34 April Fools' Jokes That Are Fool of Fun

Bring giggles and glee with these hilarious April Fools' Day jokes!

Published February 15, 2023
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Unlike the pranks that leave egos bruised, these April Fools' jokes will have everyone amused! Don't let this be a day that you hide. Instead, share some laughs and stay on everyone's good side.

Funny April Fools' Jokes for Anyone

April Fools' Day is a time for jest - and we've put together a collection of the best. Get ready to be showered in punny April Fools' jokes today that are bound to get people giggling all the way to May!

Funny April Fool's Joke

Why is April Fools' Day an egg's favorite holiday?

They love practical yolks!

What do you call a horse born on Tax Day?

An April foal!

What advice did the wise men give on April 1st?

Only fools rush in!

Why are hyenas the best animals to prank?

Because they are always up for a good laugh!

Why should you never prank a sloth?

They are slow to get the joke.

Do you know what happens on April 1st?

Yes. I'm fooly aware of it.

Why are folks born on March 31st the best people to prank?

They were literally born yesterday!

Where do corny jokesters go when they're arrested on April Fools' Day?

The pun-itentiary

What do you call a trickster panda?

A bamboo-zler!

What can you expect during the Final Four game on the 1st of the month?

A bunch of April fouls!

What did the basketball player say when he got pranked on April Fools' Day?

Shoot! You fouled me.

Why are flowers great pranksters?

They love pollen your leg!

What do you say when someone gives you a gift on April Fools' Day?

Prank you!

What is a monkey's favorite holiday?

Ape-ril Fools' Day!

What did the electric car say to the 1950s convertible on April Fools' Day?

Only fuels still use gasoline!

What is April's favorite type of task to assign?

A fool's errand!

Why should you never prank an egg on April Fool's Day?

Because they might crack up.

I played a joke on skydiver.

He fell for it.

Why was the band so tired on April 1st?

Because they just had a 31 day March.

Why do boxers hate April Fools' Day?

The jokes have no punch lines.

Movie-Inspired April Fools' Day Jokes

Keep them laughing with these quips that are related to figures of the big screen!

Movie-Inspired April Fool's Joke

Why does Batman hate April Fools' Day?

Because the Joker might be out!

Which crime fighter likes April fools the most?


Why will Keanu Reeves never fall for April Fools' Day pranks?

Because he has already been pulled into the May tricks!

What did Mr. T say to Sylvester Stallone on April 1st?

I pity the fool who tries to play a prank on me!

Why does Loki's brother hate his April Fools' Day pranks?

Because he is a Thor loser.

Who is the biggest trickster in Transylvania?


Clever April Fools' Day Riddles

Riddles are a great way to get your mind out of a rut and thinking creatively. This can keep potential pranksters from getting the best of you. Keep your mind sharp with these tricky riddles!

Clever April Fool's Day Riddle

I am in the middle of both March and April, but never at the beginning or end. What am I?

The letter "r."

April showers bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring?


What can you find when Easter lands on April Fools' Day?

A punny bunny!

April Fools' and Halloween are both about giving tricks. What would happen if the two days were to mix?

You would get April Ghouls' Day!

April Fools' Day Captions to Add to the Laughs

Looking to make the most of your social media post? Check out these fun April Fools' Day captions.

  • Roses are red, April is grey, in the next thirty days, it's gonna be May!
  • If fools were fouls on this day of pranks, there are a few Final Four teams that would quickly lose their ranks!
  • Giving pranks for silly fun!
  • I don't know about you, but I live with Thing 1 and Thing 2. #EverydayisAprilFoolsDay

April Fools' Day Jokes Should Bring Joy to Everyone

See! It is much better to be tickled than tricked! April Fools' jokes are a great way to bring smiles and joy, so brighten someone's day with these silly quips and share the laughter with everyone.

34 April Fools' Jokes That Are Fool of Fun