11 Best Backpack Brands Known for Quality & Style

Published February 17, 2021
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The best backpack brands address customer needs with valuable features for specific activities. You can determine which of the best backpack brands provide you with the features you look for in the perfect backpack.

1. Deuter

If you want a backpack that can stand up to hiking and anything the mountains can throw at you, then you may want a Deuter backpack. With a reputation for producing the highest quality backpacks, Deuter stands shoulder-to-shoulder with its competition. You can shop for the right type of backpack based on the activity, such as climbing, hiking, trekking, and traveling. Some of the choices include AC Lite, Speed Lite, Futura, Banff Lite, Freerider Lite and others. Price range: Around $65 to $230.

2. Timbuk2

If you need a top quality laptop bag and prefer a backpack over a crossbody bag, then you need to shop for a Timbuk2 backpack. The construction is excellent and provides the strength needed to hold and protect your laptop. Inside you'll find a padded laptop sleeve. Timbuk2 isn't just thinking storage when designing a backpack for laptops; careful consideration was made for what you might need to store along with your laptop. You'll find easy to reach storage compartments for accessories you may want to carry with you. Price range: Around $80 to $250.

Timbuk2 Tech Roll Top Backpack

3. Osprey

If you're doing more than carrying a laptop or books in your backpack, then you need to look into the great choices you have from Osprey. Whether you're hiking, snowboarding, or trail running, you need a quality great fitting backpack. Founded in 1974 by Mike Pfotenhauer, Osprey has been known for backpacks that fit great ever since Pfotenhauer made his first backpack at 16 years of age. He quickly gained customers who loved the customized fitting backpacks, just as today's customers do. Osprey also offers an Avalanche backpack with an airbag for around $1,200. Price range: Around $60 -$380.

4. The North Face

If you want a backpack that will serve you during the week for work or school and be versatile enough for weekend backpacking and camping you should consider The North Face backpacks. The North Face backpacks can easily pull double duty from everyday use to camping equipment toting ready. You'll find most of the backpacks are water resistant. There are some interesting features, such as a whistle located on the buckle. You can find backpacks for every member of your family. Price range: Around $50-$400.

5. Dagne Dover

It's not your kid brother's backpack. Dagne Dover takes control of the backpack and gives it a bit of fashion twist with a sophisticated design. These backpacks are available in small, medium, and large. This is the backpack you were meant to take to work. You have plenty of storage space and organizing features to make this a valuable work tool. Price range: Around $135 to $195.

Dagne Dover Backpack

6. Herschel Supply Co. Best Backpack Brands for School

Herschel Supply Co. is a unique company offering a wide range of styles and backpacks for different age groups from adults to children. You'll find some cute graphic patterns as well as different sized backpacks, including adorable mini-backpacks for that perfect fashion look. Herschel Supply Co is dedicated to sustainable practices and strives to leave a smaller footprint in the industry world. You'll benefit from their innovative designs should you find the backpack you've want for work and play. Price range: Around $40-$170.

Herschel Supply Co Backpack

7. BAGGUU Best Backpack Brands for College

BAGGUU makes unpretentious backpacks that are simple and functional. They are also cute! You can choose a small or large sport backpack to carry everything you need at work or school If you don't need a sports backpack, then perhaps the drawstring snap flap is more your fashion style. Price range: Around $46-84.

8. Patagonia Backpack

At Patagonia, you'll find two types of backpacks. There are the casual backpacks for things like going to work or school. Then, there are the technical backpacks that are designed for those engaged in sports, like hiking, fly fishing, trail running, and rock climbing. The backpacks are quality made and have a waterproof line of backpacks that you may want to check out, too. Pric range: Around $89-$229.

Patagonia Backpack

9. Yukon Bags

You can go to college in style with a Yukon leather backpack. You won't need to replace your backpack every year due to wear and tear. Yukon leather backpacks offer you various storage compartments with a secure drawstring closure and a top flap with two straps that are secured with buckle closures. Price range: Around $245-$290.

10. Tortuga Best Backpack Brands for Travel

If you travel and like to use a backpack, then you need to browse through Tortuga backpacks. Tortuga offers award-winning ergonomic designs that were created with you, the traveler, in mind. You have the choice of large, medium, or expandable size carry on backpacks. You won't be disappointed when you see the storage space each size affords you. Price range: Around $150-$200.

11. JanSport

You're sure to find an everyday backpack with the JanSport offerings. You can choose from features such as, a laptop sleeve, water bottle pocket, Internal organization, two large compartments, lightweight designs, a front utility pocket, and other features. You have a choice in design styles, colors, and patterns. Price range: Around $20-$130.

JanSport SuperBreak Classic Backpack, Blue

Best Backpack Brands for Different Activities

Not everyone needs a trail running backpack or a fly fishing backpack. A list of best backpack brands for various activities can help you find the right backpack for your needs.

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11 Best Backpack Brands Known for Quality & Style