90+ Dynamic Girl Names That Start WIth D

Published November 17, 2020
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Girl names that start with D can be unique, vintage, and grouped for easy discovery. You can find the perfect name for your baby girl when you browse the different lists.

What Are Girl Names That Start With D?

Some of the girl names that start with D have variants that are included in case you prefer a different spelling. The meaning for each name can help you decide if it is the right name for your little girl.

  1. Daanelle, Danielle: God is my Judge (Hebrew)
  2. Dabney, Dabny, Dabnie: From Aubigny (French)
  3. Daeira, Daria: Knowing, informed (Spanish), (Greek)
  4. Dael, Dale, Daelyn: Small valley (Dutch) (English)
  5. Daena, Dana: From Denmark (Danish), (English)
  6. Daffi, Daffie, Daffy, Dafne, Dafna: Laurel tree (Greek)
  7. Danica, Danika: Venus, morning star (Croatian)
  8. Dari, Darie, Dara, Daria: Pearl of wisdom, gift (Hebrew) (Irish)
  9. Dariane, Darianna, Dariele, Darielle: Maintains possessions well, keeps possessions (Persian)
  10. Darice: Possesses wealth (Persian)
  11. Darija, Daria: Kingly, possess wealth (Persian), (Greek)
  12. Darina: Upholder of Good (Russian)
  13. Darit: Strongest one in world (Nigeria)
  14. Darja: Owner of goodness (Czech)
  15. Darnisha: Hidden (English)
Dynamic girl names that start with D

Unique Baby Girl Names That Start With D

You may prefer unique girl names starting with D. You can find several possible names that will give your baby girl a special name to carry her through life.

  1. Dace, Dacee, Dacy: Clarity, whiteness (Latin)
  2. Dacia: From the city of Dacia (Latin)
  3. Dacie: Pure, sincere, white (Irish)
  4. Dakota: Friend (Santee dialect)
  5. Dalis: Drawing water (Hebrew)
  6. Dallas: City in Texas (American)
  7. Dani: God is my judge (Hebrew)
  8. Daracha: From oak (Scottish)
  9. Darilyn: Compassion (Irish)
  10. Darinka: Gift, affluent, wealthy (Slavic)
  11. Darissa: Wise (Hebrew)
  12. Daveny: Beloved (French)
  13. Drew: Brave (Scottish)
  14. Duci: Gift, wealthy gift (Hungarian)

Great Girl Names That Start With De

When you start browsing girl names that start with D, you may want to start with those that begin with De. A quick glance through will give you a good idea of what's available and then you go back through and take your time considering each one that appeals to you.

  1. Deanna: Fertile, divine (Roman)
  2. Dearling: Dearly loved (Anglo-Saxon)
  3. Deborah, Debbie, Debra: Bee (Hebrew)
  4. Dee Dee, Didi: Delight, pleasure (Welsh)
  5. Deidra: She who chatters (Irish)
  6. Deka: Pleasing (African)
  7. Delicia: Delightful (Spanish)
  8. Delilah: Delicate (Hebrew)
  9. Delmara: Of the sea (Spanish)
  10. Delphina: Dolphin (Greek)
  11. Delta: Mouth of river (Greek)
  12. Demetria: Follower of Demeter (Greek)
  13. Demi: Small, half (French)
  14. Denise: Devoted to Bacchus, the god of wine (Greek)
  15. Derora: Running streams (Hebrew)
  16. Derrica: Gifted ruler (English)
  17. Desiree: Desire (French)
  18. Destine, Destiny: Fate (French)
  19. Devin: Fawn, poet (English)
  20. Devon: Defender (Irish)
  21. Devri: Bee (Hebrew)
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Cool Girl Names That Start With Di

You may prefer to search through possible baby girl names that start with Di. You can quickly see the choices available and try one or two on for size.

  1. Diamanda: Diamond, valued (English)
  2. Diana: Goddess of the hunt (Roman)
  3. Diane: Messenger of wellness (Persian)
  4. Dinara: Treasure (Russian)
  5. Dionne: Divine (French)
  6. Dior: Present (French)
  7. Diva: Heaven, divine (Hindi)
  8. Dixie: The South, ten (American) (French)

Finding Girl Names That Start With Do

You can look over the list of girl names that start with Do. Many of the names were common name in ancient times that are still popular thousand of years later. These names withstand the test of time as appropriate names for a baby girl.

  1. Domina: Lady (Italian)
  2. Dominique: Of the Lord (Latin)
  3. Donalda: Ruler of all (Gaelic)
  4. Donella: Lady (Italian)
  5. Donette: Divine (English)
  6. Donna: Woman (Italian)
  7. Donnalee: Lady (Italian)
  8. Donya: World (Arabic)
  9. Dora: God's gift (Greek)
  10. Doralia: Gift from God (Greek)
  11. Dordie: Divine gift (Greek)
  12. Doriana, Dorianna: Of the sea (Greek)
  13. Dorita: Gift of God (Greek)
  14. Doroteya: God's gift (Russian)
  15. Dory: Gift of God (Greek)
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Vintage Girl Names That Start With D

There's always room for vintage names to be considered. Vintage girl names that start with D might appeal to a nostalgic desire to honor an ancestor.

  1. Dacey: From the south (Irish)
  2. Daffodil: Flowering plant (French)
  3. Dahlia: Dahl's Flower (Scandinavian)
  4. Daisy: Day's eye (English)
  5. Darcy: Dark haired (Irish)
  6. Darelle, Dearling: Darling (English)
  7. Darlene, Darleane, Darleen, Darleena, Darlena, Darla: Darling, loved one (English)
  8. Dollie, Dolly: Gift of God (English)
  9. Doretta: Gift (Greek)
  10. Doris: Sea (Greek)
  11. Dorothy, Dottie, Dot, Dorothea: God's Gift (Greek)
  12. Draupnir: Odin's magic ring (Norse)
  13. Drucilla: Strong (Roman)
  14. Dubheasa: Dark beauty (Irish)
  15. Dulcie: Sweet (Latin)
  16. Dustee: Fighter (English)
  17. Dusty: Thor's stone (English)
  18. Dyna: Sister of Roman (Latin)

Girl Names That Start With D for Your Baby

There are plenty of girl names that start with D that might be ideal for your baby girl. You may need to review the lists more than one time before deciding which one you like best.

90+ Dynamic Girl Names That Start WIth D