12 Medicine Storage Ideas for an Organized Treatment Regimen

Prevent a medicine cabinet avalanche with these clever medication & medical supply storage hacks.

Published April 11, 2023
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Keep your medicine cabinet organized and find your supplements and prescriptions easily with these clever medication storage ideas. Handy medicine storage products and simple DIY storage solutions will finally rid you of a cluttered medicine cabinet and make your life easier.

Label Stackable Drawers

stackable drawers

Clear, stackable drawers keep your medication in plain sight, whether you're storing them in a kitchen cabinet or a bathroom vanity. The drawers make access easy, and the stackable element keeps them from taking up all your cabinet space. Clever labels help you see rash, headache, cold, or prescription medication categories at a glance.

DIY an Oversized Recess

Recessed medicine cabinets are far from a new invention. In recent years, however, clever storage projects have demonstrated the usefulness of large recesses. A recess in your bathroom that doubles as a full-length mirror holds everything from your smallest prescription bottles to your bulk headache medications and countless other items you want to access easily without displaying them openly.

Add Risers to Cabinet Spaces

pill bottles

If you store your medicine or dietary supplements in a cabinet in your kitchen, you can double your shelf space with risers. Taking advantage of the vertical space in your cabinet will solve that pesky problem of removing multiple medicine bottles to reach the one toppled over in the back. Stack large bottles of over-the-counter medications beneath the riser and place small bins on the top to store bandaids, ointments, and prescriptions.

See Medications at a Glance With a Spinning Organizer

wood lazy susan

A spinning organizer, or a lazy Susan, works for almost any place you store your medications. From kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves to bathroom vanities and large recesses, a turntable organizer helps you see all your medications and reach them with a quick spin. You can even use tiered spinning organizers if you want to maximize vertical space. This storage solution works well for liquid medications so you can still see everything in your collection without causing bottles to topple over.

Store Supplies Over the Door

Over-the-door shoe organizers aren't just for shoes. Use one on your bathroom door, pantry door, or a closet door to store everything from first aid supplies to your diabetes testing tools. This storage method also helps you see everything at a glance, thanks to the clear plastic material. You'll know right away if you need to purchase more bandages or ointments.

Keep Bulk Medications Organized With Bins

small plastic storage bins

Large bins in your cabinet or pantry will help your bulk medications stay organized and out-of-sight. Use clear bins if you want to see all of your bulk medications easily, or use labels on opaque bins to designate supplements from medicines and first aid items. Small, flat bins are perfect for storing syringes and tall, narrow bins will tuck your largest medicine bottles away neatly.

DIY a Slim Pull-Out Cabinet

This DIY project takes a bit of time, but the result is a beautiful way to store all your medications discreetly. A vertical pullout in your kitchen or next to your bathroom vanity is a built-in pocket that pulls out to display a few long, narrow shelves. Store your medications on these shelves and access them easily without displaying their storage spot in an obvious way.

Use a Sectioned Caddy for Daily Medications

If you need to reach for your medication daily and potentially travel with them, a simple shower caddy or other sectioned storage caddy will help you keep items organized and easily accessible. You can use this method to take supplements with you to the gym or store diabetes supplies in a travel-friendly way.

Stash Medicine Over the Door With a Spice Rack

spice rack

Get creative with your medicine storage! Use an over-the-door spice rack to organize all your bottled medication and some of your first aid items. With a storage rack on the back of your bathroom door or right inside your pantry, you can still store medicine high enough that it's out of reach for children.

Take Medicine With You on the Go

travel meds

A clever travel case for your medications is perfect for staying on track with your prescriptions or just having any type of medication you might need on hand. A sectioned pill box that fits discreetly into a bag or briefcase will ensure you have a quick fix for an unexpected headache or sudden spell of nausea.

Carry Your Medical Supplies in Style

For on the go, choose a discreet carrying case for medical supplies that also helps you stay organized and stylish. A case that looks chic on the outside but gives you plenty of storage space and organizing options on the inside is great for carrying diabetes supplies, medical devices, and your medications without compromising on style or function.

Recycle a Bread Box

bread box

An antique or recycled bread box is a great way to keep your medications within reach but out of sight. Store your medicine right on your countertop by tucking everything into a stylish bread box. With a flip of the rolling door, you can grab your prescriptions and guests will be none-the-wiser.

Get Medicine Organized to Treat Ailments Quickly

Stop wasting precious time treating a throbbing headache and get your medicine cabinet organized once and for all. With the right DIY or storage product, your medications will be easier to find, read, and take. Whether on the go or at home, you'll never slow down the treatment process with flustered searching again.

12 Medicine Storage Ideas for an Organized Treatment Regimen