115 Boy Names That Start With G Guaranteed to Inspire

Published November 23, 2020
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Boy names that start with G have unique, cool, Godly, and ethnic meanings. You can find several celebratory boy names that start with G that are guaranteed to inspire and express your joy.

What Are Some Unique Boy Names That Start With G?

When you browse through lists of boy names that start with G, you can find quite a few unique names. These names guarantee that your little man will stand out for the unique individual he is.

  1. Gabek: Fork maker (English)
  2. Gaetano: From Caieta (Latin)
  3. Galeun: From the town on the high ground (English)
  4. Gall: Stranger (Celtic)
  5. Gamal: Handsome, beautiful (Egyptian)
  6. Genaro: January (Italian)
  7. Gentry: Noble birth (English)
  8. Germaine: Sprout, bud (French)
  9. Geronimo: Holy name, nickname for Apache chief Goyahkla (Greek)
  10. Gerson: Exile (Hebrew)
  11. Giacomo: Supplanter (Italian)
  12. Gilbert, Gilberto: Noble youth (English), (Latin)
  13. Gino: Ever-living, well-born, noble (Greek)
  14. Giorgio: George (Italian)
  15. Giuliano: Julian, youthful (Italian)
  16. Giulio: Youthful (Italian)
  17. Gold: Precious metal (English)
  18. Golden: Blond, covered in gold (English)
  19. Gonzalo: Battle (Spanish)
  20. Goran: Highlander, mountain man (Slavic)
  21. Gordon: Beloved, spacious fort (Gaelic), (Welsh)
  22. Guillermo: With Gilded helmet (Spanish)
  23. Gunther: Warrior (German)
  24. Gustav: Staff of the Goths or gods (Scandinavian)
  25. Gustavo: Great staff (Swedish)
  26. Guy: Guide, leader (French)

What Are the Coolest Boy Names That Start With G?

You may prefer cool boy names that start with G to describe your baby boy. You can choose a name that will carry him through life as the cool kid in the neighborhood and the cool guy at work.

  1. Gace: Pledge (French)
  2. Gael: Stranger (Irish)
  3. Gaelan: Tranquil (Greek)
  4. Gage: Money lender (French)
  5. Gaige: Oath, pledge (French)
  6. Galen: Calm, tranquil (English), (Gaelic)
  7. Gallagher: Eager helper (Irish)
  8. Galton: Steep, wooded land (English)
  9. Galvin, Galvyn: White, sparrow (Gaelic), (Celtic)
  10. Gannon: Fair skinned (Gaelic)
  11. Garner: Granary, keeper of grain, lives near barn/granary (English)
  12. Garren, Garen: Guardian (French)
  13. Garrett, Garett, Garret, Garet: Ruler with spear, brave spearman (English)
  14. Garrey: Spearman (English)
  15. Garrick: Spear king, one who governs with a spear (English)
  16. Garrison: Spear-fortified town, protection with spear (English)
  17. Garth: Enclosed quadrangle or yard (Anglo-Saxon)
  18. Gaspar: Magi, three wise men or kings (Latin)
  19. Gauge: Measurer (English)
  20. Gaven, Gavin, Gavyn: White hawk (English)
  21. Gideon: Feller of trees (Hebrew)
  22. Gil: Bright promise, joy, happiness (French), (Greek), (Hebrew)
  23. Gino: Ever-living, well-born, noble (Greek)
  24. Giorgio: George (Italian)
  25. Gunnar, Gunner: Battle strong, bold warrior (Swedish), (German Teuton tribe)
  26. Gus: Diminutive of Gustav, staff of the gods or Goths (Scandinavian)
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What Baby Boy Names That Start With G Mentions God?

If you are a religious or spiritual person, you may want to bestow your son with a name that is a declaration of thanks to God. You may decide a name that pays reverence to God is the ideal choice for your baby angel.

