Mourning the Loss of a Brother Through Poems

Published March 18, 2019
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Mourning the loss of a brother through poems can help you understand and express your own feelings. Sibling relationships with a brother are special and deserve specific, meaningful poetry.

Poems About The Death of a Brother

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Use a poem about the death of a brother on his funeral program, memorial service program, gravestone, or on a family keepsake photo. Choose the poem that best matches how you feel about losing your own brother.

My Big Brother

By Michele Meleen

My big brother you were:
always taller,
always faster,
always braver,
than me.

My big brother when you died:
you loved me,
you left me,
you hurt me.

My big brother now you are:
still braver,
still loving,
still gone.

Missing My Little Brother

By Michele Meleen

I was supposed to protect him,
to show him this life,
to love him and tease him,
cause and take away strife.

But my baby brother is gone,
now I need him to help me,
because I'm missing my little brother
and need him to set me free.

For My Brother, From Your Sister

By Michele Meleen

For My Brother,
I will fight through my tears
and tear down my sadness.
I won't let them stall out my life.

I will fight through my fears
and knock out my anger.
I won't let them ruin my life.

I will recall our years
and remember you with joy.
I'll let your death be a part of my life.
Your Sister

I Miss You, Brother

By Michele Meleen

Like my strong body
would miss my heart beating loud
I miss you Brother.

A Tribute to My Brother on His Death Anniversary

By Michele Meleen

Born to be my companion,
Remember my brother today.
On this day he died,
Taking pieces of us too.
His spirit remaining steadfast.
Every year on this day,
Remember my brother's life.

A Message for the Loss of a Brother

By Michele Meleen

If you are reading this,
you know.
The empty hole,
the sleepless nights,
the sad holidays.
The missing jokes
the empty place,
the broken family.
If you are reading this,
you know.
How it feels to lose a brother.
If you are reading this,
you know.
This message is for you.
You'll never be an only child
even if you stand alone.
Your brother is yours
no matter where he roams.

Still Looking Up to My Brother

By Michele Meleen

When I was little
I looked up to my brother
because he was big and strong.
Today I look up
to my brother
in Heaven where he belongs.

My Brother Keeps Looking Out for Me

By Michele Meleen

Each day as I cry,
the tears dry up.
I know it's my brother
looking out for me.

Each day as I mourn,
something makes me smile.
I know it's my brother
looking out for me.

Each day as I live,
it starts to feel good.
I know it's my brother
looking out for me.

Other Poems About the Death of a Brother

If these poems don't suit your circumstances or fit your mood, you can browse through other poems about general grief and loss or try writing your own poem.

Poems About the Death of a Loved One

Sometimes the loss of your brother might feel more like the death of a child or loss of a parent depending on your specific relationship.

Tips for Writing a Poem About Your Brother

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Learning to write poems doesn't have to be difficult and it can be cathartic.

  • Use nicknames you called him to make it more personal.
  • Make a list of his best and worst traits then turn the list into a free verse poem.
  • Create an acrostic poem using your brother's name.
  • Try out a poetry writing app that can help you craft a beautiful tribute to your brother.

Honor Your Brother's Life

The loss of your brother will be tough to manage, but chances are he'd want you to grieve then continue living your best life. Poetry can help you deal with the feelings and stages of grief as you try to create a new life with your brother watching from afar.

Mourning the Loss of a Brother Through Poems