Sagittarius Animal Sign and Meaning in Astrology

Updated November 14, 2022
Sagittarius glyph and the centaur/archer

The Sagittarius animal sign, the Archer, is more than just a guy with a bow and arrow. It's represented by the mythical centaur, a creature featured in Greek mythology that has a human head, torso, and arms joined to a horse's body. But it's more than just a symbol, because the myths about the centaur reveal the diverse characteristics of the astrological sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Animal Sign and Meaning of the Archer Centaur

The Sagittarius constellation is interpreted as a centaur with a bow and arrow pointed upward and aimed toward Antares, the ruby red star at the heart of the zodiacal constellation, Scorpio. According to Greek mythology, Zeus placed the wise centaur Chiron amongst the stars, as the constellation Sagittarius. The Sagittarius animal sign symbolizes shooting for the stars and humanity's need to aim for higher truths, wisdom, knowledge, and experience.

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Centaurs in Greek Mythology

Centaurs are one of the most recognizable creatures in Greek Mythology. Even now, they are familiar characters in fantasy fiction, including Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Percy Jackson & the Olympians novels. The Greek centaur myths reveal the dichotomy and complexity of the astrological sign Sagittarius.

You can compare Sagittarius's traits to those of the centaurs. The wise centaur, Chiron, embodies the more intelligent, visionary, artistic, and philosophical qualities of the Sagittarius personality. The wild centaurs represent Sagittarius's unruly and wild side that can't be corralled.

Centaur statue

Sagittarius Wise Centaur Traits

Chiron was a wise and helpful centaur. He was the son of the Greek god Cronus and, therefore, immortal. He was abandoned while young, and he came under the mentorship of Artemis and her twin brother Apollo. Under their tutelage, Chiron grew just, wise, and skilled in medicine, music, archery, hunting, prophecy, law, and philosophy. Chiron was also a tutor and advisor to heroes like Hercules, Achilles, and Jason. Sagittarians embody these traits.

Truth Seeker and Philosopher

Chiron was wise, clear-sighted, and had a unique and philosophical view of the world. Chiron was observant, perceptive, and attuned to his intuitive senses. Similarly, Sagittarius is intelligent, has excellent perception, and can immediately unmask people and situations. Sagittarians are seekers of truth.

Student and Teacher

While young, Chiron was tutored in many disciplines and became a mentor and teacher to others. Sagittarians have a thirst for knowledge and know a great deal about many things - from politics, geopolitics, business, and current event, to metaphysics and religion. Sagittarians have a passion for gathering and spreading knowledge and wisdom.

Idealistic and Altruistic

Chiron, whose father was a god, was born to serve a higher purpose than the wild centaurs. He was the enlightened Archer, grounded in earthy pragmatism and aiming for the stars. Sagittarius exemplifies the idealistic and altruistic nature of Chiron, the wise centaur.

Sagittarius Wild Centaur Traits

According to Greek mythology, the half-human and half-horse wild centaurs led an unruly life. They had insatiable passions and were well known for their drunken behavior. This wildness also shows up in Sagittarius personality traits.

Marble statue of Centaur Nessus kidnapping Deianira


The wild centaur represents the Sagittarian trait of galloping with wild abandon toward new adventures. It also reveals the rawness and animalistic nature of Sagittarius.

Freedom Oriented

Wild centaurs roamed freely and were unrestrained. Their wanderlust ran deep, and they were untrainable. The wild centaur lives in Sagittarius's need to roam and their defiance of being tied down physically or mentally. Sagittarians need freedom and hate being held back or confined.

Self Driven

The wild centaurs were self possessed and self motivated. Sagittarians also value their autonomy and individuality. They are self motivated and don't rely on rules, restrictions, or the support of others.

Physically Resilient

Wild centaurs were quick to act and physically able to meet challenges and explore more territories. Sagittarians, too, are fast and maintain peak physical conditioning so they can keep moving and meet any challenge head-on.


Like the wild centaurs, Sagittarius is an oddity that's challenging to categorize. Sagittarius redefines social expectations, stands out from the crowd, and takes pride in their ability to shock and awe others.


Wild centaurs had an intense and active internal drive that compelled them to act impulsively. Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign, is built on action. A Sagittarian may seem calm and collected at times, but they're full of fire and ready to take action on their wants, desires, and ambitions at a moment's notice.

Highly Sexual

The wild centaurs were sexually aggressive, promiscuous, and had a lustful reputation. Sagittarius is an active and fiery sign, which makes them highly sexual. Sagittarians place a lot of emphasis on their sex life.

Self Centered

People often view Sagittarians as friendly, cheerful, and lucky, but they share some of the wild centaur's negative shortcomings. They suffer from impulsive instincts that often result in irresponsibility, dishonesty, abrasiveness, and overall self centeredness.

Sagittarius Arrow Glyph

The Sagittarius glyph is a cross with an arrow pointed upward toward the stars. In astrology, the cross symbolizes matter, and the arrow is the symbolic bridge between heaven and earth. Arrows commonly signify courage, forward movement, mobility, and a willingness to set higher goals than a physical experience, and these are all notable Sagittarian qualities.

Sagittarius Arrow Glyph

Learning About the Sagittarius Animal Sign

Sagittarius is a complex zodiac sign appropriately represented by the centaur aiming its bow and arrow. Learning about the Sagittarius animal sign and its meaning in astrology can help you better understand why the archer centaur is the animal that symbolizes Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Animal Sign and Meaning in Astrology