Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Aries Moms

Published July 10, 2018
Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility

An Aries mom strives to be the best at everything she does, and that includes raising amazing children. She wants to be the mother of champions and will push her kids to be best they can be. How easy or difficult that will be can be seen in mother and child astrological sun sign compatibility.

Aries Mom

An Aries mom is a born leader. She not a cuddly mother but can be her child's protector, friend, playmate, and cheerleader. She's a mom that's gifted in building her children's confidence, encouraging their independence, and inspiring them to follow their dreams. She won't be super attentive, and she will be tough and demanding, sometimes doing it with an impatient "just do it" or "because I said so" bluntness.

Aries Children

Like their mother, an Aries child is active, alert, and energetic, with a high level of impatience, a strong will, quick temper, and plenty of energy. Even as infants these kids love to be on the go. As toddlers, an Aries mom will delight in their fearless inquisitiveness. She'll be thrilled she can happily strap these kids on, take them wherever she goes, and both will be happy. As they get older, the more they'll want to do things for themselves and the more they'll rebel against being told what to do and how to do it. For an Aries mom, their budding independence can be both a joy and a challenge. She appreciates and is proud of their courage, boldness, and independent spirit, by she still must find a way guide and protect.

Taurus Children

Taurus Child

Taurus children are placid, easy going, and operate at a different speed than their Aries mom. When the child is an infant or toddler, Aries mom might even believe she is slow to develop. Unlike their mom, Taurus kids don't need constant activity or excitement; they need predictable routines. When older, they can't be pushed and rushed or they'll stubbornly balk but lucky for mom, they can be bribed. This slow-motion child will challenge a spirited, impulsive Aries mom's patience, which can create constant stress for both. An Aries mom must handle this child with care, go at their speed, support them, and give them loads of love and encouragement.

Gemini Children

An Aries mom is blessed with a Gemini child. As an infant, a Gemini is animated and loves to be carried around and taken different places. They often talk early, so even as toddlers are already curious and asking "why?" Older Gemini children are independent, talkative, friendly, comic, and always up to something. To this child, freedom is everything, and they can become angry and moody if their freedom is limited. So, while an Aries mother might enjoy and participate in the antics, she'll often need to be firm with this child. Still, an Aries mom is likely to give her Gemini child freer rein than other mothers.

Cancer Children

Cancer children love their mom; she will always be the most important person in their lives. They are emotionally sensitive and tenderhearted children that can quickly become overwhelmed by noisy, chaotic situations and harsh words. They need privacy, feel safest in familiar places, and prefer home over anyplace else. As infants, they tend to cry a lot. As toddlers, they're clingy. A Cancer child's needy, moody nature does not change much as they get older, and it can frustrate an Aries mom who's always upbeat and not a natural homemaker or caregiver. Yes, a Cancer child can be a challenge for an Aries mom, who will have to make sacrifices. On the plus side, a Cancer child with and Aries mom will learn to be independent.

Leo Children

Leo Child

A Leo child is warm and affectionate but also bossy, stubborn, and dramatic. They are high-maintenance kids who are creative, sensitive, proud, and need a lot of personal praise. As infants, they use histrionics to draw the individual attention they need. As toddlers, they are bright, entertaining, generous, bossy, and a joy to an Aries mom. Like their mom, they are unwilling to accept failure but unlike mom, they need accolades and awards to prove they are the best. An Aries mom should just enjoy and give praise to her happy, playful, competitive child and not put too much emphasis on winning. Leo kids are naturally wired to compete and be number one.

Virgo Children

A Virgo child is a serious, reserved, cautious child who is always helpful and generous. As infants, they're peaceful and undemanding as long as they're kept clean, warm, dry, and well-fed. As toddlers, they are shy and won't be particularly adventurous but will be curious and ask questions. As they get older, an Aries mom might seem a little intimidating to this modest and quiet child, but she will also be their exciting hero. Yes, an Aries mom might sometimes feel her Virgo child is overly earnest and a bit picky, but she'll have a more relaxed relationship with this child if she lets them take things at their own cautious and meticulous pace.

