When on the hunt for a new candle, you may find yourself basing your decision solely on the scent. But the truth is, paying close attention to every detail from the burning time to the type of wax used could make or break your candle experience. Beeswax candles are a little trickier to come by, but this unique, all-natural form of candle will become your new favorite once you try it.

People tend to make the assumption that all-natural and toxin-free products tend to be a little less effective. Well, that's certainly not the case when it comes to beeswax candles. Not only will a candle made from beeswax emit a brighter flame and avoid producing soot when burning, but they also have a ton of benefits. While your beeswax candle works to fill your space with the scent of your choice, it actually also works to cleanse the air by neutralizing pollutants such as dust and mold in your atmosphere. A candle with a purpose! It helps that beeswax candles tend to come with an underlying note of honey scent that's super relaxing.


Scent: Just like any other wax, beeswax candles come in a variety of scents - although, if you're into honey scents, they do them best!

Flame: For fans of beeswax candles, one of the best parts is how bright the flame is. The potency of beeswax candles can emit a brighter and longer-lasting flame than other wax types. This makes it great at lighting up the room if you're going for a lights-off candlelit vibe.

Benefits: Beeswax candles being all-natural isn't their only upside. While paraffin candles should generally be avoided by those with asthma or allergies, beeswax candles are actually beneficial as they cleanse and purify the air around them.

Root Candles Honeycomb Beeswax Candle: Fall Leaves

Root Candles is an American-made brand dedicated to creating beeswax candles with the finest blend of beeswax and other premium natural waxes. This three-wick candle burns for up to 50 clean and soot-free hours. The scent Fall Leaves is the epitome of a fall candle with notes of crisp fall leaves mixed with woodland herbs, redwood bark, and a hint of fruity harvest apple and pure pumpkin.

Boy Smells Candle: LES

Beeswax aside, Boy Smells candles have their own fan following in the candle market. Boy Smells' iconic and simple jar with that pink label has become somewhat of an aesthetic home decor staple. But what really reels people in is their unique scents. Formulated with a blend of coconut and beeswax, this candle offers a burn time of 50 hours. LES is one of Boy Smells' most infamous scents as it offers a rich combination of black currant and peach blossom uniquely complemented by spicy cardamom and white cedar.

Candle by the Hour: Beehive Candle

Well, if you're getting a beeswax candle, you might as well have some fun with it. This adorable Candle by the Hour beehive candle gives you an authentic beeswax experience, and they've even thrown in a few bee gems to complete the vibe. This all-natural beeswax candle is specially designed for optimal air purifying as well as a stronger flame. Watch as this candle burns through the winding layers for up to 70 hours, this is unlike any candle you've seen before.


Root Candles Tealight Scented Candles: Hot Chocolate

Beeswax candles can come in all the same usual candle forms, including tea lights. These Root Candles Tealight Scented Candles each offer a four hour burn as they cleanse the air and fill it with this rich, chocolatey decadence. Combining notes of vanilla and semi-sweet chocolate builds the perfect delicious hot chocolate aroma - all that's missing is some mini marshmallows.

Moss Chandlers Pure Beeswax Aromatherapy Candle: Orange, Lemon, Grapfruit & Lemongrass

If you're looking to keep things simple, this is the beeswax candle for you. Moss Chandlers Pure Beeswax Aromatherapy Candle is a no-fuss, no-muss, single-wick candle jar filled with 100% organic and non-toxic certified pure beeswax. The high-quality blend offers a potent and even burn as the candle fills the room with a refreshing pop of orange, lemon, grapefruit, and lemongrass.

Root Candles Elements Collection: Air

Considering the air purifying properties of beeswax candles, this Root Candles Elements Collection Candle in Air seems pretty appropriate! In their special edition square jar, this two-wick candle burns for up to 45 hours. The fresh scent will fill your home with clean cotton musk balanced with crisp linen. It captures the same freshness that the beeswax formula will give your space.


