Goyard Bag Price Guide: Popular Styles at a Glance

Published February 22, 2021
Goyard Bag

The Goyard bag price tag is comparable to other mid-range designer handbags. The Goyard bag price depends on whether it is a classic color or a special color.

Goyard Bag Price Tag

The classic color Goyard bag costs less than the special color bags. The classic color is black with black trim. The other colors are classified as special colors, and the pricing reflects this category as the bags being more expensive. In addition, Goyard customers have the option of customize their purchases, so option can also affect the final price.

Goyard Purse Prices and Exclusive Clientele

Goyard's marketing strategy doesn't follow the typical designer bag business model. In fact, Goyard does everything differently than their competition. The company has a very minimal digital footprint with only their company website.

Can You Buy a Goyard Bag Online?

You can buy a Goyard bag online through one of the many resale websites. Goyard does not sell directly online or to retail stores. The company's marketing brand is one of exclusivity and caters to their elite clientele. A list of some of the Goyard bags can give you an overall view of what's available.

Goyard Handbag Prices for Rouette Bag PM

According to the Goyard website, The Rouette Bag PM can be worn 22 different ways! This is due to a sliding shoulder strap and several leather covered gussets. The versatility of the bag means you can wear it short, crossbody, long, or crook of arm style. The purse is made of Goyardine canvas and trimmed in Chevroches calfskin. The interior lining is made of its iconic linen and cotton weave and features a floating pocket. The fastening systems is a magnetic flap closure.

  • Strap length: 10"-18.7"
  • Size: 12.2"Lx5.5"Wx9"
  • Colors: 11 Available
  • Price: Around $1,200 to $1,800

Saïgon Mini Structured Bag

The Saïgon Mini Structured Bag is one of Goyard's classic purses that takes advantage of steam trunk features. The bag is made of Goyardine canvas, studded beech wood, battens with trunk nails, Clamecy cowhide leather, leather corners, and corner brackets. This miniature purse has a structured form and features an adjustable, removable shoulder strap. The purse can be carried, worn on the shoulder, or cross-body style. The purse has a flap strap and loop closure.

  • Strap drop: 22" to 18"
  • Size: 7.75"Lx3"Wx6"H
  • Colors: 11 available
  • Price: Around $1,800 to $3,200
Saigon Mini Structured Bag

How Much Is a Goyard Tote Bag?

A Goyard tote bag can cost between $1,200 and $2,500 and up. Your final cost will depend on the color, design and any customizing you choose.

Style and Class With Goyard Totes

Goyard features several totes to cover all your needs. The classic tote, Saint Louis, is perhaps Goyard's most recognizable bags.

Saint Louis Tote PM

The simplistic design of the Saint Louis tote has made it a cherished mainstay for Goyard customers. The tote was originally made for the beach with the lightweight but strong Goyardine canvas. The versatility of this tote makes it a 2 for 1 since it is fully reversible. The toe easily transforms from the iconic tote with the cotton and linen woven interior beach mode to a fun day outing mode. The tote boasts two handles made of Chevroches calfskin. The handles are designed to grow thicker toward the chape. This flexible design means you can carry the tote, wear it over your arm or over your shoulder. The tote comes with a removable pouch made of the same signature canvas and features a snap button closure.

  • Handle drop: 7"
  • Size: 13.25"Lx7.25"Wx11"H
  • Colors: 11 Available
  • Price: Around $1,200 to $1,560
Saint Louis Tote PM

Artois Bag PM

The Artois Bag PM is a tribute to the iconic Saint Louis bag. The Artois Bag PM is made of Goyardine canvas and is the structured version of the Saint Louis bag, featuring a top zip closure. Inside, you'll find a large floating pocket. For extra strength and resistance to wear and tear, the tote has over-stitched leather corners. The leather handles and trim are made of Chevroches calfskin and stitched in red thread.

  • Handle Drop: 8"
  • Size: 11.8"Lx5.5Wx9.8"H
  • Colors: 11 Available and also clear
  • Price: Around $1,700 to $2,250
Artois Bag PM

Isabelle Bag PM

The Isabelle Bag PM tote is the sister bag of the Saint Louis tote. It's made of Goyardine canvas with Chevroches calfskin leather handles and trim. The tote features three compartments. The center compartment/pocket has a magnetic closure. A detachable pouch features a button snap closure. You can carry or wear the tote on your shoulder or crook of arm carry.

  • Handle drop: 8"
  • 13.4"Lx6"Wx11"H
  • Colors: 11 Available
  • Price: Around $1,900 to $2,500

Goyard Clutches

You can find Goyard clutches on resale website. The Goyard website features a pouch that can double as a stand-in clutch. You may prefer to use the pouch with your tote for additional storage.

Sénat Pouch MM

The Sénat Pouch MM is named in honor of the French Senate. Made of Goyardine canvas, the pouch can be carried like a clutch or dropped inside your bag. The zip top closure makes it a convenient carry choice and features an interior pocket/card slot made of Chevroches calfskin. The card slot is ideal for a driver's license and/or debit/credit card.

  • Size: 11.8"Lx.25"Wx8"H
  • Colors: 11 Available
  • Price: Around $700 to $1,300
Senat Pouch MM

Goyard Duffle Bags

You can find Goyard duffle bags on resale websites. The duffle bags are made of Goyardine canvas with Chevroches calfskin leather trim. The resale prices can range from $600 to $6,000.

Explore Goyard Bag Price Points

When you review a list of Goyard bags, you quickly recognize the various Goyard Bag price points. With a few examples of the Goyard purse line, you can browse for a great deal on a Goyard tote or other style.

Goyard Bag Price Guide: Popular Styles at a Glance