Coping With a Dog's Death: 20 Quotes About Losing Your Pet

Published December 1, 2021
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The loss of a pet is a soul-shattering experience. Saying the final goodbye to your beloved canine companion is one of the most difficult moments on life's journey. Dog death quotes can be helpful to get you through your grief. Use these quotes to honor and remember your best buddy.

Loss of Dog Quotes for Comfort

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Dogs are your best friend and cherished companion. Finding comfort after their loss can feel impossible. Show your sympathy through a few compassionate dog death quote to provide solace.

  • The selfless love of a dog never fades. It simply changes when their time on this earth is done.
  • Dogs' lives are short, but the impact they make on us is enormous. They teach us to love unconditionally and pass that gift on.
  • Time with your dog is always too short, because they make such a massive impact on your soul.
  • A dog is a beautiful, bright spot in a world of chaos that shows you how pure love can be.
  • A dog might be gone, but they are never forgotten. Their love leaves a connection with you that's forever imprinted on your heart.

Run Free Dog Quotes

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Dogs bring joy to your life. But they also bring despair when they pass away. Regardless of the circumstances, it's hard to let them go. Find comfort in the fact that their souls run free once more.

  • Life is no longer holding your paws to this world. May you forever run free.
  • A dog's soul is much too precious to stay in the confines of the world. But they forever make an impact on your heart before they run free.
  • When your heart hurts from the loss of a beloved dog, remember they are running free now. It's the joy of their memory that gets you through the grief.
  • With their love so pure, dogs must go to heaven. They run free and wait patiently for your hearts to merge once more.
  • Though a dog's soul runs free, they are buried firmly in the heart of their owner.

Dog Death Quotes About the Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge is a place where your deceased pet waits patiently for your souls to reconnect. Just like they waited for you to come home from work, your precious fur baby is also waiting for you to go home to heaven. Explore a few quotes about the Rainbow Bridge to provide comfort to grieving owners.

  • When you crossed the Rainbow Bridge, a piece of my heart went with you. That shard of my heart rolls down my cheeks when I think of you.
  • When a dog goes over the Rainbow Bridge, they aren't gone forever. They are patiently waiting for you to be by their side again.
  • The impact a dog makes on your life goes on forever. Even in death, their spirit is still waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Even over the Rainbow Bridge, your heart is connected to mine. The strings of love holding you to me will never be broken.
  • You never forget your dog. They become part of you - that little piece of your heart frolicking forever in a field just over the Rainbow Bridge.

Pet Loss Quotes to Help Cope

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Our beloved pets become our family. Day in and day out, dogs bring you a smile and joy. Their death can be utterly devastating. Try these pet loss quotes to help you deal with your heartbreaking grief.

  • You may be gone, but the impact you made on my heart will last a lifetime.
  • Dogs love with their whole hearts. And the moment they leave this earth, they take a piece of ours.
  • Your furry hugs and slobbery kisses showed me the true meaning of unconditional love. While the kisses might be gone, I forever carry a piece of you in my soul.
  • Your paw prints will forever move next to mine through every new adventure. Because I forever carry you in my memory.
  • Even though you are gone, the light you brought to my life will never fade.

Ways to Use Dog Death Quotes

You can do more with a dog death quote than just posting it on Facebook or Snapchat. These quotes can become part of cherished cards or gifts for family. Try out these tips for using quotes or poems to help someone grieving the loss of their best friend.

  • Add a thoughtful quote to a card for someone grieving a pet.
  • Create a handmade card for a friend or loved one using dog death quotes.
  • Add a post on social media to honor a lost loved one.
  • Add a quote to an image to print and frame for your wall.
  • Use quotes on scrapbook pages for a family's beloved dog.
  • Print an image and the quote to put on a tumbler, plaque, headstone, wind chime, etc., to give as a gift or keep in a garden.

Grieving the Loss of a Dog

Similar to when you lose a friend or relative, the loss of your furry companion takes years for the hurt to lessen. They will forever have a place in your heart and your memory. You might also try finding quotes in the Bible to bring comfort.

Coping With a Dog's Death: 20 Quotes About Losing Your Pet