10 Best Romantic Scented Candles to Set the Mood

Published May 19, 2022
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There are a few vital components to set the mood for the perfect romantic evening: flowers, atmospheric music, and of course, all of the candles. The phrase "candlelit dinner" exists for a reason, after all. Nothing can kill the mood like bright fluorescent lighting, and nothing quite serenades romance like the alluring flicker of a candle.

That being said, romance isn't merely reserved for a few scattered tealight candles. No, the options are endless. You can build the perfect romantic fantasy with the help of a perfectly selected fragrance or perhaps a candle whose wax can be used to keep the romantic ball rolling… There is no shortage of romantically scented candles that can set just the right vibe, and here are just a few of my absolute favorites.


Scent: When it comes to setting a romantic mood, perhaps its best to avoid the overtly fruity or fresh scents. You'll want to stick to scents better suited for romance such as roses, or even smoky amber undertones that can mimick the warmth of a fireplace.

Efficiency: Sure, countless tealight candles scattered around the room are the makings of an idyllic romantic movie scene. What they don't show you is how time consuming the set up and clean up can be. A single candle can do just as good of a job.

Multi-functional: When selecting a romantic scented candle, you can kill two birds with one stone by choosing a massage oil candle that can be used on your partner. Just like that, your candle will not only offer the perfect fragrance, it will give you a sensual activity to engage in, too.

Diptyque runs the candle game as one of the most elite luxury candle brands, and for good reason. Diptyque candles may come at a hefty price point, but I guarantee you they are worth it. The depth and uniqueness of scent they capture is unmatched, and this Roses candle is the perfect rose-scented candle that stands out. This candle will leave your room feeling like you're sitting in a rose bush - without the thorns! With a burning time of 60 hours, you get what you're paying for, especially since you can repurpose the trendy cup into a beautiful home decor piece.


Sometimes life gets in the way, and it can be hard to dedicate the time to an actual date night. Have some fun with this pick by gifting it to your partner as a playful way to ask them out. This cute Homesick 'Date Night' candle not only works as a funny gift, it is also equipped to perfectly set the atmosphere for the evening. Burn this trendily packaged candle for some sensual tones of fig combined with cashmere and patchouli. The natural soy-wax blend has a burning time of 60-80 hours, so keep it around to whip out every date night and make it a cute tradition.

Get excited. This SELF+JimmyJane candle isn't just beautiful, it serves as a lot more than just a pretty decor piece to add to your bookcase. Perfect for a romantic evening, this massage oil candle can double as an aromatherapy hot oil treatment you can use to massage your partner. Coming in three scent variations: floral, fruity, and fresh, these candles are formulated with soybean oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and aloe vera for a perfectly hydrating and slick massaging oil. This one is guaranteed to leave your skin glowing in the flicker of its candlelight.

Here's another funny and not-so-subtle romantic scented candle that's perfect to gift your partner to drop a hint. This Kanobi Candle Co. Scented Soy Candle comes in an amber jar that increases the longevity of its scent, but the real selling point is the writing on the jar. The candle gives you a fun way to let your partner know exactly what kind of night you're planning on having! The sensuality isn't merely reserved for the writing, though. The fragrance features notes of sandalwood, leather, and tonka perfectly combined with base notes of smokey oud, amber, and musk to set the perfect steamy scene.


Otherland hit the candle scene strong as a brand made by candle-lovers for candle-lovers. Over the past couple of years, their collection has grown to include something for every occasion, and its Kindling scent is your perfect romantic evening companion. The combination of Alaskan cedar, smoky embers, and incense work to emulate the feeling of chopped wood, distant fires, and a warm wool blanket. Cozy up to this powerful scent that's guaranteed to fill your space. You can enjoy this candle knowing it's completely clean and contains no parabens, no sulfates, no synthetic dyes, and is cruelty-free.

Okay, okay - I cheated just a little bit on this one. But having a great flameless candle option around is a necessity for romantic evenings! The Enido Flameless LED Candles are great companions for any of the other candles mentioned here. Use these to light up the room by gathering them around in a corner or decorating your table with them. You could even get creative and build a guiding pathway with them for romantic surprises. The candles are waterproof which makes them perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and they're also remote-controlled, which is so handy for the element of surprise.

If you're intrigued by the romantic massage oil candle idea but looking for something a little more affordable, this one is for you. The Kama Sutra Massage Oil Candle in Island Passion Berry comes in a perfectly shaped container for pouring onto your partner. This one has a uniquely rich scent thanks to the succulent papaya notes. The massage oil wax is formulated with coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E to deeply nourish your partner's skin as you massage. Don't worry, massage oils naturally burn at low temperatures so you won't have to worry about a first-degree burn killing the moment.


Romantic evenings don't have to mean setting aside your own interests and hobbies. If you or your partner are big on crystals and energy healing, this Aromount Crystal Healing Candle in Love can be the perfect way to bring that into your romantic plans. Set the mood with this intensely scented cranberry rose candle with bottom notes of cashmere and vetiver formulated to enhance the romantic vibes. The eco-friendly candle is not only stunning to look at, that beautiful design also has a purpose as it is adorned with rose quartz crystals and flower petals to represent love. The stone holds the promise of empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness making it perfect for an emotional reset.

This Woodwick Ellipse Scented Candle does so much more than just set the mood with its scent, it hits your sense of hearing as well. Wooden wick candles are always great options to give you the feel of a warm, crackling fireplace. This vanilla and sea salt scented pick is guaranteed to give your fireplaceless apartment the feel of a cozy cabin in the woods. Cuddle up to your partner and do a little "Netflix and chill" as this candle crackles away in the background, setting the ultimate comforting, romantic vibe.

Who said romance is reserved for those with significant others? One of the best forms of love is self-love. Why not set yourself up for a romantic evening for one? Shower yourself with all the good vibes by lighting this My Lumina Self-Love Aromatherapy Candle. Containing a heart-shaped rose quartz stone within, this candle promises to open up your heart chakra. Take a moment to yourself to meditate on why you love your own company, and bask in the sweet pea scent it fills your room with.

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10 Best Romantic Scented Candles to Set the Mood