Majestic lion looking at camera

The fifth sign of the zodiac is Leo, the lion (July 23 - August 22). Presided over by the Sun and the element of fire, regal Leos thrive in the warm glow of the spotlight. They're ambitious, determined, and have an unmatched flair for drama and pageantry, so it's no wonder that many actors and celebrities have prominent Leo placements in their natal charts.

Put simply, Leos will always find a way to be the star of their own show. Though they can be self-absorbed and materialistic in their less noble moments, they also possess a fierce courage and steadfast loyalty to those they love. If you find yourself in the good graces of a Leo, you can bet on a steadfast and loving friend in your corner.

Presents for Leos should be luxe and eye-catching, but never tacky. And it's often best to avoid anything overly sentimental.

When I was tending bar on Capitol Hill in DC many years ago I learned that there's an element of performance that goes into mixing cocktails. The bar is a stage, the tools in front of your are props, and each thirsty customer is a member of the audience ready to be your fan for life if you shake the martini up just right. Your Leo will love playing bartender with ultra-glam gold utensils like these. This highly-reviewed set includes a cocktail shaker, a muddler, liquor pourers, stoppers, and so much more, all on a bamboo stand designed to organize and display everything perfectly.

The most prominent physical feature of a lion is its mane, and chances are good the Leo in your life cares a lot about their hair. Oribe's luxury hair care poducts inspire a near religious fervor in their fans who swear that each liquid ounce is worth its weight in gold. This limited edition giftable set includes the shampoo, conditioner, and nourishing oil from their Gold Lust collection.

An inexpensive clip on ring light like this one is the small but mighty way to ensure the Leo in your life always looks radiant and luminous in their selfies - as they should! I love this one because it's not just rechargeable, it also has three flattering color temperatures and levels of brightness to choose from so that your Leo can always find their perfect lighting.


Neither Liz nor Dick were Leos themselves (Taylor was a Pisces and Burton was a Scorpio), but their tumultuous, larger-than-life love affair falls squarely in the wheelhouse of the passionately romantic astrological lion. It doesn't get more glamorous or explosive than their story, which began as an extramarital affair on the set of Cleopatra in 1962 and was exhaustively documented by the paparazzi for over a decade before it ended. They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

Featuring gold plated suns and bright, cheerful citrine crystals to attract confidence and prosperity, these earrings were practically tailor-made for a Leo. Artist Raquel Kalina designed these beautiful baubles using ethically sourced materials, and they continue to be sustainably handmade in California.

Inspired by the very luxe, very "in" MFK Baccarat Rouge 540, this Dossier dupe is a fraction of the price, but oh, it smells just as good. Fragrance notes of saffron and orange blossom on top, a heart of jasmine, plum, and cedarwood, all with a base of amber, balsam, and oakmoss. This bold scent is gender-inclusive and all Leo.


The sumptuously soft fabric will entice Leo's taste for luxury and the selection of two dozen colors will appeal to their fashionable side. Highly giftable, timeless in design, and made of marvelously comfy 100% cotton, PajamaGram has PJ sets for every shape, size, and style. Perfect for a sign that values both consistency and personality.

The tarot card corresponding with Leo is Strength - thoroughly unsurprising. When it comes up in a reading, it's an indication that the querent possesses an inner calm and fortitude that allows them to work through whatever life dishes out. This 18k gold plated necklace will act as a constant reminder to the Lion you love that they, too, can handle anything.

One trait that is sometimes overlooked in Leo is that they can be rather outdoorsy. For example, they love a beach day! They do a little sun worshipping, show off their suit and/or volleyball skills, and scope out their potential next crush. And if they've got this insulated cooler backpack in tow, the lion will also get to engage in their favorite activity of all: basking in praise. It holds up to 30 cans (there's even a bottle opener on the strap!) and comes in six stylish colors.


This is the sort of game you might play after a few bottles of wine at a dinner party that starts out as good fun but can rapidly bring on some drama. So a Leo is guaranteed to love it! Each of the 320 cards in the deck contains a question like "Whose parents are most disappointed in them?" Then everyone anonymously votes on which player they think that prompt most applies to. Everybody has a hilarious time and nobody cries or asks to go home early...