  1. Gabe: God is my strength (Hebrew)
  2. Gabian: God is my strength (Hebrew)
  3. Gabie: Hero of God (Hebrew)
  4. Gabriel: God is my strength, archangel, Annunciation Gabriel (Hebrew)
  5. Gadiel: God is my fortune (Hebrew)
  6. Gavriel: Hero of God (Hebrew)
  7. Geoffrey: God of peace (French)
  8. Geovanni, Geovanny, Geovany: God is gracious (Latin), (Italian)
  9. Gian: God is gracious (Hebrew)
  10. Giancarlo: John Charles, God's gracious gift (Italian)
  11. Gianluca: God is gracious (Italian)
  12. Gianni: God is gracious (Italian)
  13. Gio: God's gracious gift (Italian)
  14. Gionni: Thankful for a gracious god (Italian)
  15. Giovani, Giovanni, Giovanny, Giovonni: God is gracious (Hebrew)
  16. Giuseppe: God shall add, God increase (Italian)

Modern Baby Boy Names Starting With G

Some baby boy names that start with G are timeless. These baby boy names are ideal choices for a modern child.

  1. Gale: Lively (English)
  2. Gared: Brave with a spear, variant of Gerald/Garrett (English)
  3. Gareth: Gentleness (Welsh)
  4. Garfield: From the triangular field (English)
  5. Garrad, Garrard: Spear-brave (Anglo-Saxon)
  6. Garson. Garrson, Garsone: Boy servant (French)
  7. Garton: From the enclosed farm, three-cornered town, or settlement (English)
  8. Gary, Garry: Bold spear (Irish), (German)
  9. Gatlin: Cousin, companion (English)
  10. Gene, Geno: Well-born (English), (Italian)
  11. George: Farmer (Greek)
  12. Gerald: Rules by the spear (English)
  13. Gerard: Spear strength, brave with a spear (German)
  14. Gibson: Gilbert's son (English)
  15. Gifford: Brave (English)
  16. Glen, Glenn: Wooded valley, from the glen or valley (Gaelic)
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Boy Names That Start With Gr

You may want to browse through boy names that start with Gr. You may discover the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

  1. Grady: Noble (Gaelic)
  2. Graham: Grey home, gravel homestead (English), (Scottish)
  3. Granger: Farmer, granary (French), (English)
  4. Grant: Large, great (English)
  5. Gray, Grey: Welcome, pleasing, gray-haired (Scottish), (English)
  6. Grayden, Graydon: Grey settlement, son of gray-haired man (English)
  7. Graysen: Son of gray-haired man (English)
  8. Grayson, Greysen: Son of the steward, son of the gray-haired man (English)
  9. Greg: To watch, alert (Greek)
  10. Gregorie: Vigilant (Greek)
  11. Gregorio: Watchful (Italian)
  12. Gregory: Watchful Alert (Greek)
  13. Griffen, Griffin: Strong in faith, fighting chief (Irish), (Welsh)
  14. Griffith, Gryffyth: Chief, strong grip (Welsh)
  15. Grover: Lives in the grove (English)
  16. Gryphon: Mythological beast (Greek)

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With G Modern

While you might appreciate the cool and unique baby boy names that start with G, you may prefer an Indian boy name. You may find an Indian baby boy name is the best fit for your little man.

  1. Gadhi, Gadi: Father of Vishvamitra
  2. Gadin: Lord Krishna
  3. Gagan: Sky
  4. Gajab: Amazing
  5. Gandhi: Sun
  6. Ganesh, Ganesha: Lord of the people
  7. Garuda: The god who carried Vishnu
  8. Garvit: Lord Ganesha
  9. Girik: Lord Shiva
  10. Gohan: Gracious
  11. Goral: Lovable
  12. Guna: Bestowed with quality characteristics
  13. Gurdeep: Lamp of the god
  14. Guvid: Rich
  15. Gyandev: Lord of knowledge
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Amazing Boy Names That Start With G

You may find the amazing lists of baby boy names present you with great choices for your baby's names. You can take your time and go back through the names to ensure you've selected the perfect one for your baby boy.

115 Boy Names That Start With G Guaranteed to Inspire