Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Virgo Moms

Published July 16, 2018
mom and children

A Virgo mom is a vigilant and observant mother who knows a great deal about her children's lives. How well a child can deal with her anxious, worrywart nature and how mom will need to adapt to what a specific child needs to build his confidence and self-esteem can be partially defined in mother/child sun sign compatibility.

Common Traits of Virgo Moms

A Vigo mom worries about her children and will do anything and everything to make sure they are safe, healthy, and happy. This mom will:

  • Make sure children have enough food to eat, but not so much they get fat
  • Deal with any physical ailment promptly. She also believes in the value of a good education, but she's not a stickler for rules
  • Let her child miss a day of school to catch up on their rest because proper rest is essential to her child's overall well-being
  • Make many sacrifices for her children and will teach and encourage them to be charitable to others

Her most significant weakness as a mother is her critical and anxious nature.

Aries Children

An Aries child is physically active, brash, and often reckless. A Virgo mom is cautious and reserved, but luckily, she's also adaptable. Still, an Aries child's disorderly behavior is likely to make her uneasy and drive her to distraction. Mom needs to be patient with him. Give him freedom within limits, keep him busy with sports and outdoor activities, and try not to be overly critical. An Aries child learns by doing, he strives for perfection, and hates to be criticised.

Taurus Children

A Taurus child is a laid back, self-indulgent child who can be stubborn when challenged, while a Virgo mom finds it hard to relax and enjoy herself. This seemingly lazy child is, in fact, a procrastinator who can put off anything and everything, until it can't be put off any longer, and even then she has no problem saying "good enough" and moving on to something more enjoyable.

laid back child

If a Virgo mom can adapt to her Taurus child's pace, she'll soon discover that behind her child's pleasure-seeking nature is a work ethic and a core set of values that rival her own.

Gemini Children

A Gemini child is a carefree and flighty child who is easily bored, while a Virgo mom is caught up in the details of daily life. However, they're both all about learning the smallest facts and details about everything. A Virgo mom is great at planning and that talent will keep her Gemini child busy and out of mischief. Schedule time for entertaining books, puzzles, and games, as well as lots of playtimes with friends, and activities that challenge his mind. A Vigo mom's penchant for planning can be a grounding influence in her Gemini child's cheerfully chaotic existence.

Cancer Children

A sensitive Cancer child needs to feel emotionally secure, but a Virgo mom is somewhat reserved and not overly nurturing. A Virgo mom needs to handle this child with care. She needs to pay particular attention that she gives her Cancer child plenty of hugs, cuddles, and nurturing. Both mom and child are cautious, and a Virgo mom's penchant for worrying can exacerbate her Cancer child's fearful nature. As much as possible, Virgo mom needs to be relaxed and confident when she mothers her Cancer child.

Leo Children

A Leo child is as warm and expressive where a Virgo mom is cautious and reserved. While mom tends to be somewhat aloof, especially with strangers, a Leo child wants to be front and center and has never met a stranger. A Virgo mom adapts by making room for plenty of parties and playdates for her child. Her bright, courageous Leo child loves to be praised but has a sensitive side and doesn't handle criticism well. A Virgo mom should take care when disciplining him so she doesn't hurt his pride and make sure he understands her unconditional love.

Virgo Children

Like her Virgo mom, a Virgo child is practical, reserved, and self-contained. She tends to hang back from unfamiliar situations and thrives with routines. Mom's good at setting routines and a Virgo child is good at following them. A Virgo mom needs to check her overly critical tendency if this child falls short of her expectations. A Virgo child is good at taking advice but finding fault is one Virgo habit mom should try not to pass on. A Virgo child needs to learn there is such a thing as "good enough."

Libra Children

A Libra child is a sweet, easy-going, cooperative, optimistic, and outgoing child. A Virgo mom tends to be reserved, methodical, and cautious. A Libra child is well-mannered, thoughtful and sociable. He's a people pleaser, so he'll willingly follow her routines and do anything she asks without a fight; mom will love this. However, a Virgo mom needs to validate her Libra child's outgoing social nature by overcoming her caution and allowing him to be the friendly people person he is. Mom could learn a thing or two about being more outgoing and cooperative.

Scorpio Children

A Scorpio child is an enigma. She can be affectionate and loving one minute and aloof and willful the next. A Virgo mom is emotionally reserved and won't be ruffled by her child's emotional extremes or willful nature. She will analyze what's happening and calmly reason with her child.

pensive child

Mom is observant, cautious, reliable, and a master at creating order and routine. This is reassuring to a Scorpio child who harbors fears and insecurities and needs certainty in everything. It's a Virgo mom's naturally cautious, orderly nature that provides what her Scorpio child needs to feel loved and protected.

Sagittarius Children

A Sagittarius child is undoubtedly more carefree and adventurous than his Virgo mom, and she'll have many nervous moments dealing with him. While mom is cautious and analyzes new situations, her Sagittarian child is full speed ahead. A Virgo mom is going to have to take some calculated risks and occasionally give him the freedom he needs. He'll make mistakes, but she shouldn't be too critical because that's how he learns. It's best for mom to be a little more hands-off with her Sagittarian child and give him her support and encouragement.

Capricorn Children

A Capricorn child is a responsible child who acts older than her years. A Virgo mom appreciates her Capricorn child's sensible behavior and is relieved that she needn't worry about this child because she can and will take care of herself. The only problem is they're both a bit too serious. A Virgo mom will need to go against nature to make sure her child's life includes some carefree laughter and childlike fun. Of course, helping her child relax, take life less seriously, and have some fun will be a win-win because mom will have to push herself to do the same.

Aquarius Children

A Virgo mom is likely to have a difficult time understanding her Aquarius child. She's a practical, analytical mom who busies herself with mundane tasks. An Aquarius child is independent, attracted to everything unusual, unique and futuristic. He's inventive and experimental, while mom's bottom line is: does it work and is it practical? An Aquarius child has an independent mind and isn't a kid who'll let mom's caution or criticism stop him. A Virgo mom needs to let go of her doubts, and encourage him to think for himself and test things out.

Pisces Children

A Pisces child is a sweet, compassionate and empathetic child, who's an idealistic dreamer. A Virgo mom is grounded in the real world, is practical, always busy, and has set routines. A Pisces child's penchant for dreaming and dawdling is likely to annoy a Virgo mom. However, mom should never be overly demanding or critical of her Pisces child.

child dreaming

Virgo moms should to adapt to their children's inattentive nature, not be too fussy about their routines, and gently teach children to pay attention. On the plus side, mom is charitable and wants to do for others, and this allows her to understand her Pisces child's compassionate nature.

The Sun Represents the Self

Parent and child astrological compatibility involves much more than sun signs. However, the astrological sun represents the "self". Children need their parents to validate and support their sun sign energy, so they will know it's ok to be who they are. Sun sign comparisons can guide a mother on how to modify her self in such a way that facilitates her child's growing sense of self.

Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Virgo Moms