Taurus Animal Sign and Significance

Published February 27, 2020
Taurus astrological sign

The Taurus animal sign and significance of its impact on individuals born under this sign are often measured by personality traits and characteristics.

Taurus Animal Sign and Significance in Mythology

The Latin word for bull is Taurus. The Greek myth surrounding this zodiac symbol is about Zeus transforming into a bull and carrying Europa to Crete on his back. Ensconced on the island, the couple had three sons. Zeus created the Taurus constellation to pay tribute to the bull.

Taurus Glyph and Symbolism

The Taurus glyph represents the bull's head. The glyph features the bull's horns always curved instead of being straight. Many of the descriptions of the Taurus symbol compare the circle of the bull's head to a full moon. The curving horns are also described as taking on the shape of a moon crescent.

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Taurus Animal Sign Characteristics

In keeping with the mythological story of the bull, the characteristics found in the Taurus zodiac sign. These include an abiding appreciation for beauty, art and the sensuality of the physical and material.

Traits of the Bull

The traits of this animal sign are also imbues in those born under the Taurus sign. The bull's power and strength are steadfast in Taurus. The ability to work hard with a diligent purpose allows Taurus to always get the job done.

Taurus astrological sign

Strength of Leadership

Taurus can be stubborn like a bull that rules over the pasture. This gives the bull a strength of character, especially when faced with challenges. That same bull is also very dependable and is always present in the pasture to protect and lead the herd.

Taurus as a Leader

Taurus has a good business acumen that is supported by a self-confidence, logical thinking and undying determination. This natural born leader sometimes forgets that others have much to contribute and needs to listen to other people's ideas more often and consider different perspectives.

Learning to Accept Change

As an earth sign, Taurus doesn't adjust easily to change. This can present problems when changes are necessary, and the bull stubbornly resists. However, when changes occur, the bull strives to provide stability and security to those affected.

Sensual Nature of Taurus

With Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, ruling Taurus, it's no wonder the bull has a great appreciation for a finer and more luxurious lifestyle. For Taurus, this sensuality is usually expressed with material possessions.

Taurus and Materialism

Taurus's sensual nature appreciates art and all types of sophisticated elegance. This can range from the choice of home and home furnishings to personal belongings. For Taurus, materialism is part of the physical manifestation of spiritual energy and prized for the sensual pleasures it brings.

Astrological sign of Taurus

Taurus' Interactions With Others

Taurus is a loyal friend when treated fairly. A congenial host, Taurus knows how to entertain in style. As a fellow worker, Taurus doesn't blindly follow since the bull has their own ideas on how things should be done.

How Not to Treat Taurus

Taurus's temperament is fairly even keeled unless challenged. However, you don't want to make unreasonable demands or challenges. If you attempt to force the bull to go against their personal code of honor or ethics, Taurus will release their fury full force without concern of the consequences.

Bull Reactions to Situations

The bull isn't shy about showing disdain or irritation. When Taurus is upset or impatient, you will quickly see the bull animal come out. This can include pacing accompanied by a few choice words or grunting/snorting sounds.

Blunt Honesty

While Taurus has excellent social skills, the bull simply doesn't tolerate ignorance or incorrect assumptions. If you state something that Taurus knows is inaccurate, you'll quickly be corrected. The bull may even suggest that you educate yourself solely as a favor to yourself, so as not to embarrass yourself again.

Love and Romance for Taurus

Taurus wants it all when it comes to love and romance. Like all earth signs, Taurus needs a hearth and home. This means a family that Taurus can love, nurture and protect. Taurus is going to be the dominant force in a romantic relationship just by the sheer nature of the bull.

Committing to a Taurus Lover

If you cannot tolerate a powerful mate that might not be good at compromising or if you can't hold your own in a power skirmish, then don't commit to Taurus. The bull is a loyal and faithful partner and seeks to set roots. Taurus wants a mate to share life, so be sure you have the same goals and dreams before committing to a Taurus lover.

Taurus Animal Sign and Significance to Individuals

If your zodiac sign is Taurus, your animal sign is the bull. This is significant to any individual wishing to understand the various traits associated with Taurus.

Taurus Animal Sign and Significance