Best Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football

Every fall marks the time of a very important event: the time for fantasy football picks, games, and playoffs! As a matter of fact, these games are just as important to many as the real games. However, if you're going to rally all the guys (and girls) together for some football fun, you might as well have an epic name to go with it.

1. Golden Tate Warriors

This name pays homage to the literal Golden Tate, who is the wide receiver for the Detroit Lions. Although he doesn't play in the actual Golden State (which would really give this name a double whammy), it still also nudges at the Golden State Warriors. The Golden Tate Warriors also play for the "league of expanding beer bellies." Epic. There are too many puns to not nominate these guys.

2. Goff Balls

Bringing this to the actual Golden State, Goff Balls takes a jab at Rams quarterback, Jared Goff. Not to mention the very obvious call out to all the fellow dudes out there (ick). By the way, what's up with these teams squaring off with different sports outside of football? Nevertheless, it's witty, silly, and fun.


3. Forte Shades of Grey

Woah boy. There's a whole world of shady behind this name. Based off running back, Matt Forte, this sexy name bring a whole new side to football. The funny bit is The New York Jets has silver (sort of grey…) as one of their main colors. Come on, this is a really clever pun. Not to mention, their profile picture on ESPN is a running wizard that says "Fantasy football." Bravo!

4. Stairway to Evans

Adding another wide receiver to the list, this name gives a nod to Tampa Bay's Mike Evans. Plus, you've got to give credit to bring the roots of rock into football. Who doesn't like a classic Led Zeppelin song? Oh, they also made their own profile picture with a custom logo.

5. Runs Like a Gurley

Yeah, yeah, yeah. There are a ton of chuckles with this one, especially because this name takes a stab at LA Rams running back, Todd Gurley. Good thing he's not a quarterback at least because this name would likely be Throws Like a Gurley (palm smack). This one get points for pure punnery. Taking a familiar phrase and reinventing it always gets the creativity nod.


6. Luke, I’m Your Favre-er

Okay, these guys took a famous movie phrase and re-invented it. Major props. It's also pretty appropriate because Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre has an army of fans despite his retirement. This name gives you a good belly laugh every time you see it. Clearly, these guys are some pretty cool sci-fi nerds.

7. Dez Nuts

Classic. This is football humor at its finest here. Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Dez Bryant, would approve. By the way, what's up with all the wide receiver love? There are other positions on the field! Regardless, this name is brash, culturally relevant, and pretty darn funny.

8. Jamaal About That Bass

Here's another music reference team name for running back Jamaal Charles from the Chiefs. You've got to love the play on lyrics some of these teams have. It almost makes you wonder if they use these songs as their theme song. Bonus points for finding a catchy beat to go with the team name.


9. Cry Me a Rivers

Oh Phillip Rivers. The poor guy has tried so hard to turn around the horrendous record for the Chargers to no avail. Surely, these guys root for him and want him to be cheering rather than crying, but this name is so tragically accurate. They get big points for calling out San Diego's elephant in the room.

10. Turn Down For Watt

Turn Down For-Watt! Here's a classic name dedicated to both Texans defensive end J. J. Watt, and DJ Snake/Lil John song Turn Down for What. It's upbeat and easy to rally around. Can't you just picture someone screaming this every time they achieve victory? Points for the rally call.

Going the Whole Nine Yards

When it comes to picking the perfect fantasy football name, it all boils down to creativity. Will your name stand out amongst the sea of others? Just remember to keep it fun, snappy, and socially relevant. Your name might just go down in the fantasy football hall of fame!

Best Fantasy Football Team Names