmovable.

Compatible Signs

The most compatible signs for Virgo rising are fellow earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus. Water signs Pisces and Cancer nourish Virgo rising.

Virgo's Ruling Planet Is Mercury

Mercury rules Virgo (also Gemini). This placement imbues Virgo with a sharp analytical mind and a thirst for knowledge. For anyone with a Virgo rising sign, you can gain further information about its influence depending on where Mercury resides in your natal chart.

Planet Mercury

Mercury in Aries

Aries fire element sign means you have a quick mind and you react quickly often as unpredictably as your element. You have great leadership abilities and inspire others to follow you.

Mercury in Taurus

Taurus earth element sign reinforces Virgo rising's stability and constant nature. These properties aid you in all things you do, especially analytical processes.

Mercury in Gemini

Gemini is also ruled by Mercury and gives you another side of the Mercury coin. This placement softens some of the harsher attributes of Mercury in Virgo, such your critical nature of others, but reinforces your analytical ability. It also allows you to see the humor in things.

Mercury in Cancer

Cancer water element sign nurtures Virgo ascendants and allows those pent-up emotions to rise to the surface more often. Cancer gives you a desire to communicate those emotions, often through writing or other art medium.

Mercury in Leo

Leo fire element sign ignites Virgo rising to take action and step out of the strict confines that Virgo creates. Leo's showmanship helps Virgo ascendants stand out from the crowd.

Mercury in Virgo

Virgo earth element sign placement accentuates all of the Virgo rising sign qualities and traits. You find yourself to be a super organizer, fast thinker and a master of creative solutions.

Mercury in Libra

Libra air element sign is a breath of fresh air that makes your words a little gentler. You stop to think about how your critical comments might make their target feel. You have a very balanced mind and you always strive to do the right thing.

Mercury in Scorpio

Scorpio water element sign stirs things up for Virgo rising. This highly psychic and intuitive sign lends you greater insight into people, situations and problems. You often have a conflicting point-of-view with Scorpio's input challenging your overly analytical mind.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Sagittarius fire element sign influences Virgo rising to be more communicative and can create an inner conflict in deciding what is too much information vs what is just the right amount. In Virgo rising's need for perfection, this can stymie you in acting quickly to circumstances that need vocal responses.

Mercury in Capricorn

Capricorn earth element sign reinforces the earth element of Virgo. Capricorn bolsters Virgo's need for a stable environment. Capricorn is practical and delivers decisions based on logic. Capricorn isn't demonstrative in their emotions which can compound Virgo's natural tendencies to keep feelings bottled up.

Mercury in Aquarius

Aquarius air element sign will kick up the dust in Virgo rising's contained existence. Aquarius is also a bit distant from their emotions, so Virgo may be accused of being cold-hearted with this combination. However, Aquarius is a highly social sign and placed in Mercury often finds communication a great outlet for social connections.

Mercury in Pisces

The Pisces water element has a lot to communicate through Mercury, but with Virgo rising, these waters that run deep won't reach the surface. This means Virgo rising will need to find some outlet to express all these emotions that collide with thoughts. This might be with a visual art or in a career where investigative methods are used.

What Is a Double Virgo?

A double Virgo is someone who has the sun and the moon in Virgo. If your ascendant is also in Virgo, then you are a triple Virgo. Since the moon controls your emotions, you can expect this double dose means you have your emotions under lock and key and find it almost painful to express your emotions with others.

Famous People With Virgo Rising

There are many famous people with Virgo ascendants. They may provide you with greater insight about Virgo rising's influences. These include Walt Disney, Rajinikanth, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Renee Zellweger, Shivaji Bhosle, Steve Jobs, Uma Thurman, Brooke Shields, Rajiv Gandhi, and Karunanidhi.

Virgo Ascendant Traits and Influence Examined

When you examine the various personality traits a Virgo ascendant gives you, it's easier to understand its influence. You can capitalize on these characteristics to take advantage of Virgo's many gifts and energies.

Virgo Ascendant Traits and Influence