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Baseball chants can add tons of excitement and energy to a game. They are most often short and sweet since part of the fun is getting all the fans in attendance involved in the chant. Sometimes, it's a simple yell, a group motion in the stands or a chant for a specific player. No doubt though, baseball chants make the game more fun!

When to Do Baseball Chants

Baseball games are unique among ball sports in that the offense and the defense play one at a time. While basketball and football have action that could be offensive or defensive in the blink of an eye, baseball offense and defense take turns. So, when exactly are you supposed to cheer for your team? Baseball chants work during the following situations:

  • Many baseball teams do their own little baseball chant before they go out.
  • Sometimes during a 7th inning stretch, you'll hear a baseball chant or see a dance where everyone knows the motions (like the Macarena).
  • There are numerous baseball chants for yelling at the ref after he's made a bad call.
  • Fans often chant after a player has hit a home run and especially after he has hit a home run when the bases were loaded.
  • Sometimes fans even chant as a player is coming up to bat, although it's generally considered poor form to cheer while a player is at bat. You'll find at bigger games people do it anyway, but it's important to at least be aware of baseball etiquette.

Take A Lesson from the Japanese

It is well known that the Japanese are avid baseball fans. In fact, several American players have spent time in Japan's national baseball league. If there is any group that has baseball chants down to a science, it's the Japanese fans. This you tube video shows the fans at a baseball game actually singing an entire song. However, you'll notice that they have unified motions and a short baseball chant that everyone knows. And that's the trick- getting everyone to know your chant. There are a few ways to do this:

  • If you're attending a little league or high school game, consider putting the words on a sheet and sending them home with the players and parents. (The Japanese have lyric sheets at their games for those who don't know the words.)
  • Do certain chants at every game so they are always familiar.
  • Keep them short.
  • Do them over the loudspeaker or with a megaphone.

Some Baseball Chants

If you're looking for some new baseball cheers, try these on at your next game:

  • For a home run:

That's the place for me
We've got the bases loaded
And we're goin', goin', goin
Yes that's the place for me, you'll see!

  • To the tune of the Oscar Mayer Weiner song:

Our team is the best ever
They never lose a game
They hit the ball
Out of the park
And run around the base
The other teams they see us
We scare them all awaaaaaayyyy
And that's because we are the best
Our team will win today!

  • For your favorite pitcher:

Pitch that ball
Make that player strike at plate!

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