INFP Relationship Compatibility

Published August 23, 2019
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Understanding your natural personality traits can help you when it comes to finding a partner who connects with how you view and process the world. Figuring out your personality related strengths and areas for improvement can assist you in increasing your insight and better understanding your decision-making process and motivation.

INFP Characteristics

Those with INFP traits prefer to spend time alone than with others, make decisions based on concepts and feelings, and prefer to be go with the flow instead of scheduled. Those with INFP traits tend to be kind, compassionate, and accepting of other's unique differences.

INFP Traits and Dating

Within relationships individuals with INFP traits are devoted and caring partners who encourage their loved ones to create their own path in life, as well as enjoy quality time spent together. They are typically supportive, attuned, and deeply in touch with their own emotional and spiritual journey. They can be great listeners and are helpful when issues arise. Within a relationship, they enjoy focusing on the positive and will bend over backwards for their partner.

Commitment and Marriage

Those with INFP traits do well in committed relationships, as well as marriage, as long as their partner can appreciate and respect their desire to self reflect often and explore the world at their own whim.

Dating Strengths

Those with INFP traits are warm and caring partners who encourage their loved ones to investigate their inner workings and explore the world's beauty. They are attentive listeners and enjoy connecting through deep self reflection. They are great at working through issues and are always willing to offer a helping hand if needed. Because of their natural creativity date ideas may include taking an art or pottery class together, heading to a museum or play, and enjoying a beautiful hike where intimate conversations could unfold. Regardless of gender, they may feel a bit nervous when it comes to asking someone out.

Room for Improvement

Those with INFP traits prefer to keep the peace and may swallow their feelings in order to maintain a calm home. Within relationships, this withholding of true feelings may build up and create tension and unsatisfied partners. To work through this, individuals with INFP traits can focus on sharing their thoughts in order to strengthen the relationship and ensure that their needs are being met by their partner.

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Compatible Partners

Compatible partners typically have several important personality aspects in common making it easier for them to connect on a deeper level. Those with similar mentalities and priorities may still have their ups and downs, but may have an easier time processing relational issues.


Those with INFJ traits are empathic, caring, kind, and prefer to have a set schedule. They prefer being in a small group setting or alone instead of spending most of their time with others. They also enjoy helping others and being supportive partners, making them a great fit for someone with INFP traits.


Those with INTP traits are quite similar to those with INFP traits aside from making their decisions based on logic instead of gut feelings. They are great at solving problems and although they don't love delving into feelings, they enjoy a deep connection with their partner. They love to explore and prefer a partner who they can engage with when it comes to complex or tricky subjects.


Those with ENFJ traits enjoy helping others and prefer a deep, connected relationship with their partner. Like those with INFP traits, they are emotionally attuned and very focused on taking care of their partner. In terms of differences, those with ENFJ traits prefer to spend more time with others and like a more organized schedule, but these two personalities could make for a great match.

Least Compatible Partners

Partners who are least compatible on paper have several key personality factors that can make it difficult for them to click. This does not necessarily mean that they can't make the relationship work, but it will most likely take a fair amount of work, honesty, and appreciation for their partner's natural tendencies.


Those with ESTJ traits love to have an organized home and a set schedule to follow. They are great at naturally taking charge and appreciate a set of rules to abide by. They may not be the best fit for someone with INFP traits as they don't enjoy a more go with the flow mentality. They do highly value tradition which is something that those with INFP traits don't particularly subscribe to.


Those with ESTP traits are lively and highly energetic. They don't tend to dwell on emotional processes and prefer to have fun and enjoy the company of others. Because those with INFP traits value sensitivity and emotional connection, they may not be the best fit for each other.

Communication Style

Those with INFJ traits communicate in warm and thoughtful ways. They aim to restore harmony and are typically willing to share some insights or unique solutions to possible problems or issues that the speaker is experiencing. They are great listeners and are typically soft spoken and very thoughtful with their words.

Getting to Know Your Natural Tendencies

Understanding what makes you tick can help you when it comes to finding meaningful and healthy relationships. Although compatibility can play a big role in relationship success, keep in mind that partners who have good insight and are willing to accept and appreciate the differences between them can have successful and loving relationships.

INFP Relationship Compatibility