15 Best Outdoor Candles to Make Your Porch Feel Homey

Published May 25, 2022
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The great outdoors undeniably offer a certain charm. An anti-cozy coziness, if you will. The one downside, however, is the inability to set the atmosphere with your trusty candle. Well, think again. Just because you're in a wide open space, that doesn't mean you have to forgo candles. You no longer have to just rely on that fireplace to be your only source of comfort. Luckily for us candle fiends, the candle market has its very own corner devoted to outdoor candles.

Whether you're camping, throwing an outdoor get-together, or just stepping out onto your balcony for some much-needed meditation - there's an outdoor candle to help make the moment. I love to take a moment every day to smell some fresh air and reflect on the day, and a trusty outdoor candle flame is the perfect touch to set the vibe. Here are some of our favorite outdoor candle options for your every outdoorsy need.


Citronella: The first thing you may want to take into consideration when planning to light a candle outdoors is all the bugs and insects it can attract. Don't let this stop you though. Luckily, you can find countless outdoor candles that contain citronella which is a scent that deters insects - we have several listed below.

Decorative vs. Fragrant: When selecting your outdoor candles, you should decide whether you want them for the purpose of sprucing up your outdoor setup or if you're looking for the traditional scented candle experience. Don't worry - there are options for both!

Waterproof: If you're intending on keeping your outdoor candle outside at all times, you're going to need it to be waterproof. This is especially necessary if you're getting an LED or battery-operated candle for decor.

The safest bet when it comes to selecting your outdoor candle is a flameless one. It's guaranteed to stay lit through any weather, and these Homemory Store Waterproof Outdoor Flameless Candles are particularly rain-resistant. This set of three candles comes in varying sizes to create a level effect that's great for decor purposes. Choose from ten settings on the remote to help you customize your preferred level of brightness and flickering to create the perfect atmosphere.


Yankee Candle is a candle pioneer, so naturally, they excel at the outdoor candle game as well. This Yankee Candle Large Outdoor Candle takes your favorite brand outside, and it combines citronella with essential oils to intensify outdoor fragrance without attracting insects. The scent of sparkling lemongrass especially complements the earthy outdoor scents as it adds a punch of citrus-y freshness.

The beautiful packaging is just one of the many pros of this Abarli citronella outdoor candle. Coming in a pack of three 3-wick candles, these are perfect to scatter across our outdoor patio to fill the air with its refreshing lemongrass scent. Abarli's candles are formulated with natural soy wax and give you 60-70 hours of burn time. The soy wax combined with citronella oil and cotton wick makes this ideal for outdoor use as they are smokeless and deter insects.

If you're not here to faff about with a deliciously scented and beautifully packaged candle, and you're just looking for something that repels bugs, this is for you. Cutter's Citro Guard Candle is the perfect outdoor companion to repel mosquitos and flying insects without being a huge eyesore. Light this 3-wick candle to release an intense citronella scent and keep those bugs at bay. It doesn't hurt that you still get the warm, comforting flicker of a candle, rather than an offensively bright bug buzzer.


Just because you're taking your candle outdoors, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice chicness. This super handy 7TREE Citronella Candle comes in a sleek black wax tin which also happens to fit in perfectly outside. This hand-poured, natural soy wax candle is also formulated with citronella oil, but it comes across as a powerful fresh green citrus scent that fills the air. 7TREE is formulated to offer a clean, smokeless burn for 60-75 hours, though they recommend only burning for 2-3 hours at a time.

If you like to spend a lot of time camping and want a candle you can easily take with you, take a look at this. Coleman's Scented Citronella Candle has that same trusty citronella brand you're surely familiar with, which makes it perfect for keeping bugs away from your campsite. Its small size makes it super easy to tote along with you, but don't underestimate it, it still has a burning time of 25 hours. The best part of this handy candle is its wooden crackle wick that really gives you a campfire feel, guaranteed to leave you a happy camper.

You may have clicked on this article in search of an outdoor candle to help complete your terrace or patio decor. Well, here's your answer. Pearlstar's Solar Outdoor Candle Lantern is a great option to get some outdoor lighting that gets major style points, too. With a flameless LED candle inside, this flickering flame will look like the real thing without the fire hazard. The black straw lantern offers a trendy modern feel, while also being waterproof and weatherproof - perfect for lighting up a pathway!


Sometimes you just need a multi-use staple. Typically, these are tealights, but can you imagine the hassle of dealing with tealight candles outdoors? These Homemory Solar Waterproof Outdoor Candles come in handy for romantic scene-setting or to decorate your patio by adding them to the table or hanging them from tree branches. The candles are waterproof, but the best part is that they are solar charged! These are completely hassle-free, just let them charge up during sunlight hours, and they'll automatically light up at night for 8-10 hours. It's an outdoor candle must-have.

If you're gearing up for a special occasion, these glittery candles add the perfect festive touch. Evenice Store's Blue Flickering flameless candles aren't just for Christmas - they come in a range of glitter colors and add a little extra shimmer to any event. The pack of three battery-operated candles has flickering wicks that wave to mimic the effect of a real candle. The glitter adds its very own shine by catching the moonlight.

Another great party addition would be the Danip LED Flameless Candles with Embedded Starlight String. What outdoor event is complete without a little starlight? Wrapped around these flameless candles is a fun way to add a string light touch to your party decor. The candles come in blue, but once lit, they appear as a gradient ombre effect that's absolutely beautiful.


If you have a tree in your backyard that could do with a little sprucing up, we have the perfect solution for you. These beautiful Solar Lights Outdoor Hanging Lanterns come in an eye-catching metal dome shape lined with ball string that captures the light of the flameless candle encapsulated within. It's such a simple touch that looks incredibly and effortlessly chic. This set contains four 12-inch long hanging chains with hooks that make it easy to hang on just about anything. The candles are solar-powered, so not only is this extra touch beautiful to look at, but it's eco-friendly and energy saving, too!

If the campfire won't come to you, who says you can't fake it 'til you make it? WoodWick's Ellipse Scented Candle with Crackling Wick comes with a wide wooden wick that will emulate the crackling of a fireplace as it burns for up to 50 hours. The candle's glass shape may seem oddly wide, but the shape actually works to produce a mess-free burn that spreads fragrance more evenly. The Coastal Sunset scent is especially comforting and perfectly suited to the outdoors with its coconut warmth mixed with a wash of salty ocean air. You'll forget you're in your backyard, and not by the ocean!

La Jolie Muse's Citronella Candle is a fan favorite when it comes to outdoor candles. Its stunning marbled tin aside, this candle is formulated with that must-have citronella essential oil, making it perfect for outdoor use. But La Jolie Muse has really tapped into a unique citronella scent that is extremely refreshing and pure. The 3-wick tin offers 26-30 hours of burning time, and thanks to the citronella, that means a smokeless and fume-free burning experience.


The citronella just keeps coming. After all, it's an outdoor candle must-have. Hidden Label's version comes in a cute jar and combines the citronella scent with lime to play up its citrus undertones. This 2-wick soy wax candle boasts a burning time of up to 75 hours. The strong scent of this candle also makes it perfect for removing odors from food to keep the area smelling fresh and outdoorsy.

Just because you can't have a fireplace outdoors, that doesn't mean you can't build your own. Use this set of nine Amagic flameless candles to create a little bundle in an outdoor corner to give the same vibe of a cozy fireplace. With varying heights and sizes, this bundle is the perfect decor set to brighten up your outdoor area.

Looking for even more great candles? Take a look at our article about great citronella candles (also perfect for the outdoors) and large candles that suit every space.

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15 Best Outdoor Candles to Make Your Porch Feel Homey