Ghost Crab On The Beach At Lamu Island

The celestial crab known as Cancer (June 21 - July 22) is the fourth sign in Western Astrology. Its element is water, naturally, and the Moon is its ruling "planet" (because in astrology we call all major heavenly bodies planets, regardless of their technical astronomical classification). The Moon's influence gives Cancers a maternal, caring energy. They are highly sensitive and intuitive, but just as the crab walks along at an angle, so too will Cancers avoid direct, head-on confrontation.

Homebodies of the highest order - even more so than Tauruses - they love nothing more than when plans to go out get canceled. And it's easy to see why: their home spaces are always supremely cozy and inviting. Although it may take some coaxing to get them out of their shell, when they do invite you in, you'd be hard-pressed to find a sign more hospitable or nurturing.

I've rounded up ten gifts sure to soften the hard exoskeleton of any crab you love.

Home decor to honor their Mama Luna will certainly please the Cancer in your life. This glowing orb is a realistic 3-D printed model of our dear satellite. It sits atop a black hand-shaped base and can be operated via touch or remote control. The soft light can be adjusted to a cool or warm tone, and when fully charged, the battery lasts up to 24 hours, depending on the brightness.

This modern yet feminine ring features a big statement-sized freshwater pearl, Cancer's gemstone. The band has a core of sterling silver coated with a thick layer of 18k gold vermeil on the inside and black enamel on the outside. The contrast of these elements is both striking and moody - very Cancerian.

Because they are so domestically-oriented, crabs make great hosts. On top of that, one part of the body they govern is the stomach, meaning they are usually excellent cooks and extremely generous with food. They'll adore this Instagram-famous Dansk enameled casserole for its beauty and function. It comes in ten colors (I like the deep violet plum for Cancer) and the lid can also be used as a trivet!


Not only will the food at a Cancer's dinner party be delicious, comforting, and plentiful, but you can be sure that the wine will flow freely, too. These elegant stainless steel chalices are big enough to hold 500 milliliters each and are as durable as they are stylish.

Just because Cancer prefers to stay in doesn't mean they don't like to have a good time! Cancers are also very security conscious and great money managers at heart. Gifting them with a fun old-time classic Monopoly game that the whole family can enjoy will let them unleash their inner financial guru (and have some fun doing it).

"Homebody"? The product's name says it all. A frequent requirement for the well-being of any crab is to retreat into its shell to recharge, especially if a lot has been asked of them emotionally or socially. The gift of a bath soak containing relaxing herbal extracts and CBD is sure to be a hit. No tub? No problem! It can also be used as a skin exfoliant in the shower.


Don't be surprised if this soft, 100% organic cotton bathrobe becomes your Cancer's around-the-house uniform. Hooded and designed for an oversized fit, it pretty much checks all possible coziness boxes. Tekla's offerings are high-quality and made to last. This bathrobe is made in Portugal and comes in 23 lovely colors.

The Jake's House candle from Henry Rose is made of clean-burning coconut and vegetable wax with fragrance notes of fresh marine on top; honeyed neroli, peony, and jasmine in the middle; and a base of soft musk. It's warming and inviting, yet beautifully clean.

Their sensitivity is a gift, not a curse, but running mascara is a frequent problem for the crab. This internet viral cult-favorite mascara is legendary, and the waterproof formula promises all of the signature feathery, clump-free glam, but none of the smudging from sweat, rain, or tears.


Cancers are the sentimentalists of the zodiac, so this is a lovely gift for those who like to reminisce. Once a week, Storyworth sends a prompt - either chosen by you or at random from the program - and the recipient replies to it via email. At the end of the year, all of their responses are collected into a gorgeous, hardbound keepsake book.