28 April Fools' Pranks for Couples That Are Easy to Pull Off

Laugh with each other (after you laugh at each other) with hilarious couples pranks for April Fools' Day.

Published February 17, 2023
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Have a little fun and a lot of laughs with your significant other with the perfectly planned April Fools' prank. Give your wife a good scare or set your boyfriend up for a day of laughs. A well-executed April Fools' prank for couples might just be the true test of your relationship.

Funny April Fools' Pranks for Your Boyfriend or Husband

Get your husband or boyfriend laughing with a prank planned specifically for him. Stick to simple plans that are easy to follow through with for the best punch line every time.

Overdo Your Makeup

Your husband has probably told you more than once how beautiful he thinks you are with or without makeup. Put that statement to the test with a makeup April Fools' prank. Overdo all of your normal makeup elements and act as if nothing is different. Use tons of dark eyeshadow, overline your lips, and use a shade of foundation that is clearly not yours. See if he compliments you anyway or tells you not to leave the house in that condition.

Make the World's Worst Dinner

He already knows that no one makes a meal like you do. Show him just how true that is by trying out a new recipe that he could barely consume. Try a stew with odd ingredients like orange slices and sprinkles, a casserole of nothing but cream soups, or lasagna without cheese or sauce. Watch his concern grow as you serve him his plate with a proud smile. You can put a dinner reservation on the back burner so you can both enjoy something delicious after this couples prank!

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Try the Viral Skin Peeling Prank

Instagram and TikTok have made this prank popular among dating couples. Use a clear skincare mask to prank your boyfriend into thinking your skin peels every month during your cycle. Make sure the facial mask you use dries clear so it looks like skin when you peel it off. Once it's dry, start peeling away as if it's no big deal. When he asks just casually say "you know this happens every month around this time."

Give Him a Scare With Your New Hair

In the weeks leading up to April Fools' Day, make sure you mention an upcoming hair appointment. On the big day, go out for an afternoon and return sporting a wig in a color or cut he would despise. Act so excited and pretend you've never felt more beautiful as he stares in horror.

If you haven't had time to prep with a wig, you can always ask him how he likes your new hair even though nothing has changed. Keep the charade going until he claims to see the difference.

Save Your Amazon Boxes

If your husband constantly mentions your online shopping habit, take this opportunity to show him just how bad it could be. Save your shipping boxes or borrow as many as you can from friends. When it's time for him to return home for the day, make sure there are a massive number of boxes sitting at your front door.

When he mentions them upon entering, excitedly run outside to collect them as if it's just any other delivery. You can even fill the boxes with items you already own to really push his buttons.

Tell Him About the Leek Under the Sink

Casually mention the "leek" under your sink early in the day and remind your boyfriend or husband later in the afternoon. As he peers under the seek to assess the issue, see how long he takes to notice the produce next to the dish detergent. Remind him there are two types of "leeks" that might appear under a sink.

Put on Something Special

Tell your husband you bought something really special to wear later in the evening and have him waiting anxiously all day long. When it's time for the big reveal, prance around in a dinosaur costume, a long flannel nightgown, or an outfit you borrowed from his mom.

Convince Him You Changed the Oil

If your husband or boyfriend is always giving you grief about not knowing how to change your own oil, show him you have the problem-solving skills to figure it out. Excitedly, tell him you just finished changing the oil in both of your cars as you place an empty bottle of canola oil in front of him.

April Fools' Pranks for Your Girlfriend or Wife

Have some lighthearted fun with your wife or girlfriend and plan a laughable April Fool's prank for her. Make sure you take her personality and sense of humor into consideration. You certainly don't want your April Fools' shenanigans to land you in the doghouse. Choose a prank that will truly crack her up.

Confuse Her With a Photo

See how much your wife or girlfriend pays attention to details by placing a random photo of another person somewhere in your home. Whether it's in a frame on the wall, in the center of a collection of family photos, or even on your refrigerator, use a random photo to throw her off. Once she sees it, act as if it's been there all along and she knows exactly who the person in the photo is. You could even use a photo of a distant relative of yours she hasn't met.

Grab Dinner Just for Yourself

Convince your girl that you forgot she needs to eat too. Tell her not to worry about cooking because you're picking dinner up on your way home. Once you arrive, start digging into your portion and act as if you didn't know she was expecting you to get some for her as well. Before she gets upset, you can let her know you would never commit such a crime and present her favorite entrée you were hiding all along.

Give Her a Gift Meant to Match Her Eyes

Tell your sweetheart you thought of her and present her with a gift she would truly love. Whether it's jewelry, a sweater, or even a home decor item, tell her you saw it and thought instantly of the color of her eyes. The only trick is that the item is not even close to her eye color. Once you have her thoroughly convinced you forgot such an important detail, let her in on the joke. If she gets too frazzled, remind her she gets to keep the gift.

