Which Small Pet Is Your Zodiac Sign?

Published July 19, 2022
Side view of girl embracing dog while kneeling on grassy field at forest

Each of the 12 zodiac signs is represented by many things. Among those are symbols, personality traits, and even animals. Just to mix things up a bit and have some fun, try imagining that each zodiac sign is represented by a pet. What pet would each astrological sign be?

Aries - Ferret

Close-Up Of Ferret On Field

If a ferret was a zodiac sign, it would be an Aries. Ferrets, like Aries, are high energy, bold, and ambitious, with a cheerful attitude. They're easily bored, ready for anything, and generally run, tumble, and skid across the floor. They're fun but have a temper and are known to nip when upset.

Taurus - Tortoise

Yellow-footed tortoise crosses a footpath

If a tortoise was a zodiac sign, it would be a Taurus. A tortoise, like Taurus, stubbornly moves at its own slow and steady pace and does things in its own time. They're low maintenance, have a calm and gentle demeanor, and should be handled with TLC.

Gemini - Parrot

Landscape view of bird on branch

If a parrot was a zodiac sign, it would be Gemini. A parrot, like Gemini, is playful and quick-witted. They're also curious to learn more and are surprisingly intelligent. Parrots have the gift of gab, but they also have big mouths and can chatter away about things you might not want others to hear.

Cancer - Miniature Pig

Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig Having Stomach Tickled

If a miniature pig was a zodiac sign, it would be Cancer. Pigs, like Cancer, are affectionate animals that enjoy family. A pig's emotional expression resembles Cancer's more than any other animal. The tone of their squeal or grunt will change when it's happy or sad, and they're known to cry when sad and zoom all over when excited or happy.

Leo - Guinea Pig

guinea pig

If a guinea pig was an astrology sign, it would be Leo. Like Leo, guinea pigs have charming, expressive personalities, and they're social, affectionate, and playful. A guinea pig likes to be the center of attention and needs dedicated love and petting.

Virgo - Dog

Samoyed dog standing on rock in autumn park

If a dog were a zodiac sign, it would be a Virgo. Dogs, like Virgo, are gentle, kind, and supportive. They find comfort in daily routines and make great companions and helpers. Virgo is associated with service to others, and service dogs play a vital role in the lives of people with disabilities.

Libra - Lovebird

Two peace-faced lovebird

If a lovebird was a zodiac sign, it would be a Libra. A lovebird, like Libra, requires a great deal of attention and affection. Lovebirds like to be kept in pairs and find meaning and harmony in partnerships. Their also inquisitive and seem to always be on the go. As their name suggests, lovebirds are known for the loving, attentive bond they tend to form with their mates.

Scorpio - Lizard

Close-up of common wall lizard on wood

If a lizard was an astrology sign, it would be Scorpio. Lizards, like Scorpio, are thinkers who enjoy alone time. They're watchful, suspicious, standoffish, reticent, and still when accessing a situation. If they don't like a situation, they quickly skitter away.

Sagittarius - Chicken

Chicken and a Happy Child together on a Leather Sofa in a Sunny Domestic Room

If a chicken were a zodiac sign, it would be Sagittarius. Chickens, like a Sagittarius, are very social, loud, chatty, and seldom boring. Few pets can make a scene like a chicken. From their loud vocals in the morning to their clucking throughout the day, chickens attract the attention of everyone who crosses their path.

Capricorn - Rabbit

Little rabbit in green grass

If a rabbit was a zodiac sign, it would be Capricorn. Like Capricorn, rabbits expand their wisdom and knowledge of the world around them as they quietly survey their immediate environment. They have quiet natures and can be stressed easily. Some are more aloof than others, but generally, rabbits don't like being held or picked up.

Aquarius - Hedgehog

Cute hedgehog

If a hedgehog was a zodiac sign, it would be Aquarius. Hedgehogs are adorable but weird little creatures with brush-like spikes. Like Aquarius, they don't crave attention and are not cuddlers. Still, they require at least a bit of affection, even if they don't show it.

Pisces - Fish

Clown fish

It should be no surprise that if a fish was a zodiac sign, it would be Pisces. Like Pisces, fish take an intuitive approach to life and trust their natural instincts. They enjoy freedom in their ethereal, watery paradise. Still, like Pisces, fish are sensitive and don't feel comfortable unless they have a place or two where they can hide away.

Small Pet Personalities

Knowing what astrological sign your pet might be gives you a new perspective on their personality. It can also be fun to ask individuals about the small pets they've had, then connect the dots astrologically.

Which Small Pet Is Your Zodiac Sign?