101 Ukrainian Boy Names From Traditional to Popular

Published March 15, 2022
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The Ukrainian people widely believe that an infant's name might signify and influence a child's destiny. Whether popular, traditional, unique or religious, these Ukrainian boy names are all steeped in meaning, poising sons on a path to greatness.

Popular Ukrainian Boy Names

These boy names in Ukraine continue to be go-to choices for expectant parents. They are among some of the most common and popular Ukrainian baby names considered by parents of sons.

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  • Arkady (ahr-KAH-diy) - Means "resident of Arcadia," derived from Greek name
  • Artem (AHR-tem) - Means "healthy"'
  • Denys (de-NYS) - Means "dedicated to Dionysus"
  • Ivan (ai·vn) - Means "God's gift"
  • Kyrylo (kyh-RY-loh) - Means "master or lord"
  • Kostiantyn (kos-tian-TYN) - Means "permanent"
  • Maksym (mak-sym) - Means "one who is great"
  • Matviy (maht-VEEY) - Means "God-given"
  • Oleksiy (oh-lek-SEEY) - Means "defender or warrior"
  • Rostyslav (RaaS-Tiy-SLAAF) - Means "to increase glory"
  • Stepan (Ste-pahn) - Means "crown"
  • Symon (Si-mon) Means "listener"
  • Tymofiy (TH-moh-FEEY) - Means "worshipping God"
  • Valeriy (vah-LEH-reey) - Means "healthy and strong"
  • Vitaliy (vee-TAH-leey) - Means "long living"

Traditional Ukrainian Boy Names

Many parents choose to select a traditional name for their child. These time-honored names have a rich heritage.

  • Andriy (an-dree) - Means "courageous"
  • Bohyan (boh-YAN) - Means "singer, narrator"
  • Borys (Bo-rys) - Means "successor"
  • Davyd (Day-veed) - Means "favorite"
  • Grygoriy (Gree-gor-ee) - Means "watchful"
  • Mykola (Miy-K-AHL-ah) - Means "victory"
  • Petro (Peh-troh) - Means "stone," Ukrainian variant of Peter
  • Pylyp (Pi-lyp) - Means "fond of horses," Ukrainian form of Phillip
  • Sergiy (CEHR-gee) - Means "from Roman clan name Sergius"
  • Taras (tar-as) - Means "son of God Poseidon"
  • Volodymyr - (vo-lo-DEH-m-ihr) - Means "famous ruler"

Ukrainian Names for Boys Signifying Strength and Leadership

These Ukrainian names all contain meanings related to strength and leadership - qualities any parent would want their son to possess.

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  • Borysko (Bor-is-ko) - Means "warrior"
  • Faddei (Fa- DAY) - Means "brave"
  • Hadeon (Hay-dee-in) - Means "destroyer"
  • Lyaksandro (li-ak-san-dro) - Means "defender of mankind"
  • Mykyta (Meh-kee-tah) - Means "winner"
  • Stanislav (stah-nee-SLAHV) - Means "who became glorious"

Unique Ukrainian Names for Boys

If you are looking for a way to honor your Ukrainian roots while gifting your son with a rare and unique name, consider one of these lesser-heard monikers.

  • Adriyan (ahr-dree-YAHN) -Means "one who comes from the Adriatic"
  • Amvrosiy (Am-vra-see) - Means "immortal"
  • Demyan (dehm-YAHN - Means "dedicated to Damia"
  • Georgiy (geh-ORH-geey) - Means "farmer"
  • Gordiy (gohr-DEEY) - Means "my lord, the king"
  • Kornyliy (kohr-NY-leey) - Means "horn or dogwood berries"
  • Ohrim (oh-reem) - Means "fruitful"

Ukrainian Male Names With Religious Roots

Many Ukrainian baby girl and baby boy names contain meanings deeply rooted in religion. These options all pay homage to spiritual beliefs while retaining Ukrainian ancestry.

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  • Bodashka (buh-dash-kah) - Means "gift from God"
  • Bohdan (boh-DAHN) - Means "God's gift"
  • Bohuslav (boh-guh-SLAV) Means "glorifying God"
  • Danylo (dah-NYH-loh) - Means "God is my judge"
  • Fedir (FEH-deer) - Means "gift from God"
  • Gavrylo (gah-VRY-loh) - Means " my power is God"
  • Ihor - (EE-gohr) - Means "God is gracious"
  • Illya (il'-LIA) - Means "my God is He," a Ukrainian variant of the biblical name Eliyah
  • Mykhailo (my-HAI-loh) - Means "who is like God"
  • Nazariy (nah-ZAHR-ee) - Means "from Nazareth"
  • Semen (seh-MEN) - Means "God has heard"
  • Yosyp (Yo-syp) - Means "God will add another son," Ukrainian form of Joseph

Ukrainian Baby Names Based on Traits and Characteristics

Because the Ukrainian people firmly believe a child's name guides their destiny, it is no great surprise that parents choose names that reflect traits, characteristics, and qualities they hope their child will grow to embody.