Buy Her Oversized Clothing

If your wife or girlfriend has a great sense of humor, she might appreciate this prank. Tell her you picked up some clothing for her while out shopping and watch as her face goes from grateful to shocked. A shirt or pair of pants 4 or 5 sizes too big will have her thinking you just don't know her at all. If you're worried about hurting her feelings, you can always just buy clothes in a style you know she doesn't like to see how she reacts. Try thrifting your items to save money on this little prank.

Use a New Pet Name

For April Fools' Day, call your wife or girlfriend by a new nickname or pet name and act as if it's completely normal. Swap the typical "babe" or "honey" for something completely random and not at all romantic. Try "champ," "captain," or a shortened version of her name that no one ever uses. When she asks you what's going on, that's when you can drop the April Fools' bomb.

Hilarious April Fools' Pranks for Couples

Your April Fools' pranks don't have to be specific to your husband or wife, or boyfriend or girlfriend; there are a few April Fools' pranks that work for nearly every couple. Try one to see how well your significant other reacts to a bit of silly fun.

Photoshop Your Professional Photos

Give your partner an unsettling sight by photoshopping recent professional photos to make them look slightly different. Stretch out their forehead, lengthen their neck, or make their portions seem off, then send or print out the photo and act as if nothing is wrong. They will be momentarily stunned by how different they appear to others.

Convince Your Partner April Fools Is a Special Anniversary

Play the disappointed significant other by convincing your partner they missed a special anniversary. Pull out the fake bitterness and maybe a few tears to have your sweetheart believing April Fools' Day is the anniversary of your first date, first kiss, or first time you said "I love you." Once your partner has planned a way to make it up to you, you can let them know it was all a big misunderstanding.

Let Them Know Relatives Are Coming to Visit

Act as if you've shared the news multiple times already that your parents, sibling, or best friend is coming to stay for two whole weeks. Really convince them by prepping the guest room, picking up extra groceries, and even heading to the airport. Just when your spouse is certain that the next two weeks will be unbearable, you can let them know that it's all a joke and you're grabbing dinner together instead.

Start the Day Obnoxiously Early

Wake up long before the sun and start your day. Get dressed, make breakfast, and let your partner know it's time to get ready for work. Act as if everything is completely normal and convince them you've lost all concept of time as you head off to work hours before you need to. Return with coffee and breakfast and admit to your diabolical scheme for a funny start to your day.

Convince Your Partner You Share a Toothbrush

Stash your significant other's toothbrush first thing in the morning. Then let them know you are using the backup, referring to your own, since "our toothbrush" is missing. Once you have them convinced you've been using the same toothbrush all this time, you can both have a good laugh.

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Move Their Daily Routine Items

Give your partner a chain of pranks throughout the day by moving small parts of their routine around. Start by placing their phone where their glasses usually are, their glasses where the toothbrush is, and the toothbrush where their daily supplements are. You get the idea. Move everything around just slightly so they can't quite seem to figure out how they have misplaced all these little things.

Swap Drawers & Closets

This prank will take a bit of time to pull off, but the result is totally worth it. When you have a chance, swap your drawer and closet contents so all of your things are in their space and all of their things are in yours. Act as if this has always been the arrangement. Let them in on the joke once they have accepted your version of reality.

Subscribe Them to Strange Email Newsletters

Nothing is more frustrating than an inbox full of junk mail. Give your significant other a strange experience with this by signing them up for random email newsletters and subscriptions. Look for blogs, websites, and companies that seem totally out of character for them and be sure to check all the boxes so the company sends the maximum amount of emails. This is an April Fools' joke that could last all year long.

Plan Pranks Together

The only thing funnier than pranking your partner is to prank other people with your partner. Conspire on the same April Fools' joke to create the perfect prank you can pull off together.

  • Call each other by different names all day and act like it's completely normal.
  • Pretend you've only been together a short while and act confused when people question it.
  • Meet one another's family or friends for the first time… again.
  • Use terms of insult in place of endearment and see who speaks up first.
  • Swap clothes while hanging out with friends or spending time with family.
  • Pretend to be stuck in a time loop together by repeating the activities, conversations, and clothing choices of the previous day.
  • Vent to family and friends about strange relationship frustrations like how much you hate it when she wears yellow or how you get annoyed when he blinks too many times in a minute.

Have a Good Laugh Together

The point of an April Fools' joke is to get one another laughing. Plan a prank that is hilarious both for you and the unsuspecting victim. If all else fails, you can plan a prank together and laugh as everyone else falls for your setup.

28 April Fools' Pranks for Couples That Are Easy to Pull Off