Libra Children

Libra children are loving, peaceful, social, and mild-mannered. An Aries mom is high spirited, competitive, and always up for a fight. However, Libra children can and will stick up for themselves, and an Aries mother is just the mom to show them how. They are tranquil infants who like being around others and often need more cuddles and closeness than in an Aries mom's nature to give. They verbalize early and as toddlers are happiest playing with other kids. As they grow older, they're charming and communicative nature surrounds them with friends. At this age mom should remember they are far more concerned about what others think than she is. An Aries mom will have to teach them to make decisions and inspire their self-confidence and independence.

Scorpio Children

Scorpio children are deeply sensitive, innately suspicious, intense, stubborn, and emotional. Like their Aries mom, they're fighters with strong personalities, so there will be power struggles. As infants, they need privacy and a protective environment. As toddlers, they'll appear sulky, have an increased need for privacy, and need reassurance that everything is okay. They aren't quick to interact with strangers and can be possessive of their mother. Scorpio kids hide what they're feeling. When upset, they can appear unfazed and react only later. Which can be frustrating for an open, upfront, and friendly Aries mom. Scorpio children are complicated and will require a lot of love, attention, and understanding.

Sagittarius Children

Sagittarius kids are open, carefree, adventurous, straightforward, and funny. As infants and toddlers, they smile and laugh when happy and cry loudly when upset. They enjoy being taken to new places and have little difficulty leaving their freedom-loving Aries mom behind. Sagittarius kids are cheerful, adaptable, and happiest in environments that are filled with people and laughter. By school age, they have loads of friends and are always involved and on the move. As much as an Aries mom enjoys their enthusiasm for life and encourages it, Sagittarius kids are reckless, often need to be corralled, and an Aries mom is the perfect mom to do this.

Capricorn Children

A Capricorn child is a planner who seems to be born knowing all about rules, boundaries, and limits, but knows little about having fun. As an infant, they're not cuddly and seldom cry. As a toddler and young child, they're well-behaved, and mom will have to encourage them to play. By school age, Capricorn children can take care of themselves and often willingly parent siblings. As tempting as it might be for an Aries mom to let them "just do it," she shouldn't allow them. Capricorn kids don't need a tough mom, they are tough on themselves. They need a mom that lets them be themselves while teaching them to play and have fun, and an Aries mom has that easily covered.

Aquarius Children

Aquarius Child

An Aquarius child and Aries mom both have an unpredictable, dynamic, and free-thinking style. Aquarian children are quirky, uninhibited, experimental daredevils. As infants and toddlers, they find change exciting and need an open environment. Even when young, they're quite independent and don't mind being away from mom, which is convenient for a mom who has so many other interests. Aquarian children are not emotional; they are the whiz kids who have unique ideas and enjoy being around others of equal intelligence. They're stubborn and prone to exploring life on their own terms. An Aries mom only needs to safeguard and guide this child through life, watch, and enjoy.

Pisces Children

Pisces children are adaptable, trusting, shy, emotionally sensitive to others, and devoted to mom. As infants, they are soft and cuddly, but delicate and vulnerable to the moods and emotions around them. As toddlers and young kids, they may fear strangers and cling to mom. Pisces children are intuitive, artistic, dreamy, and very impressionable. They bear little resemblance to their confident and independent Aries mom. An Aries mom will have to praise, support, and soften her touch with a Pisces child. On a more positive note, an Aries mom is protective and has a naturally confident, energetic, and happy approach to life, which a Pisces child will benefit from.

Not You or Your Child?

If you've read what's above and this doesn't sound like you and your child, keep in mind this includes only sun sign comparisons. The sun shines its light on the everything in your horoscope, but horoscopes are as complex as individuals and a mother /child compatibility reading by a professional astrologer are much more complicated that sun signs only.

Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Aries Moms