  • Albert (al'-BERT) - Means "brilliant or noble"
  • Andrii (ahn-DREEY) - Means "brave, courageous"
  • Evgen (yev-GEN) - Means "noble"
  • Fadeyka (fa-dey-ka) - Means "brave"
  • Lyubomyr (lyuh-boh-MYR) - Means "love and peace"
  • Hryhoriy (hree-hoy) - Means "watcher," Ukrainian form of Gregory
  • Ostap (os-TAP) - Means "resistant and fruitful"
  • Panteleimon (pan-tye-ley-MOHN) - Means "perfection or excellence"
  • Radomyr (rah-doh-MYR) - Means "the joy of peace"
  • Svyatoslav (svyah-toh-SLAV) - Means "saint or glory"
  • Tymur (ty-MOOR) - Means "iron," cute idea for your strong baby boy!
  • Vadym (Vah-dym) - Means "attractive"
  • Valentyn (vah-len-TYN) - Means "healthy, strong, calm"
  • Vasyklo (vas-il-klo) - Means "noble"
  • Yuhym (yu-HYM) - Means "pious"

Nature Names for Ukrainian Baby Boys

It is common practice throughout the world to name a child after some aspect of nature. From plants to animals to celestial elements, nature names are interwoven into Ukrainian culture.

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  • Adam (ah-dahm) - Means "made of red clay"
  • Anatoliy (ah-n-ah-t-OH-l-ee) - Means "sunrise"
  • Artur - (ahr-TOOR) - Means "bear"
  • Burian (bear-like) - Means "near the weeds"
  • Dmytro (dmyh-TROH) - Means "loves the earth"
  • Gnat (GNAT) - Means "fire"
  • Orest (O-rest) - Means "he who stands on a mountain"
  • Petruso (pe-tru-soh) Means "rock or stone"
  • Ruslan (Roo-SLAHN) - Means "lion"

Short and Sweet Ukrainian Male Baby Names

These Ukrainian baby boy names are short in length but grand in meaning. They are perfect options for parents looking to give a son an impactful Ukrainian name.

  • Antin (AEN-tuh-n) - Means "worthy of praise"
  • Arsen (ahr-SEHN) - Means "manly and strong"
  • Glib (GLIB) - Means "hair of God"
  • Ilay (E-lie) - Means "light"
  • Marko (Mar-ko) - Means "warlike or hammer"
  • Oleg (oh-leg) - Means "holy"
  • Oleh (O-leh) - Means "saint or holy"
  • Olek (o-lek) - Means "defender of mankind"
  • Oles (oh-LES) - Means "man's defender"
  • Osip (o-sip) - Means "God shall add"
  • Panas (PAE-NAHZ) - Means "immortal"
  • Pavlo -(Pav-loh) - Means "cute or small"
  • Tomko (Tom-koh) - Means "son"
  • Vasyl (vah-SYL) - Means "kingly"
  • Yakiv - (YA-keev) - Means "follows on the heels of someone"
  • Yeva (YEH-Vah) - Means "life"
  • Yan (YAN) - Means "God has mercy"
  • Yuri (YUW-Riy) - Means "farmer"

Ukrainian Surnames That Make Great First Names

Some Ukrainian last names make excellent first names too. The bonus with these names is that many options include cute nicknames.

  • Bartosh (bar-tosh) - Ukrainian version of "Bartholomew." Consider Bart as a cute nickname!
  • Boiko (BOY-kaw) - Ethnic name for the residents of the Western Ukraine region
  • Bula (bu-lah) - Comes from the word "bulya" meaning potato. Adorable for your little tater tot.
  • Dmytro (dmyh-TROH) - Means "dedicated to the goddess Demeter"
  • Kishka (kish-kah) Means "cat" in Ukrainian
  • Korol (KOR rul) - Derived from Ukrainian term korol, meaning 'king'
  • Kozar (k OH z er) - Mean's goat header. May be shortened to nickname Koz.
  • Petrus (p-ai truh-s) - Pet form of Petro, the Ukrainian form of Peter

Choosing a Ukrainian Baby Boy Name

If you are looking for a male baby name that honors Ukrainian culture or heritage, there are plenty of options available to you. Whether you choose to go with something popular and modern or religious and traditional, you can be sure that when it comes to Ukrainian boy names, all options will be packed with plenty of meaning.

101 Ukrainian Boy Names From Traditional to Popular