What Is a Boyfriend Blazer?

blazer and jeans

Chances are you've seen them many times, yet you've still asked yourself, what is a boyfriend blazer? Despite its name, this piece is solely for the ladies - and it's a chic garment that deserves a place in every woman's closet.

Exactly What Is a Boyfriend Blazer?

Don't let the name fool you. While the boyfriend blazer takes its inspiration from oversized pieces that look like something from his closet, it is designed specifically with the female form in mind. Boyfriend blazers, in addition to being cut slightly larger than a traditional women's blazer, are tailored in such a way that renders them extremely flattering. They're the epitome of casual-meets-polished attire, bringing some finesse to a simple jeans-and-t-shirt ensemble, while still retaining a sense of low-key comfort.

Styling Possibilities

The most common method of styling a boyfriend blazer involves layering it over a tank top or t-shirt. A pair of jeans is the typical companion of choice, and the result is a crisp, pulled together outfit that flatters most figures, so long as the right sizes and cuts are worn.

There are other ways to make use of a boyfriend blazer, though. Keep in mind that this piece has the inherent tendency to transform any outfit into something instantly chic and stylish, it's worth experimenting a bit and seeing what you can come up with. It may just involve "shopping" your closet and seeing what you can mix and match with your blazer.

  • A longer-than-average boyfriend blazer can double as a tunic of sorts. Since it extends well below the hips, it looks right at home with a pair of black leggings - the result is something akin to a very modern suit. Wear a tank or camisole in a contrasting color underneath to add just a pop to your look.
  • Don't retire your boyfriend blazer when warmer weather arrives. Use it as your go-to layering piece over flirty dresses for a true study in contrasts. For even greater impact, throw a sharp black boyfriend blazer over something sweet and bright, like a vivid floral or a vintage-inspired cut.
  • Change the cut of your boyfriend blazer by cinching it at the waist. Try a wide belt in a contrasting color for a fresh interpretation of the look. This neatens up the blazer's bagginess and even renders it suitable for professional environments.
  • If you favor short skirts, you'll love the way a boyfriend blazer smartens up your whole appearance and makes that mini more everyday-appropriate. In lieu of a form-fitting skirt, try something with a bit more shape, like a slightly flared or A-line cut.
  • In the thick of summer, you're unlikely to be thinking layers or blazers, but try a boyfriend blazer with shorter sleeves over a pair of dress shorts and a lacy camisole for a cute, comfortable date-night look. Add a pair of flats to complete it to perfection.
  • If you're wearing your boyfriend blazer with trousers to create a suit, add a few feminine flourishes to ensure it doesn't take on too much of a masculine appearance. Chunky jewelry and a large, colorful clutch are both great options.

What to Look For

You may not be asking yourself what is a boyfriend blazer? anymore, but you may still be wondering how to choose the style that's best for you. The good news is that it's pretty simple, since fit is almost always accommodating on this naturally roomy piece. That said, it's still helpful to try it on before you buy it. It's supposed to be roomy, yes, but not huge. It shouldn't look as though you're wearing the wrong size. Pay attention to the sleeves and shoulders. If they extend beyond your natural proportions, then the blazer is the wrong size for you.

Color is also something to consider. Most boyfriend blazers are black, but you'll find plenty of grays and occasional browns in the mix. If you plan to wear your boyfriend blazer out on the town, consider a satin style in a bold metallic or accented by sequins.

What Is a Boyfriend Blazer?