Relationships and Compatibility With ENFJ

Published August 5, 2019
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Taking a deeper look into your Myers-Briggs personality traits can help you better understand yourself, your personal goals, and your relational aspirations. Having strong insight into your thoughts and behaviors can also improve and strengthen your relationships.

ENFJ Personality Traits

ENFJ stands for extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging. Individuals with ENFJ traits prefer to spend time with others than alone, makes decisions based on gut feelings and concepts, and enjoy organizing and planning. Those with these traits also believe in a greater good and aim to make the world a better place.

ENFJ and Relationships

In relationships those with ENFJ traits tend to be warm, caring, empathetic, and understanding. The aim to to create a loving and connected environment with their partner and set high expectations for their relationship.

Commitment and Marriage

Those with ENFJ traits do well in committed relationships, as well as marriage regardless of their gender. Commitment is not typically an issue for those with ENFJ traits as they value intimacy, connection, and supporting their partners through the ups and downs of life.

Relationship Strengths

Individuals with ENFJ traits are loving, empathetic partners who are incredibly supportive of their mate. They often encourage their partners to go after their goals and are there to offer guidance and compassion along the way. They are highly attuned to their partner's emotional state as well making it easy for them to understand their partner's perspective.

Potential Improvements

Those with ENFJ traits are highly sensitive to the energy around them, making it challenging for them to not feel what others are feeling. This double-edged sword provides motivation for them to help improve their relationships and the world around them, but can also make them overly reactive to their partners if a comment doesn't land well. Those with these traits tend to set high relationship expectations and feel disappointed when their partner doesn't do what they expect them to. Having good insight and checking in with their logical side in addition to their emotional side can help those with ENFJ traits overcome these difficulties that may surface in romantic relationships.

Resolving Relationship Issues

Those with ENFJ traits have high levels of insight and prefer to resolve conflict as quickly as possible so a more balanced environment can be restored. Those with these traits are very empathetic, are good listeners, and communicate their feelings in kind ways. Issues can arise with partners who aren't as feelings-centered as this is the primary way those with ENFJ traits process information.

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Compatible Partners

ENFJ has several compatible partners that complement each other and understand how one another processes information. Some compatible partners include:

  • INFJ: Those with INFJ traits share nearly identical personality traits except for preferring to spend time alone than with others. Those with INFJ traits can work well as partners for those with ENFJ traits and will most likely have an easy time understanding each other.
  • ESFJ: Those with these traits digest information very similarly to those with ENFJ traits, except for focusing on facts instead of concepts when it comes to decision making. As partners these two personalities are both warm, caring, and very empathetic towards one another creating a strong potential foundation for a deep, loving relationship.
  • INTJ: Those with INTJ traits are loyal, supportive, and independent. Although they don't naturally enjoy delving into emotions, those with INTJ traits can complement those with ENFJ traits well as both have the potential to balance out each other's emotional and analytical sides.

Date Ideas for Someone With ENFJ Traits

Those with ENFJ traits like to connect and communicate with their partners. Dates should be centered around getting to know each other in deep, intimate ways. Focus on dates that highlight communicating with each other, instead of watching something passively like a movie or play. Date ideas include:

  • Volunteering somewhere together
  • Taking a hike and having a picnic
  • Going for a boat ride
  • Cooking dinner together

Least Compatible Partners

Partners who appear to be least compatible on paper can sometimes make for the best relationships with the most potential for growth. These include:

  • ESTP: Those with ESTP traits are highly energetic and physical individuals who like having fun. They think quickly and may enjoy extreme sports. Because they do not typically enjoy highly emotional conversations and prefer not to delve deep into their own emotional process, they can be a challenging partner for a person with ENFJ traits.
  • ISTP: Those with ISTP traits are typically analytical, logical and have a centered demeanor. They usually don't enjoy focusing on emotions and prefer to show their love through behavioral actions instead of having deep conversations. For this reason, they may be a challenging fit for someone with ENFJ traits as emotional understanding is such a large aspect of their core.

Communication Style

Those with ENFJ traits tend to communicate in warm, inclusive, and caring ways. They aim to please those around them and try to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Maintaining balance and harmony is very important to those with ENFJ traits, and their language and communication style reflects that. Emotional understanding and insight play a large role in how those with ENFJ traits communicate as well, as it is how they digest and process information around them.

Understanding ENFJ Traits

If you have ENFJ traits, you probably enjoy delving into your thought process and better understanding your perspective. Insight into your own personality traits can assist you when it comes to picking a healthy and compatible partner, as well as with communicating effectively with those around you.

Relationships and Compatibility With ENFJ