Taurus and Aquarius Friendship: Strengths & Challenges

Published June 12, 2020
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A Taurus and Aquarius friendship isn't an easy one; it has some shared strengths and plenty of challenges. These two signs aren't naturally attracted to each other and if they do become friends, it will be from a place of mutual respect for the other's talents and abilities.

Taurus and Aquarius Friendship Based on Appreciation of Strengths

Aquarius appreciates the bull's determination and recognizes it is an important attribute both signs share and is imperative for success. Taurus appreciates the sheer genius of Aquarius and status as an expert in their chosen career. They share an appreciation for creativity and originality.

Finding Common Ground

Aquarius tackles problems with a finesse that fascinates Taurus. Aquarius is always focused on what comes next while Taurus is focused on existing frameworks. This combo can work if Taurus listens to the water bearer's innovative ideas, so the bull can then implement them to bring into reality.

Why Is Aquarius So Attracted to Taurus?

Taurus and Aquarius are initially attracted to each other because they are opposites. They have a different set of ideals and philosophies on life that are at first intriguing.

Challenges a Taurus and Aquarius Friendship Faces

Taurus and Aquarius are both very independent souls. Neither likes to be corralled or told what to do. However, these two signs have opposing viewpoints about life, work and play that eventually get in the way of a close friendship.

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Focuses on the Present or the Future

The future captivates Aquarius, while Taurus lives in the present, sometimes the past. Aquarius desires to improve existing structures and systems, while Taurus doesn't like change and desires to maintain and keep the status quo.

Opposite Desires Present Major Challenges

To Taurus, Aquarius appears impulsive, unpredictable and far from the mainstream of social mores and traditions that Taurus finds reassuring and safe. Aquarius views Taurus as slow to act, sometimes a stick-in-the-mud and far too traditional. The bull wants security and safety. Aquarius wants adventure and change. Taurus desires an emotional bond that Aquarius will most likely find too restrictive and even suffocating. The bull can become possessive and this attribute will alienate Aquarius.

Elements of Aquarius Taurus Friendship

The best way to understand the sharp contrasts between Taurus and Aquarius is through their elements. Taurus is an earth sign and Aquarius is an air sign. You can examine how these two elements act and react to each other.

Taurus Is an Earth Sign

As an earth sign, Taurus is stable and mostly unmovable until something major happens to shake up Taurus's life, like an earthquake or mudslide forcing the earth to move. Taurus has their comfort zone that is their turf. It's familiar and comfy, so Taurus doesn't really want to budge once settled in, be it a job, a home, a lifestyle, or relationship.

Aquarius Is an Air Sign

The air is impossible to see or touch. This sign is here one minute and off on a new adventure the next. Whichever way the wind blows accurately describes Aquarius, who can't stay in one place for too long since something new and exciting has attracted the water bearer's attention.

Putting the Two Elements Together

If you want to get a good idea of the type of interaction you'll see between Taurus and Aquarius, consider how the two elements might interact. The earth doesn't move while the air swirls all around it, often kicking up dust and blowing the earth about. The earth remains solid and unmoving as a whole under the force of the wind.

Not Best Friends Forever

Taurus will expect Aquarius to be best buds and be available to do everything with Taurus. Aquarius isn't going to drop everything to accommodate Taurus or anyone else. If they can get together and have fun, Aquarius is in, but if Taurus expects Aquarius to be hanging around for the bull to finally come up with plans for the weekend, then Taurus is going to be disappointed.

Taurus Acts too Slow

By the time Taurus turns attention to making plans for the weekend, Aquarius has already booked a flight to Barbados with an old high school friend who contacted them out-of-the-blue via social media. This kind of Aquarius fluidity and ease of friendships is devastating to Taurus. The bull will feel betrayed by Aquarius since their expectations aren't in alignment.

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Aquarius Doesn't Understand and Taurus Is Disappointed

Aquarius simply doesn't understand why Taurus feels entitled to occupy all of the water bearer's time. The water bearer's attitude is very difficult for Taurus to accept. If these two somehow manage to have a friendship, it's clear Taurus won't be able to keep up with Aquarius. The bull will constantly be disappointed in Aquarius and lament they don't have a close friendship.

Accepting Limitations of Taurus Aquarius Friendship

If Taurus doesn't expect Aquarius to be available whenever the bull decides to do something, they can become friends. However, that friendship will never have the emotional depth that Taurus desires. For Aquarius, the friendship should be light-hearted and simply two people enjoying an outdoor concert or a late-night dinner, yet nothing that is earth-shattering, the way Taurus may desire.

Taurus Wants Stability, Aquarius Wants Freedom

Taurus doesn't understand Aquarius's need to be free. Taurus wants Aquarius to conform to the bull's ideals, while Aquarius finds this expectation unreasonable and, well, ludicrous. Taurus wants to settle in at home where it is peaceful while Aquarius is ready to go out to explore and have fun. Taurus has a strong attachment and need for material possessions. Aquarius has an equally strong need for freedom and new experiences.

Building an Aquarius and Taurus Friendship

Aquarius and Taurus can build a type of friendship together through mutual respect for their differences and an abundance of patience. While these two signs can have a rewarding, yet limited friendship, the bull will never realize the emotional depth desired.

Taurus and Aquarius Friendship: Strengths & Challenges