Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Libra Moms

Published July 18, 2018
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A Libra mom is a "sugar, spice and everything nice" mother. These moms don't sweat the small stuff, and they know how to relax and have fun with their children. How easy or difficult a time a child will have with this mom's laissez-faire style of mothering and the possible need to modify it to facilitate a child's developing sense of "self" can partially be seen in how Libra's sun sign compares to the sun sign of each child.

Common Traits of Libra Moms

A Libra mom is a freestyle mom whose greatest desire is that the children are happy, have all the best experiences, and are exposed to all the beauty life can offer. A Liba Mom:

  • Encourages kids to make decisions and think for themselves
  • Wants the children to have good manners and behave nicely
  • Is honest and straightforward and expects the same from the children
  • Teaches kids to be fair with others and to negotiate or walk away instead of fighting
  • Makes family time a relaxed and happy time
  • Never feels guilty about taking time for themselves or making time for friends
  • For good or for bad, often treats parenting with an air of levity

The most significant challenges as a Libra mom are being inconsistent and hating to say "no" to the kids when they want things.

Aries Children

Aries child riding a pedal car

An Aries child is physically active and scrappy kid who's likely to be a challenge for his "be nice and behave" Libra mom. An Aries kid never walks away or backs down from anything. This child is an independent thinker, but seldom thinks before acting or speaking. A conciliatory Libra mom loves when children think for themselves, but wants them to learn from their mistakes. Libra's a good-natured mom who will sit the Aries child down, explain that actions and words have consequences, and then encourage that child to be more thoughtful and more considerate of others.

Taurus Children

A Taurus child is a laid-back, loving, and cuddly child who has a self-indulgent streak and thrives on consistency. Like a Libra mom, this child is good-natured and friendly. A Taurus child is also an "I want" child who loves to accumulate stuff, and an "I want to make you happy" and "hate to say no" mom can be overly extravagant and spoil Taurus children by giving them everything they want. It's also important for Libra moms to remember that Taurus children need a parent they can depend on, so they will need to work on never making a promise that can't be kept and being decisive and consistent.

Gemini Children

A Libra mom is a freestyle mother who understands an independent, mischievousness Gemini child and is thrilled that child is such an active, friendly, funny, bright, and expressive young person. A Libra mom enjoys laughing and talking to a clever Gemini child, but is also adamant about honesty. When Libra moms ask about something, they want a straight answer, which is hard to get from a Gemini child who can create the perfect blend of imagination, half-truths, and supporting logic. A Libra mom's instinct is to laugh at the child's cleverness and nothing more. However, it's best if mom lets the child know the story wasn't convincing and then requires an explanation of what actually happened.

Cancer Children

A Libra mom is friendly and gregarious and loves to be out and about meeting new people and socializing with friends. On the other hand, a Cancer child is not comfortable in crowds, prefers the familiarity of home, and is shy of strangers. This child needs to be eased into social situations and given time to become more confident in unfamiliar company and surrounding. Additionally, a Cancer child requires a lot of loving and nurturing attention from a mom who is not the most nurturing of mothers. A Libra mom will have to anticipate, adjust, and make a few sacrifices for an emotionally sensitive Cancer child.

Leo Children

Enthusiastic, highly creative, chatty, and self-sufficient Leo children and an easy, breezy, creative, and talkative Libra moms are very compatible. Like Libra moms, Leo children are happy, cheerful, and always up for fun and laughter. However, these children can be bossy and are naturally wired to believe the world revolves around them. Libra moms are never harsh, will allow them some personal authority, and are always quick with praise. Plus, these moms are naturally wired to be cooperative and fair-minded and can teach children by example to be fair with others and to negotiate instead of demanding.

Virgo Children

A Virgo child is a practical, reserved, self-contained, modest, self-critical perfectionist. Virgo children are not as relaxed or as people-friendly as their Libra moms. They're picky children who tend to worry and need orderly routines. This is likely to be difficult for Libra moms because order and routine mean less to them than friendliness and positive feelings. However, Libra moms can be gentle, guiding forces in their Virgo children's lives. They can teach these children to relax and see the beauty that surrounds them and help them understand they're perfect as they are.

Libra Children

Libra child

Almost everything a Libra child needs is exemplified in a Libra mom. Like their moms, these children have outgoing, optimistic, people-pleasing natures. In order to please their moms, their instinct is to agree and not speak their minds or let their wants be known, and here's where the problem lies for Libra moms. It's easy for Libra moms to assume everything they want or ask for is okay with their children, but they need to teach their children to be more assertive in speaking up about what they want or how they feel. They can do this by simply being their straightforward selves. They should make it a point to always ask their children what they want or how they feel about any situation.

Scorpio Children

Scorpio children are strong-willed, passionate, incredibly emotional, and brooding kids. They're loners who are naturally suspicious and keep things to themselves. They can also behave in ways and have interests that make their Libra moms uncomfortable. Although Libra moms may have difficulty understanding their Scorpio children's interests and solemn natures, these moms should try to understand and accept that their children enjoy getting under people's skin by pushing boundaries and buttons just to see how they'll react. Libra moms should also realize they're the perfect people to provide their children with some fun and light relief from all their emotional intensity.

Sagittarius Children

Sagittarius children are as carefree and as people-friendly as their Libra moms, and their adventurous natures will add some spice to their moms' lives. Being freestyle moms, Sagittarian children will have few restrictions and will be able to explore all their interests, make mistakes, and learn. However, Sagittarian children are impulsive by nature and never stop to think before jumping in with both feet. Libra Moms, by contrast, weigh and analyze every decision. The best thing these moms can do for their children is slow them down and encourage them to look before they leap.

Capricorn child

Capricorn Children

Capricorn children are not light and carefree kids. They are serious, responsible, and dependable kids who can take care of themselves from a very early age. Libra moms want their children to be happy and won't have much trouble letting them be who they are. Plus, their Capricorn children's self-sufficient natures are fantastic for Libra moms because this gives them plenty of time for having fun and socializing with friends. Still, Libra moms should make sure they spend some time relaxing and having fun with these often stoic children.

Aquarius Children

Libra moms instinctively avoid rocking the boat, and that's what Aquarius children do best. Many of their choices, behaviors, and ideas are fresh and original. Some might even offend a Libra mom's delicate sensibilities. If that should happen, these moms should remember Aquarius children are born to push beyond conventional thoughts and modes of living. However, more often than not, these moms will be impressed with their children's inventive, experimental, and independent minds and want to hear every unusual or unique thought they have.

Pisces Children

Pisces children are some of the sweetest of kids. They're adaptable, trusting, shy, emotionally sensitive, and undemanding kids who are particularly empathetic to their moms. Libra moms complement their children's gentle, sweet natures. These moms' happy, optimistic and friendly personalities will both inspire their children and protect them from harshness and negativity. Pisces children tend to drift and can be easily swayed by their playmates. So as difficult as it might be for easy-breezy Libra moms, Pisces children need direction and boundaries. Moms needs to set some clear "family rules," make sure their Pisces kids know them, and then be gentle but firm and consistent in enforcing those rules.

Family Dynamics

If Libra parents know their own astrological makeup and understand their children's birth charts, they can honor the differences, stay true to themselves, and also facilitate their children's confidence in who they are. Mother and child sun sign comparisons only offer a small and incomplete beginning because astrological compatibility is certainly a more complicated issue than that. For a complete analysis, it's best to contact an astrologer who specializes in family dynamics.

Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Libra Moms