Business Thank You Letter Format and Examples

Updated April 3, 2020
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A business thank you letter is a great way to touch base with those who have contributed to your success. Whether you're expressing appreciation to a customer, supplier, or other business contact, sending a thank you letter can be a perfect gesture of appreciation. Use the sample letters provided here as a guide to get started. Simply click the image for the version you need and make changes to the PDF that opens. See this guide if you need assistance.

Thank You Letter to Clients for Their Business

Loyal customers are critical for success in business. It's important to let your clients know that their business is both appreciated and valued.

Business Thank You Letter - Customer

Example Appreciation Letter for Referrals

Referrals are also a great way to build a successful business. When customers, vendors, and other contacts send new business opportunities your way in the form of referrals, it's important to say thank you.

Business Thank You Letter - Referral

Sample Vendor Support Thank You Letter

Chances are that you wouldn't have as many happy customers or referrals without the support of vendors who provide you with outstanding service and quality products. It's a good idea to let your trusted suppliers know just how much you value their ongoing support.

Business Thank You Letter

Job Interview Thank You Letter

If you're fortunate enough to interview for a job that you really want, consider following-up with a thank you letter to the interviewer. Sending a thank you letter after an interview is a good strategy to help make yourself stand out from other candidates. Use the text in this sample thank you for an interview to help craft an appropriate letter customized to your situation.

When to Write a Thank You Letter

No matter who you're sending the thank you letter to, a good general guideline is to send it out within two business days following your meeting with the letter's recipient. In the case of sales contacts, the idea behind this is that you don't want to give the person a chance to forget you before they receive the letter. The same holds true if you're sending a thank you as a follow up to an interview.

Professional letters of appreciation are appropriate in several circumstances, including:

  • Follow up for an interview
  • To your employer after you've given notice
  • After closing an important deal
  • After meeting a new contact at a business event
  • To a team member for getting a project completed by or before deadline
  • A package delivered on time
  • Following a presentation
  • To an employee who puts forth extra effort to complete a task
  • For a referral
  • In response to an invitation

Business Thank You Letter Format

A business thank you letter should follow a standard business format and be written with a professional tone. The focus is to thank the recipient for something. This may be a meeting, purchase or even a phone conversation.

Thank You Letter Format

A thank you letter does not have to be lengthy. In fact, a letter that is to the point is often much more appreciated. Most business people are busy and don't have time to waste. A letter that gets to the point, says what needs to be said, and closes is ideal. Your letter should include:

  • Opening paragraph: This paragraph states the purpose for the letter (our appreciation and what it is in regards to).
  • Paragraph 2.The second paragraph should include more detail regarding the meeting, purchase or whatever event led to your appreciation. These details should offer enough background information to be sure it is clear to the recipient who you are and why you are thanking them. (This may be two paragraphs if needed.)
  • Closing paragraph: In closing, you may thank the person one more time with wording such as:
    • Thank you again for taking the time to meet with me.
    • I appreciate your consideration and will call to follow up early next week.
    • I value your business and want to thank you for your ongoing patronage.
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Benefits of Sending a Letter

With today's technology it's easy to zip off a quick email thanking someone for their time or business. However, sending a "real" letter has its advantages. When a person receives a letter addressed to them in their mailbox, it has a personal feel to it. A business thank you on paper is not spam, junk mail, or even advertising. It's a letter that says thank you personally and professionally. This makes a lingering impact. Demonstrating this amount of respect for a potential employer or a client can lead to a job, a sale, or a long-lasting professional relationship.

Typed, Handwritten, or Email?

The nature of a thank you letter leads many people to question whether or not their thank you letter should be typed, handwritten or whether or not a thank you email is appropriate. In fact, all are acceptable. Your personal knowledge of the particular details should help you determine what format is most appropriate. For instance, if your normal method of correspondence with the person is through email, then an email thank you is appropriate. If you use an email attachment, you should still follow a business letter format. You may also want to send a hard copy letter by mail, too.

  • When time is of the essence, an email is the fastest way to get the message to the recipient.
  • A letter printed on your computer is more formal and is most appropriate in situations such as interview follow-up letters or with a business contact you don't know well.
  • A handwritten thank you can be written using a thank you card. These are appropriate for people you know such as your boss and coworkers, but with clients they don't make the same impact as a well thought-out letter.
  • If you are unsure of which format to use, the safest format is the typed letter. It's professional, thoughtful, and lets the recipient know they are appreciated.

Should You Send a Letter?

Usually, the short answer to whether or not you should send a letter is, "Yes!" A simple letter, whether it's handwritten or typed, can make you stand out among the other candidates for a job or other salespeople vying for a client. Even if you're not competing for a job, promotion, or a sale, building relationships with people is important for being successful in the business world. If you're grateful for something, let the other person know.

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Business Thank You Letter Format and Examples