La Bellefee Beeswax Pillar Candles

Once you get hooked on beeswax candles, you'll want to replace your entire collection of candles with beeswax ones. Well, you're going to need these honeycomb La Bellefee Beeswax Pillar Candles for your favorite candelabras. This pack of 16 comes in eight color options including white, black, red, dark blue, orange, yellow, pink, and purple. Each candle offers a burning time of two to four and a half hours. These are great for special occasions, especially given the unique honeycomb pattern.

Bluecorn Beeswax 100% Recycled Spanish Glass Beeswax Candle

If you're looking for the most authentic beeswax candle experience you can get, this is the one for you. Bluecorn Beeswax's three-wick beeswax candle offers 100% pure beeswax formulated with 100% pure essential oils in a 100% recycled glass. This is truly an all-natural experience, as the wax itself is paraffin-free, lead-free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. This unscented candle will emit negative ions to purify your air as it burns for up to 18 hours.

Love & Linger Luxury Soy & Beeswax Candle: Cowboy

Just because you're switching up your wax, that doesn't mean you can't still get a classical three-wick, wide jar candle experience. Love & Linger's Luxury Soy & Beeswax three-wick candle comes in the usual large jar, and it combines a blend of hand-poured soy and beeswax to provide maximum fragrance and a non-toxic, clean burning experience. The scent Cowboy is an authentic, deeply masculine scent that combines leather and campfire for a rich cologne smell.


Kapok Candle Co. Beeswax Scented Candle: First Light

For a refreshing and unique scent combination, this Kapok Candle Co. Beeswax Scented Candle in First Light is the perfect pick. The simple glass jar with a wooden lid houses 100% cotton wicks and hand poured beeswax that combines notes of jasmine, brewed tea, and cucumber, making it the perfect summertime candle. The best part? For each candle sold, Kapok Candle Co. donates 10% to land conversation charities worldwide. Choosing this candle isn't just a win for you, it's a win for the planet!

Scentsational Natural Coconut + Beeswax Candle: White Magnolia

This clean, glossy white jar with beautiful text across it makes for a perfect home decor candle, but it's what's inside that really counts. Scentsational's Natural Scented Candle combines a blend of coconut wax and beeswax with a 100% cotton, lead-free single wick. The scent White Magnolia is as clean as it sounds, combining creamy magnolia with refreshing melon and crisp apple, all rounded out with a deep, sheer, musk-infused lily and flowering jasmine scent.

Root Candles Honeycomb Veriglass Candle: Tea Leaf & Honey

One more Root candle for good measure! This time, the iconic beeswax candles brand has created a fragrance that lets the honey shine rather than infusing it with a totally different scent. In their trademark honeycomb veriglass cup, this Tea Leaf & Honey candle offers a refreshing green tea scent swirled with rich honey and notes of purifying bergamot with tart Meyer lemon for a soothing, spa-like scent in the air.


Lullify Natural Soy & Beeswax Candle: In The Clouds

There's no better excuse to light a candle than for a moment of self-care and complete relaxation. This Lullify Natural Soy & Beeswax Candle in the scent In The Clouds is bound to be your new favorite bathtime bestie. As the natural beeswax cleanses the air around you, the super relaxing fragrance will cleanse your mind and leave you at ease. It combines relaxing vetiver, patchouli, and raw aloe with the spice of clover and gentle musk. The candle promises to promote wellness and completely relax you, and if that isn't enough, then just scan the QR code on the candle for a playlist of calm and soothing rain sounds to really set the mood.

Boy Smells Candle: Petal

It's only right to round off the list with another Boy Smells candle - they're just that good. Also packaged in their trademark black cup with a pink label, the scent Petal is a floral candle-lovers dream. This isn't your typical 'rose petals' scent. Boy Smells has a way of creating their own twist on things, and this pick combines tree flowers and rose with sage and patchouli for a uniquely smoky and rich floral fragrance.

Eager to learn more about the benefits of beeswax candles? Check out our article here all about what a great job they do, or take a look at how to make your own!