100+ Fantasy Baseball Team Names Fit for an All-Star Roster

Knock It out of the park with funny, fun fantasy league team names

Published January 25, 2023
Baseball and bat on the grass

You choose the best players, create your dream roster, and use your own love of baseball to have the best fantasy team in the league. All of those are important, but you can't have a grand slam team without the perfect fantasy baseball team name. Get inspired by your favorite major league team, invent a name to honor your most loved Hall of Famer, or create a funny name made from classic baseball puns.

Names to Honor Your Favorite MLB Team

Choose a name that honors the first team that made you fall in love with baseball. Use a clever play on words to use your fan favorite as the inspiration for your fantasy league team name.

  • Chicago Pubs
  • Atlanta Bravehearts
  • Dirty Sox
  • From the Moment We Mets
  • Missing Sox
  • Guardians of the Stadium
  • Los Angeles Dodge Ballers
  • Angels in the Dugout
  • Colorado Smoothies
  • Baltimore or Else
  • Kansas City Commoners
  • Minnesota Only Child
  • Phillie Billies
  • San Diego Priests
  • Not So Athletics
  • Coffee Brewers

Be Inspired By Your Hero

Look to the player that made the game exciting for you to find your fantasy baseball team name. Use a funny play on his name to get a few chuckles and let other league owners know your team is the one to beat.

  • Larkin Good
  • Chipper Bones
  • Ott Men Out
  • Earning Banks
  • Winnin Spahn
  • Mookies of the Year
  • Gwynn the Game
  • Yogi Yogis
  • Robinson Bases
  • Kids at Bogaerts
  • Schmidt Happens
  • In a Griffey
  • Scary Bonds
  • Whammy Sosas
  • Haders Gonna Hade
  • Gibson Bases
  • Bichette Please
  • Angels in the Winfield
  • Keep Them Kaline
  • Cut on the Baez
  • Better Mays
  • The Other Beliebers
  • Mess With Bull Get the Hornsbys
  • Friday Night Piazza
  • Fisk It All
  • Feller Fellas
  • Chris Bassitt Had Its
  • On the Contreras
  • An Appling a Day
  • Zimmer Zimmer Chicken Dinner
  • Trophies on the Mickey Mantle
  • The Good Cy Young
  • Who's the Ross
  • Halladay in the Sun
  • No Fouling Fowlers
  • Brett on Yourself
  • Counts of Monte-Rizzo
  • Call or Koufax Me
  • You Done Messed up A-Arod
  • Bring in the Boggs
  • You Maddox Bro
  • Taste & Seaver

Try Basic Baseball Jargon

If you don't want to stick to one major league team or a specific player, look for witty ways to use baseball terms and phrases. Throw in a pun or use an inside joke only real fans will recognize if you're looking to go the funny route.

  • Bling Trainers
  • Pain Delays
  • Golden Chains
  • A Little Pitchy
  • Pitches Man
  • Extra Pickles
  • Hold the Pickles
  • Knuckle Heads
  • Canon Arms
  • Bat Breakers
  • Lefties Only
  • Pinstripes
  • Base Bouncers
  • Back Back Backs
  • Diggins
  • An Order of Sliders
  • Chew Ers
  • Double Bubbles
  • All Aces
  • Basket Case Catches
  • Jocks of All Trades
  • The Other Kind of Donuts
  • Dinger Dishers
  • Base Borrowers
  • 99 Cent Agency
  • Designated Coaches
  • All Goners
  • Jacked for Jacks
  • Gopher Hunters
  • Yicketity Yak & All That Jack

Quote a Famous Baseball Movie

There are countless movies about America's favorite sport. Use a famous quote or character reference to show off your knowledge of sports and cinema all in one name.

  • Killin' Me Fly Balls
  • Some More S'mores
  • No Crying in Fantasy Baseball
  • About Time Bennys
  • Yeah Yeahs
  • L-7 Weenies
  • Taking the Beasts
  • Never Die Legends
  • The Great Bambis
  • Mr. Peffercorns
  • Eyelid Breathers
  • No Lollygaggers Here
  • Church of Baseball
  • A Few Winners, Bobby
  • No Athletes Here

Have an All-Star Team With a Grand Slam Name

If you're going to build the best team in the fantasy league, the name has to fit the bill. Start with a winning name for your team, and you're already ahead of the game. All the other team owners will wish they thought of your team's name first.

100+ Fantasy Baseball Team Names Fit for an All-Star Roster