Moon in Aquarius Signs Are Thoughtful and Nurturing

Published February 26, 2020
Aquarius astrological sign

If your moon sign is in Aquarius, it means you're thoughtful and nurturing. The Aquarius moon brings many other attributes to your sun sign that can add depth and dimension to your life.

Moon Sign in Aquarius Gives Thoughtful and Nurturing Attributes

Aquarius is a gregarious zodiac sign. If your moon sign is in Aquarius, it bestows you with thoughtful and nurturing attributes that don't necessarily comes from the heart.

Mental Over Emotional

Aquarius moons believe too much emotion gets in the way of daily living. It's far easier to view people and situations from a more mental and logical perspective. It's easier to assess if someone is in need when their circumstances are analyzed.

Thoughtful Attributes

While Aquarius moons aren't going to expend a great deal of emotion, it doesn't mean they can't be nurturing and thoughtful. It's just that the motivation for giving that care is a combination of logic and emotion.

Aquarius Air Sign Traits

Mental and emotional balance allows Aquarius to be generous and caring without getting too emotionally involved. After all, Aquarius moons understand how bogged down emotions can become and stagnant movement and progress.

Aquarius Star Constellation

Aquarius Moon Effects on Your Personality

Aquarius is a fun-loving, adventurous sign. When your moon is in Aquarius, you are open to new experiences and enjoy engaging in social events as long as they are light-hearted and fun.

Live and Let Live Attitude

The moon in Aquarius brings a live and let live attitude that can enrich your life since this opens you to all types of friendships. Aquarius is a non-judgmental sign that appreciates the differences in others.

Inner Life

Perhaps the most prominent personality trait of an Aquarius moon is the rich inner life you enjoy. There is a mystique that surrounds this zodiac sign. You have an inner dialogue going on all the time about the mysteries of the world and beyond.

Moon in Aquarius Inspires Humanitarian

With the moon in Aquarius, you are prone to think of the big picture and how the world ills can be assuaged. This attribute inspires humanitarian desires and actions in you as a way to help others become independent like you.

Idealism and Humanitarian

This idealistic streak in Aquarius moons leads you to join groups you deem have a worthy universal cause. You may delve deeply into such organizations to ensure they are legit. If you discover they aren't all they advertise to be or misrepresent facts, you'll drop them and find another group that is worthy of your efforts.

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Moon in Aquarius Emotions

With your moon in Aquarius, it isn't a surprise that your emotional detachment allows you some advantages over more emotional signs. For example, during a crisis, you won't find Aquarius in a panic. Aquarius will most likely be the person who takes charge, organizes everything and helps others overcome their circumstances.

Petty Negative Emotions

For Aquarius, conflicts are viewed as petty and beneath them. Messy emotions are too chaotic and simply not very practical. You won't find Aquarius enmeshed in a scandal. Emotions like jealousy just aren't part of this sign's emotional depths.

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Deny Negative Emotions

That isn't to say Aquarius moon can't have petty emotions. They simply shove those feelings of jealousy, anger and other undesirable feelings down deep and refuse to acknowledge them. This denial keeps everything on an emotional even keel the way Aquarius moons need life to run.

Aquarius Moon Behavior

The moon in Aquarius may mean you aren't very attached to your emotions, but that doesn't mean you're unfeeling. If someone hurts your feelings, you probably won't engage in a discussion of how they made you feel. Instead, you'll simply pull away. Unfortunately, this type of denial can hurt friendships and even end them.

Cutting Friends Loose

If your friend's hurtful action was in criticism of you or something you did, you aren't going to forgive them. You will simply cut them out of your life and move on without a second thought about them. This kind of response often leaves friends bewildered and wondering what happened, since you didn't communicate anything with them.

Independent and Stubborn

A moon in Aquarius bestows a stubbornness and deep need for independence. This combination can make you extremely difficult to reason with or responsive to a compromise. You buck under anyone who attempts to place expectations on your behavior. If someone cannot accept who you are, then you have no place for them in your life.

Aquarius Moon Influences Relationships and Friendships

With the moon in Aquarius, you are an outstanding friend and have a broad spectrum of friends from all walks of life. You seem to collect friends and the more eclectic and odd they are, the more entertaining you find them.

Aquarius Moon Emotional Nature

Having a detached emotional nature, the moon in Aquarius means you're a people watcher. You enjoy seeing how other people act and react. Human nature fascinates Aquarius moons, in part because they aren't in touch with their own emotional selves.

Understanding the Human Psyche

Aquarius moons want to understand the human psyche and can spend their entire life as a student of human nature and still have questions. This moon placement means you are never quite one of the guys or one of the girls. You don't relate to others through your emotions. This can cut you off from some of the more human experiences.

Aquarius Moon in Love

The moon in Aquarius guides you to find love. You want to find someone who can understand you and not stand in judgement of your ideals and unconventional beliefs. You are drawn to energetic people who share similar ideals as you. There is an innate need for someone who can challenge you while also entertaining you.

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Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

You can find several moon signs that are compatible to Aquarius moon signs. The level of compatibility depends on the overall horoscopes, but matching moons is one way you can test your possible compatibility.

Aquarius Moon Compatibility With Other Moon Signs
Moon Signs Prominent Attributes Compatible/Incompatible
Aquarius Mental acuity, energetic, social Compatible, possible
Gemini Fun-loving, mental acuity, energetic, eclectic Compatible
Libra Humanitarian, mental acuity, laid-back Compatible
Leo Optimist, energetic, social Compatible
Aries Energetic, appreciates individuality, supportive Compatible
Sagittarius Independent, adventurous, social Compatible
Taurus Possessive, avoids change, emotional Incompatible
Virgo Practical, perfectionist, non-risk taker Incompatible
Capricorn Emotional, frugal, conventional Incompatible
Pisces Deeply emotional, home and family Incompatible
Cancer Very emotional, home and hearth Incompatible
Scorpio Emotionally intense, passionate Incompatible

Celebrities with Moon in Aquarius

You can see how the moon in Aquarius works when considering celebrities with the moon in Aquarius. A few examples include:

  • Marilyn Monroe was a Gemini sun sign with an Aquarius moon. This moon sign propelled Marilyn's need for freedom. The two air signs took her through several love relationships and marriages.
  • Princess Diana was an Aquarius sun sign with an Aquarius moon. Her humanitarian nature was very prominent with the work she undertook.
  • Bruce Willis is a Pisces sun sign with an Aquarius moon. The moon sign bestows an open mind and fun-loving attitude.
  • Russell Crowe is an Aries sun sign with an Aquarius moon. The moon sign fuels Crowe's passionate fiery nature and provides the desire to try new things and roles.

The Moon in Aquarius Is a Sign That's Caring and Varied

The moon in Aquarius brings a various personality and emotional traits to each sun sign. Thoughtfulness and nurturing qualities are just a few of these qualities.

Moon in Aquarius Signs Are Thoughtful and Nurturing