North Node in Pisces: Openness and Imagination

Published July 15, 2020
North Node in Pisces

The north node in Pisces challenges you to embrace your emotions with an openness that simultaneously sets your imagination free. In a past life, you restricted your emotions with a rigidity that stifled your spirituality.

North Node in Pisces Challenges

The north node Pisces must face several challenges placed before you by a south node in Virgo. A pair of fish swimming in the opposite directions is the zodiac symbol for Pisces. When the two fish are in sync, Pisces enjoys a balanced life. However, the south node Virgo is a taskmaster from a past life that can either obstruct or aid Pisces in finding that balance.

Karma of Past Life

The south node in Virgo reveals a past life spent in search of perfection. This made you overly critical of others as well as yourself. You embraced a life of rules and regulations, never deviating from them. The negative restrictions of your past life were due to the attributes of the zodiac sign Virgo being taken to the extreme.

Derailed Soul Growth

You were constantly disappointed in your past life since your standards were so strict they were impossible for you or anyone else to live up to. You were obsessed with hygiene and cleanliness and possibly worked in a medical profession or as a housekeeper/servant.

Spiritual Mission for North Node Pisces

The soul mission for the north node in Pisces is to practice freedom from rigid rules and allow yourself to make mistakes. In the past life, you worried and feared making the slightest mistake. This might tie back to your profession where lives depended on you being perfect.

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Learning Self-Forgiveness

A north node in Pisces can teach you how to forgive yourself when you fail to be perfect. Once you recognize that it's through making mistakes that you learn, you can begin to forgive yourself. You also need to practice forgiving others when they fail to meet your expectations. By lowering your strict expectations, you free yourself and those close to you to enjoy life.

Dreamy World of Pisces

A north node in Pisces gives you the strength and desire to break free of past life limitations so you can delve into the depths of your dreamland imagination. Pisces is known for psychic abilities and the ability to perceive both this world and other worlds beyond the veil of forgetfulness.

Gaining a New Perspective

Exploring different worlds gives you a new perspective about life and your spiritual nature that contrasts sharply with your past life. Use your honed skill of laser-sharp focus to bring different realities into your earthly expression through the Arts. This skill set allows you to develop your spirituality and begin to grow once more.

Calming Worries and Fears

Pisces is a water sign that symbolizes emotions while Virgo is an earth sign that isn't flexible or giving. You can use the stability of the south node Virgo to calm the worries and fears often found in Pisces. You can let your past life of discipline provide a framework for Pisces to take form, yet control the Virgo attributes.

Pisces Love and Acceptance

Pisces is a compassionate and loving sign that accepts others at face value. This makes the fish very nurturing. You soon discover that by allowing yourself to be vulnerable to love, you open new pathways to a higher dimension of spirituality.

Learning to Trust

As part of your soul mission with a north node Pisces, one of your biggest challenges is learning to trust. This encompasses not only trusting yourself but also trusting other people, especially in a romantic relationship where you're the most vulnerable emotionally.

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Being in Control

You don't like being out of control, thanks to the leftover Virgo need to control in order to create perfection. You can overpower that innate desire with through the loving and compassionate nature of your north node Pisces.

Discovering Self With a North Node Pisces

Self-discovery is a depthless adventure for a north node in Pisces. By tempering the disciplines your past life gave you and blending with the emotional nature of Pisces, you can rise to new spiritual heights.

North Node in Pisces: Openness and Imagination