How to Respond to an Email Invitation to Interview

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If you receive an invitation to interview for a job via email, it's important to respond professionally and promptly - ideally on the same or next business day the invitation was sent. Follow all instructions given in the invitation you receive via email, as the potential employer will likely consider how you respond when determining if they are interested in hiring you.

Responding to an Interview Scheduling Request Email

Unless otherwise requested in the invitation you receive, it is best to respond to an email invitation to interview via email. Reply directly from the email invitation that you receive, so the recruiter will have a frame of reference for your message.

Structure Your Response

Use the following elements in your response.

  • Formal salutation: Don't just hit reply and start typing. Start with a formal greeting that uses the message sender's courtesy title (Mr., Ms., Dr. etc.) and his or her last name.
  • Specify the reason for your email: Get straight to the point with your response. Thank the person you are replying to for inviting you to interview and immediately make it clear you are accepting the request.
  • Scheduling details: Include scheduling details that are appropriate based on the wording in the invitation you received.
  • Ask for a response: Ask the recipient to reply confirming the time and location so you can be sure you and the interviewer are in agreement about when and where the interview will take place.
  • Appropriate closing: End the message with an appropriate closing word or phrase (such as Sincerely, or Regards,) and your full name. Include your phone number below your name in case the interviewer needs to call you about anything.

Sample Email Response With Set Times

Use text along these lines if the invitation you received included interview times for you to choose among.

Ms. Interviewer,

Thank you for inviting me to interview for a position as a customer service representative with XYZ Company. I am very excited to be considered for this position, and I look forward to having a chance to meet with you. Per the scheduling options suggested in your email, I would like to schedule an interview with you on Monday, June 15 at 10 a.m. CST. It is my understanding that the interview will take place at your corporate office, which is located at 1234 Anydrive in City, State. Please confirm if this time is convenient for you, and that I have the correct location.

I look forward to meeting you in person and sharing information on how I can be an asset to XYZ Company.


Amy Interviewee

Your Phone Number Here

Sample Email Response If You Can Set Time

Use text along these lines if the invitation left scheduling the interview time up to you.

Mr. Gatekeeper,

I am following up on your invitation to interview for a position with ABC Corporation. I appreciate your kind response to my resume and would definitely like to come in for an interview. I can meet with you any time that is convenient for you on Monday, June 15 or Tuesday, June 16. Please let me know what time works best for your schedule, and I will be there. Please reply with the address where the interview will be held and let me know if there are any special parking instructions.

I look forward to interviewing with you and learning more about employment opportunities with ABC company.


Joey Job Hunter

Your Phone Number Here

Sample Email Response for a Phone Interview

Use language similar to this if you have been invited to schedule a phone interview.

Ms. Screener,

Thank you so much for inviting me to schedule a telephone interview to speak with you about the possibility of joining the Acme Widget company team. I am very excited about the opportunity to learn more about the position and discuss how my background meets your company's needs in further detail.

Out of the dates you suggested, my preference would be to speak with you the morning of July 24. I can be available to speak with you by telephone any time between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. that day. Please reply to let me know what time works best for you. If you'd like me to call you, please let me know what number to use. If you'd prefer to initiate the call, you may reach me at ###-###-###.

I look forward to speaking with you at the agreed upon time.


Susie Job Seeker

Sample Email Response for a Skype Interview

Use language along these lines if you have been invited to interview via a Skype conversation.

Mr. High-Tech,

I am very excited to have an opportunity to interview with you via Skype for the position of Account Executive with Studio Services, Inc. I gladly accept your invitation to meet virtually next Tuesday at 3 p.m. EST. My Skype ID is __________.

The fact that your company is known as a leader in innovation is one of the reasons I am so interested in joining your team, so I wasn't surprised at all to see that you are utilizing a technology-mediated tool like Skype to expedite the interview process.

I look forward to having an opportunity to share my approach to innovation with you when we speak next week. I am confident that we will have a productive conversation, and that you'll see why I am a perfect choice for this position.


Confident Candidate

Sample Email Response With a Sales Pitch

If you want to work in a bit more of a sales pitch for your services, use this approach. Note that you can adjust it for any of above logistics scenarios for interview scheduling.

Ms. Decision Maker,

I am so glad that you perceive the potential for a strong fit between my skills and DEF Company's hiring needs. When I responded to your advertisement, I just knew that this position is one where I could really make a positive difference. I gladly accept your invitation to interview for the Administrative Assistant position on Tuesday, August 29.

I am so impressed with DEF Company's mission statement and reputation in the community. It is important to me to work with a company that is so highly regarded, and I look forward to having an opportunity to contribute as a member of your team. I am excited to have an opportunity to discuss with you just how much of an asset I can be to your organization during our in-person meeting next week.

I look forward to a productive interview.


Pick Me

Response Tips

When sending your response, keep the following in mind:

  • Keyboard email button
    Think carefully about what you want to say before replying. This is the only chance you'll get to make a first impression on the interviewer.
  • Proofread your email response carefully before clicking send. Ideally, get someone else to proof what you wrote, as well.
  • Use formal language, as if you were writing a business letter to send via snail mail or as an email attachment.
  • Spell everything out. Avoid text abbreviations, even if you are emailing your reply from your cell phone.
  • Do not use emoticons.
  • Do not copy anyone else on your reply.

A Word of Caution

No legitimate employer sends out unsolicited email invitations to interview for employment. If you receive an invitation via email to interview for a job for which you did not apply or submit a resume, exercise caution before responding at all, as there is a good chance that the message you received is spam or a phishing message sent by an identity thief or other type of scammer. If you have your resume posted on a job search website that employers can search, you might hear from an employer who finds you in that manner, but if the communication is legitimate, the message will specify where your contact information was obtained and provide you with sufficient information for you to verify if the communication is a real one. It won't be a 'to whom it may concern' email or be addressed to 'undisclosed recipients,' nor will it offer you a chance to get paid for doing basically nothing. Any so-called job related email that promises unrealistically high pay or that otherwise sounds too good to be true is a scam and is to be avoided.

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How to Respond to an Email Invitation to Interview