Knockoff Designer Clothes for Women

Updated June 30, 2020
Knockoff designer items

If you have considered wearing knockoff designer clothes for women, you've come to the right place to explore your options. Even though knockoff clothes have a bad rap over the years, designer-inspired selections are good for working women who need to look their best in any situation.

Buying Women's Knockoff Designer Clothes

If you're interested in buying pieces that are designer inspired, then these are some top places to begin browsing. Keep in mind these are not true copies but pieces that take elements from the runway and filter them into a successful and more original piece, which is still trendy.

Designer-inspired pieces are perfectly legal and can be found at the following locations. These stores pull from popular runway styles and celebrity clothing to create unique styles with a flair for the trendy. They are affordable and still fall in line with the season.


ASOS, which stands for "As Seen on Screen," originated in the United Kingdom. This online fashion store sells clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products for men and women.

Forever 21

This American fast fashion retailer has headquarters in Los Angeles, California. They sell clothing, accessories and shoes for men and women both online and in numerous physical stores worldwide.

Floral Patternblock Shirt
Floral Patternblock Shirt


A British multinational fashion retailer, Topshop sells trend-driven clothing, shoes, make-up, and accessories both online and offline.

Charlotte Russe

With headquarters in San Diego, California, the Charlotte Russe motto is "fashion that's trendy, not spendy!" They offer clothes, shoes, accessories, and plus size options for women only.

Rue 21

Offering the latest trends in fashion, Rue 21 sell clothes, shoes, and accessories for guys and girls at low price points. They are based in Warrendale, Pennsylvania.


This UK-based retailer states you can "keep your style game strong with the freshest threads landing daily" on their website. They provide women's clothing, shoes, and accessories solely online.

River Island

A British retailer with both an online store and physical stores nationally, River Island offers the latest clothing trends for women, men, and kids.


Known for their fast fashion for men, women and children, Hennes & Mauritz AB is a Swedish multinational retailer with a multitude of stores worldwide.


Offering standard and plus sizes, Boohoo claims to have "hundreds of new styles every day" online when it comes to women's clothing, shoes, and accessories. They're based in Manchester, UK.

Pretty Little Thing

This online fashion retailer is owned by Group and aims to provide "thousands of must-have looks and trends" at one time. They currently operate in the UK, Ireland, Australia, US, and France.


Shopbop carries over 800 international fashion brands at a range of prices. You can find both known designer labels and designer-inspired options for clothing, bags and fashion accessories. Shopbop is also known for their excellent customer service, a result of their purchase by Amazon in 2006.

How to Shop for Designer-Inspired Clothing

Shopping for designer-inspired clothing is easy once you know how.

  1. Do your research. First, analyze the current season's trends by gathering a wealth of information from authoritative sources. Leading fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle frequently offer runway reports both online and through their printed publications.
  2. Decide which looks that you're trying to replicate for less. Sometimes it's a key piece (like a bodysuit) that you're trying to adopt, sometimes it's a print (like polka dots), sometimes it's a shape (like a frilled sleeve), and other times it's purely a color theme (like pastels). It's usually best to have the trends that you like in the back of mind as you're shopping so that your experience is more productive.
  3. Go shopping! Now you know what you're looking for, it's time to head out to the stores or start browsing online for trend-driven pieces. It helps if you take visual aids to refer to as you go, which could be pages ripped from your favorite magazine or websites that you have bookmarked on your phone.
  4. Try key pieces on before you commit. Sometimes the trends you lust after don't suit your body shape or complexion. It's always better to try designer-inspired pieces on before you commit to buying them. Also, always remember that they're not the real deal. Unfortunately, knockoff clothing might fit differently than expected or not look as aesthetically pleasing as you thought it would.

Why Do People Buy Knockoff Designer Clothes?

Those who appreciate quality and want to support successful designers often wonder why people purchase knockoff designer clothes for women. It's not just about style.

elegant young woman out shopping

Bragging Rights

If all your friends end up with designer pieces, there's a chance you could feel left out. A knockoff piece is a quick way to avoid spending too much and to still stay "in" with your friends.

Job Pressure

Some people feel they need to portray confidence and affluence in their job, especially when it comes to power dressing. Bags with visible logos and clothing separates with an unmistakable silhouette are how some employees try to impress their co-workers. Some people in the fashion industry are able to scout virtually undetectable knockoffs to further their image on the job.

Budget Constraints

Some people purchase knockoffs to fill a need for a previously unaffordable item. While some people might find tight budgets a way of getting creative with new looks and with new shopping locations, budget constraints make some people desperate to buy copied pieces instead of waiting, saving, or thinking creatively.

Ethical Concerns With Knockoffs

There are serious ethical concerns with purchasing copied designer pieces. This list will get you acquainted with the major concerns, but you can find even more as you explore the knockoff world.

  • Knockoffs damage a designer's reputation as they flood the market. People put less credit on a designer when everyone is carrying a similar bag, fake or not, and that can spoil the exclusive message some designers want to send.
  • Copied clothing and accessories are well known to be constructed in a location that does not treat its employees in accordance with the law. Often made overseas or across the border, these pieces support poor worker conditions, child labor, and poverty-level wages.
  • Knockoffs are illegal. A strict copy of a designer piece violates intellectual property laws, and it can be challenged in court. Designers invest a great deal of time in creating designs for the public's consumption, and that investment is challenged when knockoffs are introduced.
  • Knockoffs are rarely perfect copies. While some companies claim their copied pieces are perfect, materials and construction techniques are sub-par, which is how you save money on your purchase.

Quality Issues With Copied Pieces

One of the biggest problems you'll face when shopping for pieces that pull heavily for designer collections is quality. Unlike other original collections, these items are often constructed in areas with less rigid quality control standards. They also don't have the guarantees or serial numbers that designer pieces sport for quality control.

Choosing Your Clothing

Whether you choose to wear pieces that look similar to designer selections is your own prerogative. While it's recommended you consider "designer inspired" pieces instead of true knockoffs, where and how you do business with vendors is extremely important for the fashion industry and for your wardrobe.

Knockoff Designer Clothes for Women