15 Best Large Candles to Spruce Up Your Space

Published February 3, 2022
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As a devoted candle lover, I probably burn through somewhere north of a dozen or so large candles per month. There's something so lovely about it! A lit candle lovingly placed on a coffee table or a bookcase adds such ambience to a space - it smells good, it emits a gentle glow, and the very presence of one just seems to make the whole room seem cozy and welcoming. And the best large candles offer a longer burning time so your space can enjoy its gentle light and soothing fragrance for weeks at a time.

Many of the candles on this list are brands and candle types I have often bought for myself over the years, and a few are scattered throughout my home right now. I also scoured through hundreds of reviews from other devoted candle lovers to find out what they loved most about their favorite large candles, too. This list includes a selection made from beeswax, soy, paraffin, and even coconut wax blends.

Things to Consider

Potency: Scent preference is a major factor when selecting the best large candles that suit your space. The strength of the aroma is just as important as how long the aroma lingers in a room.

Price: Large candles sell for a premium - the bigger the candle, the more expensive they tend to be. While most picks on this list are under the $30 mark, there are a few decadent splurge options, too!

Wax: Each type of candle wax (from soy to beeswax to paraffin) comes with its own benefits - some are more sustainable, while others are less expensive.

Our Top Picks:

Best Overall :
Chesapeake Bay Candle Cashmere Jasmine

A soothing soy blend candle for peace and tranquility.
Read more.

Budget Buy :
Essential Elements Scented Candle - Vanilla & Sandalwood

Over 45 hours of burn time at a super affordable price.
Read more.

Best Splurge:
NEST Scented Candle - Bamboo

Go ahead and indulge with this luxury candle.
Read more.

Most Creative:
New Home Homesick Scented Candle

Create a homey ambiance with this jasmine and cedarwood pick.
Read more.

Most Eco-Conscious:
Bluecorn Beeswax Candle - Lavender

A divine aroma that's environmentally friendly? Yes, please!
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A major player in the candle space over the past few years, Chesapeake Bay Candle seems to make every type of candle under the sun! Made with a soy blend and poured into fully recyclable frosted glass jars, this three-wick candle will burn for about 24 hours. While Chesapeake Bay offers a wide variety of scents, Peace + Tranquility is a particular favorite that smells like cashmere and jasmine for a relaxing aromatherapy experience.


Another great soy wax option is HHI Candles that boast a dozen naturally scented fragrances, and many reviewers state that the scent lasts a long time even after the candle has been blown out. The Cedarwood Eucalyptus option gets particularly high marks for offering a light and woodsy scent that does not feel too cloying or intense.

If major fragrance potency is what you're after, though, there's no better way to go than Bath and Body Work's White Barn collection that offers specifically "high intensity" candles. Made from vegetable wax with a low burning point, this candle also has an exceptionally long burning time of up to 45 hours.

While this one has two wicks instead of three, it is no less valuable with a soy wax blend that will keep burning for up to 35 hours. Farm to Table Aromatherapy has long been one of my personal favorites due to its super reusable and recyclable jar as well as the comapny's use of natural oils to scent their products. Because the fragrances come from natural oils, however, it is a lighter, softer scent that's not quite as potent or as noticeable as some others.


This is easily one of the longest lasting single-wick candles I've ever used and has long been my go-to housewarming gift for many friends and family. Made from soy wax, Homesick Candles come in dozens of scents inspired by places and feelings every aromatherapy junkie will appreciate. The "New Home" fragrance is particularly lovely with jasmine, cedarwood, and lime scents that bring a relaxing and refreshing ambience to a new space. All that and an 80 hour burn time? Yes, please.

Using potent essential oils to maintain its fragrance, this vanilla and sandalwood scented candle from Essential Elements offers a gentle and comforting aroma perfect for any room. Made from soy wax with a burn time of up to 45 hours, this is a super budget-friendly three-wick pick.

If you've never tried a citrus forward candle scent, I highly recommend it. There's simply nothing more invigorating and refreshing than that clean, zingy smell as soon as you wake up in the morning. This lime, basil, and mandarin pick from T & H candles is made from soy wax and will burn for a staggering 80 to 100 hours! I've got one on my kitchen counter right now.


With a total burn time of up to 50 hours, this pick from Root Candles does a lot to recommend a good beeswax candles. Made in Ohio, the company prides themselves on never using any petroleum-based or paraffin waxes in their products. They instead focus on fragrant essential oils, bee-friendly practices, and lead-free cotton wicks that offer soot-free and smokeless burns.

Love a unique and interesting scent but don't love when your whole house smells tooth-achingly strong? I've got you. This coconut saffron pick from Nature's Wick not only boasts a much softer, gentler tropical fragrance, the three wooden wicks offer lovely crackling sounds reminiscent of a gentle campfire.

Okay, I can't help but adore this company. A subset of Colonial Candle, Manly Indulgence seeks to make candles that appeal to guys, and many of their fragrances appeal to me, too! Among my favorites is this black pine and oak moss candle that truly smells like a hike through the woods. Made from a soy wax blend, it will also burn for about 60 hours.


Love & Linger is also hopping on the dude-focused candle market! "Cowboy" is scented to smell like leather and campfire and uses a proprietary wax blend of both soy and beeswax. This blend is, honestly, brilliant. Not only does it offer a long burn time of up to 75 hours, it retains its fragrance absolutely beautifully.

How could I not add Yankee Candle? Made from a soy wax blend, their medium-sized three-wick jar candles burn for up to 38 hours, and this linen scented beauty makes any bedroom smell so fresh and calming, you might actually look forward to doing laundry.

Are you ready for this? 100 hours of burn time. Yes, you read that right. This NEST candle, while a touch pricey, not only comes in a gorgeous, hand-blown, and super reusable decorative jar, its unique bamboo scent incorporates white lotus, jasmine, and hyacinth.


If sustainability is your topmost concern when shopping for a great candle, look no further. Bluecorn's candles are made with 100% pure beeswax and 100% pure essential oils for all-natural fragrance. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, these are poured in Colorado into 100% post-consumer recycled glass jars from Spain!

Alright, alright, this is the last time I go on about how cool I think it is that the candle industry is starting to bring men into the fold. Boy Smells makes a point of blending both masculine and feminine scents to create candles that appeal to absolutely everyone. June's scent includes bergamot, cassis, anise, coriander, daffodils, and tonka, an incredibly unique and fascinating formula of fragrance.

To learn more about the benefits of each type of candle, check out our pieces on beeswax candles and soy wax candles.

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15 Best Large Candles to Spruce Up Your Space