Are Capricorns Stubborn? Everything You Need to Know About This Trait

Capricorns work diligently to meet their goals and attain success and financial well being. But are they stubborn? They can be.

Updated December 21, 2022
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Capricorn often gets a bad rap. Some say Capricorns are stubborn, cold, unemotional, money hungry, and much more. Still, Capricorns are the most determined and hardest workers of the zodiac. But are Capricorns stubborn? In a way, they are. They have long-term goals and are stubbornly determined to overcome whatever stands in their way.

Are Capricorns Stubborn?

Stubborn has several definitions, some with negative connotations and others more positive. Still, when you say a person is stubborn, it often means they're bullheaded, but that honor goes to fixed earth, Taurus. Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign, is ambitious and actively climbs toward worldly success.

If you define stubborn as determined, perseverant, disciplined, and self-controlled, then yes, Capricorns are uncompromisingly stubborn regarding their own self-interest. On the other hand, if a person has earned their respect, they can be open-minded and willing to change and adapt to what the other wants.

The Pros and Cons of Capricorn's Stubbornness

There's always a positive and negative side to any zodiac sign, and Capricorn is no different. Capricorns are master planners who have their eyes on the prize. Still, if they take their ambition and determination to the extreme, they can become dogged and relentless in their pursuit of success. Yes, there are pros and cons to a Capricorn's stubborn determination to succeed against all odds.

Career Success

Capricorn is ambitious, practical, driven, and hardworking. Whatever career they choose, they're determined to climb the ladder of success.

  • The Pro: Capricorn's determination to succeed ensures they seldom fail to reach all their goals. This streak of stubborn determination drives Capricorn to be a hard worker who is a great provider.
  • The Con: However, if, in their stubbornness to be successful, they take their career ambitions to the extreme, they can become workaholics, with burnout lurking just around the corner.

Home and Family

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Capricorns want to have a successful home and family life, and their determination to succeed gives them a sense of obligation and responsibility for their family.

  • The Pro: Capricorns are fiercely loyal and have an innate need to provide for their loved ones. They'll do whatever is necessary to see their loved ones have everything they need.
  • The Con: When a Capricorn's determination to provide stokes their workaholic tendencies, they often miss the delights of home, family, and friends.


Capricorns take their commitments seriously. When they commit to something or someone, they are all in and will do whatever it takes to be successful in their obligations.

  • The Pro: Whether it's in their career or their relationships, they're fully committed, loyal, stay on track, and always do what must be done.
  • The Con: Change is difficult for a Capricorn, especially if it's something or someone to which they've become accustomed. Even if the job or relationship is not as good as it started off and no longer what they want, they remain stubbornly committed - often to their own disadvantage.

Diligence and Responsibility

Capricorns are known for their no-nonsense attitude. They're diligent, responsible, trustworthy, and won't ever give up.

  • The Pro: Capricorns are always there for their friends and family, are never late, and always pay their bills on time.
  • The Con: Taken to the extreme, they'll also stubbornly hold others to their own incredibly (sometimes impossibly) high standards. When Capricorns take their no-nonsense attitude to the extreme, it can become impossible to live or work with them.

Career and Success and Financial Stability

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Capricorns desire financial stability, and they tend to make money in their need to succeed. Capricorns seldom risk the security that money provides.

  • The Pro: They are good money managers, practical in their wants and needs, and good at saving for the future. They make the most out of what the material world offers.
  • The Con: In their stubborn need for financial security, a Capricorn can turn into a control freak about finances. If others don't follow Capricorn's idea of financial health and how they use money to run a business or household, they'll quickly feel Capricorn's wrath.

Examining the Pros and Cons Found in Capricorn's Stubbornness

Capricorns are not so much stubborn as self-interested. They make all their moves with success in mind. We can consider them stubborn in reaching for more, demanding better, and expecting excellence. And if these attributes aren't taken to the extreme, they can endear a Capricorn to their co-workers, friends, and family.

Are Capricorns Stubborn? Everything You Need to Know About This Trait